Miss.Ecofreak: here it is guys, the last chapter

Jak-gang: (cheers)

Miss.Ecofreak: but fear not. I'm sure to figure out more randomness in the future

Jak-gang: (screams)

Daxter: let's kill her.

Answer to Star Earo: funny. I didn't know you could get a Grammy Award for fanfics

Zakura: you don't know ANYTHING about Grammy Awards

Answer to Light Eco Sage: Jak and Errol related? Better not say that toJak, he'd freak out:) But in fact, in my other fics, Jak has a half-sister who's the cousin of Ashelin on her father's side and Ashelin is the cousin of Errol on her mother's side. Jak's not related to any of these of course but it's still rather freaky.

Jak: gasp!

Miss.Ecofreak: (is holding the review up in front of Jak's face) see? told you he would freak out.

Jak: no, I don't care that Cornelius and I have the same habits. I'm freaked out because the paper is pink

Miss.Ecofreak: uh... it's not.

Jak: really? Are you sure

Zakura: AW GIVE IT A BREAK! Let's just get started already.



"Finally! The terror is over!" Jak said, he had just burned down Ashelin's t-shirt-stand wearing a t-shirt saying "I hate t-shirts" and a caps saying "I love caps".
Ashelin (who had finally managed to get in although Cornelius ran in and locked the door and placed his two pit bulls (named Keira and Keira) inside) glared at Jak.

Torn ripped of his shirt as well, the shirt had the text "I never burn Praxis-loving shirts", and burned it while yelling "freedom!"

He was also wearing a caps saying "I don't really like Praxis, it was just Ashelin's stupid shirts that made it look that way".

Ashelin glared at Torn.

"Where did all those caps come from?" She asked.

"That's from our new company" Cornelius said, he was standing behind a stand saying "Jak and Cornelius' caps" wearing a caps saying "How do you like this story so far? Send in a review and tell us what you think and we might send you a nice caps… not!"

"I am so happy we finally did this" Cornelius said. "I want to sing a happy song again".

Then he started singing "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely".

"Thank you all, now we finally don't have to fear dark makers anymore" the ottsel leader said, he was wearing a caps saying "We are the most powerful beings in the universe"

His dorky friend had a cap covering his eyes saying "We are?"

And the surfer ottsel had caps with the text "Shhh!"
"Damn it, my life ambition was to search for a bunch of little fuzzy rats" Samos said, he had a shirt and a caps saying the exact same thing; "Mar makes great caps".

"I told you it was no big deal" Seem said, she had obviously known about the precursor's true form for some time. She was also wearing a shirt saying "Ottselfur makes great clothing" made out of a suspicious looking material, and a caps saying "Fur is murder" made out of cardboard.

"Your life ambition should have been to pay more attention to me but nooooo. Everyone totally ignored me in this fic" Keira muttered, she was wearing a shirt saying "Ashelin's shirts rule, Jak's caps drools" and a caps saying "Jak's caps rule, Ashelin's shirts drool".

"This planet is finally safe, but there are still lots of new challenges in the future" said the ottsel surfer.

"Just as long as Naughty Dog don't make a game out of it, if they do you can bet Miss.Ecofreak will create a new parody" Jak said and shuddered.

"What planet do we live on again? Doesn't this ball of dirt have a name?" Keira asked.

"Er… perhaps we should name it… Keira?" Cornelius suggested (aw, how cute… or extremely freaky. He named the planet after his brother's true love)

"Nah, I think I'll call it... this ball of dirt" Well said.

Everyone agreed that was a good name for the planet.

"Hey! Don't we get any presents for saving the world?" Daxter asked, he was wearing a caps saying "Don't we get any presents for saving This Ball Of Dirt?"

"Oh… okay. As your reward Daxter, we will give you this nice pair of pants and a beautiful girlfriend" the ottsel leader said and gave Daxter a pair of pants and transformed Tess into an ottsel.

"Hey! I want to be a precursor too!" Well said.

"Okay" the ottsel said and shot a beam of eco on the leprechaun, transforming him into a flut-flut.

"Hey! Nothing happened!" Well complained.

The three precursors looked at him with a puzzled expression for a moment, and then they changed Well into a real precursor.
"Whoho! I'm a precursor! I'm a precursor!" Well the ottsel sang.

"That's my song!" Daxter said attacking Well.

"Oh well, now that everything worked out I guess we better get going" said the ottsel leader and left before they remembered they had forgotten to invite Jak, but then they realized it was no point in asking, they had read the script and knew he was going to say no anyway.

So everyone lived happily ever after and married each other.

Jak married Ashelin

Torn decided to move on and married Kleiver

Veger married a sewer rat

Jak's morph gun married Sig's peacemaker

Errol didn't marry anyone because he was an asshole and he was also dead

Samos married Onin

Ashelin's t-shirts married Jak and Cornelius' caps

Daxter married Tess

Sig married the air train

The metalhead leader married some metalhead

Cornelius married Tanya the sparrowflut

Sasuke married Zakura (or so she wish)

Civilian Guy married Random Woman

Ehm married a chocolate cake

Jinx married a box of cigarettes

Orange lightning married Tess

Well married the flut-flut from Jak and Daxter1

Kor married some metalhead

Seem married Haku (the guy from Naruto who looks like a girl)

Mar married Ashelin

In other words, everyone got married.

"No they didn't! I didn't marry anyone! No one wanted to marry me! Why am I being ignored? Hey! I'm still here you know! SOMEONE PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS NOW!" Keira yelled and started doing lots of crazy stuff to get attention.

"Hey stop complaining!" Brutter the lurker said. "At least you got to appear in this game!"

Then he too started doing insane things to get attention including speaking normally which is something we all know Brutter can't do.

Jak-gang: (celebrates)

Jak: finally! The torture of the Dork-series is finally over! No Jak4 for you!

Miss.Ecofreak: aw

Daxter: now we can finally stop acting like idiots!

Zakura: hey guys! Guess what I figured out! ND is in the process of making two new Jak and Daxter-games!

Jak: (frowns) what?

Zakura: it's true! The first one's called JakX combat racing and will be some sort of racing/adventure game while the other one is for the PSP focusing more on Daxter.

Daxter: (frowns) me?

Miss.Ecofreak: (smirks) now this was good news wasn't it?

Keira: Will I appear?

Zakura: how should I know? I'm no Naughty Dog, I'm a Naughty Rabbit.

Miss.Ecofreak: well I was happy hearing these news, but unfortunately…

Jak: … you mean fortunately…

Miss.Ecofreak: … Dork3 is finished for now, I really hope you liked it, keep sending in reviews and look out for… ehm… something that looks funny.