Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, wish I had 'em

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, wish I had 'em. Sadly Gundam wing is not mine, I have no rights to it. I have rights to my characters, ah..who am I kidding, they're nothing compared to the Gundam characters..on to Part 12..he,he..

In Space:

The nine Gundams were facing numerous Mobil suits. Morgan was starting to believe that would not come out alive.

" How are we going to survive this? "

Quatre was feeling apprehensive to, he changed his thinking and became determined.

" We will survive this Morgan, there will be no more innocent lives lost in this battle. "

Misty smiled at his statement.

" Determination, gotta love that. "

Noin's Taurus came closer to Zechs.

" I have your back, sir. "

Zechs smiled.

" I know you do, I don't trust anyone as much as I trust you. "

In Africa:

Sally, Valise, and the professor's were watching the battle from the Living hall. Sally watched Wufei battling around L5.

" Oh Wufei, I wish I could help. "

Valise turned to her statement.

" There is no way, they have to fight with their Gundam's,...that's the only way. "

On one of the battle ships:

" Surrender this ship. The battle is lost, you have lost. "

The Captain gave her a smirk.

" That's what you think. Nothing is final until you are dead. "

Relena cocked her gun, she glanced quickly around her and saw some other soldiers all had their guns pointed at her. The Captain laughed at her.

" It looks like you're the one in trouble now. "

Relena thought of Damon, Heero, Adrian and all that happened to her. She knew that if she didn't take this ship down, there still was a chance that the CWD would rise again. That meant all the people that she cared about would once again be in danger, she made she decision.

" I don't care if I die, as long as your dead. You will know why you are dying though, two friends I cared about were killed one by your men and the other one by your hand. I'm back for their revenge, I'm just sorry they couldn't do it themselves. "

The Captain leaned back in the chair and a serious look crossed his face.

In Space:

The leader communicated to the Gundam pilots, more specifically to Zechs.

" It's nice to see you again Millairdo. "

" I wish I could say the same, you shouldn't have done this Maurice. Wasn't enough that your brother has died, why must you do this when you will also suffer the same fate? "

Maurice could feel his blood boiling at the mention of his brother.

" My brother could have ruled the world if he wanted to, but he was too stupid. He wanted to have peace in his own way, when he should have ruled the people and forgotten about peace. "

Heero spoke to Maurice in accordance to his ridiculous statement.

" Trieze would have died anyway, it was his destiny, as yours will be. "

Maurice looked up to the earth, then turned to the colonies.

" So be it! "

With that he attacked with the other Mobils. Within seconds the Gundam's were in their last and final battle.

On the battle ship:

Relena was in a standoff with the Captain and the soldiers, her eyes looked full of pain as she stared at the Captain. She whispered.

" I'm sorry Heero. "

She started to squeeze the trigger when an explosion rocked the ship. The cruiser was tilted to the side because of the disablement, inside it was on a slant. The gun flew out of Relena's hand as she fell, she slid downward until she hit the side of the room. The soldiers that surrounded her were all unconscious from the explosion, the Captain held onto his chair so he had not been injured. Relena saw that the gun had slid to the opposite corner, she looked at the Captain. He also spotted the gun, they both ran for it. The Captain got to the gun first, but Relena kicked it out of his hand. He turned and punched her, she fell back but quickly turned so she could sweep the legs out from under him. He fell and smacked his head, he became unconscious. Relena quickly picked up the gun and pointed it at him, her face was full of hate as she looked down on him. She had a wound above her right eye from the fall, and the blood was dripping off her face. She pointed the gun to his face, her hand shook and her expression turned to one of sadness.

" This is not right, one killing is not an excuse to kill again, I know this is what you wanted Adrian. I'm sorry, no more cold blooded murder. "

Relena moved the gun to her side, the fire fight outside caught her attention. She thought of an idea and turned to the weapons consul.

In Space:

A Mobil suit blasted Canic while she was fighting another Mobil suit. Misty's acted like the Mobil behind her did something unthinkable. She finished off the Mobil in front of her.

" No you did not just shot at my back, you bastard, you COWARD! "

Canic turned around to see about four coming toward her.

" Fine, you want to come to me, then by all means come on. "

She turned on the heat melting system, the Mobils realized that Canic was pulling them toward her. They immediately tried to retreat. The heat in the cockpit turned up but Misty didn't feel a thing.

" You guy's asked for it. "

The Mobils were melting as they came closer, within a matter of minutes there wasn't a trace of them left. Misty smiled.

" I love you Canic. "

Around the area the other pilots were also doing well, Quatre was fighting along side Duo, Hilde, and all the others. Morgan looked over to see Trowa target a Mobil, but the Mobil was to quick and was headed for an unsuspecting Quatre.

" QUATRE! Watch out!! "

Morgan saw the situation from afar and flew Meltam to it. Quatre turned to see the blast, and cringed waiting for the hit. Morgan flew Meltam in front of SandRock just in time, the hit disabled the Gundam and it was in a free fall. Quatre went after Meltam.

" Morgan! "

SandRock caught the Gundam.

" Morgan?! Are you alright? "

She shook her head and tried to move but a pain shot up her arm.

" Ahh, I think I'll be okay. "

Quatre held a sad look on his face.

" You saved me. "

Morgan gave him a little smile on the communicator.

" I had to. "

Meanwhile Heero and Zechs were fighting Maurice and his personal body guards. Maurice got a good blow on Zero. Heero felt the impact.

" He's tough. "

Zechs was fighting off the body guards.

" We need a distraction. "

On the cruiser:

Relena had targeted the weapons at the other battle cruiser, she couldn't shot at Maurice since the ship's balance was off. The ship was already facing the main battle cruiser, she locked the weapon system on. Relena kept wiping the blood from the wound on her head, it was blinding her.

" Say, good-bye. "

The weapons shot off and blasted the other ship, it created a chain reaction and exploded.

In Space:

Maurice looked at the cruiser, he knew that battle ship was going to target the New Kingdom on Earth.

" NOO! "

That second of distraction was all Zechs needed, he took out Talgeese's saber and cut the Gundam in half. Maurice was thinking as the Gundam was getting ready to blow up in a matter of seconds.

" I will see you soon brother, I have failed. "

The pilots were finishing off the rest of the Mobils. Trowa leaned back in his chair.

" We did it. "

Misty turned Canic around in search of something.

" Where's Relena? Did she get out? "

Everyone was silent. Heero looked to the cruiser and turned Zero toward he battle ship. Wufei called to him.

" Where are you going? "

Heero gave no hint of emotion in his voice.

" I'm going to Relena. "

On the Cruiser:

Another explosion rocked the ship, Relena ran to the cargo hold where Polartic was waiting. Before she went to Polartic, Relena went to the control room and set a charge to the main engine. She thought of the Captain, and what Adrian died for.

" I won't kill him by my hand, but a Captain goes down with his ship. "

Relena reached Polartic, and climbed into the cockpit.

" Let's get the hell out of here! "

Relena turned the main thrusters on, Polartic flew out of the ship. He went into flight mode and flew off as the cruiser exploded. Heero was almost to the cruiser when it exploded, all the pilots were in shock. Heero whispered to the falling ship.

" Relena. "

As they gave up hope, a plane was gliding to them from the back of the ship.

" You guys worried about me? "

Misty relaxed.

" Thank god! "

Relena smiled and teased everyone.

" You didn't give up on me did you? "

Duo leaned back and said in a ' told you so' voice.

" I knew she would make it. "

Hilde rolled her eyes at Duo, she talked to Relena.

" I'm glad you made it Relena. "

Zechs was in shock.

" Relena?! "

She had forgotten that Milliardo didn't know about her.

" Yes, it's me brother. "

He was still surprised.

" What are you doing?! "

" I'll tell you another time, It's a long story. "

Noin was still comprehending that Relena was there.

" I can't believe it. "

Morgan turned her Gundam into flight mode.

"I think we've wrecked enough havoc for one day. "

They all agreed. The people of the colonies all saw eleven shooting stars fly away from a field of fire in the sky.

In Africa:

All of the Gundam's came into the storage from the surface. Valise, Sally, Damon, and the professor's were waiting. The pilots came down, Sally ran and hugged Wufei. Misty and Morgan ran to Quatre and Trowa, they enveloped them in hugs. Relena turned to Heero, he gave her a smile, she returned it. Damon was running to her, she caught him and twirled him around.

" You came back! "

Relena hugged him and never wanted to let him go.

" I said I would. "

Damon laughed at the happiness of seeing Relena again. Valise walked to the pilots.

" Well done, you are now free to go. Your jobs are completed. Your Gundam's will be repaired, and if you want they are welcomed to stay here. "

Trowa looked at the Heavy Arms.

" I think that would be best. "

Relena watched as Heero walked away without a word to her, she felt that dread in her stomach. She looked at the ground when Damon asked.

" What's wrong Sage? "

Relena put him down and grabbed his hand.

" Nothing. "

Milliardo went to Relena and gave her a hug.

" You have a lot of explaining to do. "

Relena laughed at him and thought that he would always be her brother know matter what. Trowa turned to Misty.

" Do you like animals? "

Misty laughed at his questioning face, and hugged him. Quatre was talking to Morgan.

" Morgan do you want to.. "

Morgan interrupted him.

" Yes, I would love to. "

Quatre was taken back by her quick reply. Sally and Wufei were planning to return to their former jobs. Duo and Hilde had their arms around each other, she looked up at Duo.

" Let's go home. "

Duo gave her a smile.

" I would like that. "

They were going to part their ways in the morning, late at night Relena was sitting by her bed since Damon was occupying it at the moment. She was thinking about Heero and how he was so aloft after the battle.

" He's going to leave me. "

She felt conflicting emotions, then made a decision.

" I have to leave here before he leaves me. "

She got up and started to pack all of her clothes, within a few minutes she was ready. She went first to Valise to say good-bye. She was in the lab and turned to the sound of the door opening.

" Oh hello Relena. "

Relena didn't waste any time.

" I'm leaving now, and I want to say good-bye. "

Valise looked confused.

" Your not leaving in the morning? "

Relena was standing a little stiffly.

" No, I'm leaving now. Please give my thanks to the boys, I have to say bye to Misty and Morgan too. Oh, Please take care of Bradley he needs someone to talk to. "

Valise came over a gave Relena a hug, which she returned.

" Thank you Valise. "

Valise looked very grave.

" No Relena, thank you. What do you want me to do with Polartic? I can give you the serum that will separate you and Polartic, so you won't be connected anymore. "

Relena gave her a little smile.

" I know it's selfish, but I want him to always be mine. He has given me courage and has made me realize that I was important. I can't bear to separate from him. "

" As you wish, he will always be yours. "

Relena walked out and turned one last time to Valise.

" Thank you for being a friend. "

Valise nodded and watched her go out the door. Relena went to Misty's room first, she woke her up.

" Misty? Misty? "

Misty opened her eyes to see Relena peering down at her.

" What's wrong? "

" Nothing, it's just that I'm..leaving now. "

Misty became wide awake.

" Now?! "

Relena nodded.

" Yes. "

Misty could feel the tears coating her eyes.

" I knew this was going to happen, but I kept putting this off. I'll miss you. "

Misty hugged Relena.

" I'll miss you to, remember that we both share the same past. "

Misty whispered.

" I will. "

Relena let her go and walked to the door when Misty stopped her.

" Relena? "

Relena turned to look at her.

" Yes? "

Misty could feel the hot tears on her cheeks.

" Thank you. "

Relena looked baffled.

" Why? "

" For giving me hope that one day I would get out of that jail. The hope was almost as good as accurately getting out. "

Relena's eyes smiled.

" Your welcome, bye. "

" Bye Relena. "

Relena went to Morgan's room and said good bye to her too. It was shorter than Misty's.

" I don't like good bye's, just say I'll see you later and leave it at that. "

Relena smiled at her comment.

" Alright, I'll see you later Morgan. "

Morgan's face strained to keep the smile.

" I'll see you around Relena. "

Relena made it to her room and wrote Heero a letter, she put it on the dresser. She wrote one to her brother saying that she will visit him, in time. She walked out the bed and woke Damon up.

" Damon, wake up, we have to leave. "

Damon opened his sleepy eyes.

" We're going now? "

" Yes, we have to see the world remember? "

Damon sat up and smiled.

" Okay. "

In the hanger:

Relena and Damon walked to the plane that Valise said they could take. She turned to look back at the facility which felt more like a home than anywhere.

" Good bye...everyone. "

Relena climbed on board with Damon and didn't look back.

The next morning:

The pilots heard of the Relena's departure, Heero was upset even though he didn't show it. He went to her room and found the note, he started to read it..

' Heero,

By the time you read this I will be gone, I couldn't stand another rejection from you. I hope you understand.


Heero crushed the note in his hand, he went to find Valise.

One week later in Greece:

Relena and Damon decided that they would visit earth, then go to the colonies. Damon ran to a street shop booth.

" Damon don't run like that, I don't want you to get lost. "

Damon was already looking at the toys, Relena was looking at the digital map. She looked up and saw that Damon was gone. Her heart felt like it stopped breathing and it was getting hard to breath. She ran to the booth and looked around, Relena called for him. She heard the familiar voice.

" I'm here. "

Relena turned and grabbed him in a hug, she gave him a stern glare.

" I told you to stay close. "

Damon looked at her.

" I got lost, but that person helped him. "

She looked up to see a figure with a cloak. She already knew who it was. The figure removed the hood, and revealed himself. Relena gave him a hard stare.

" Didn't you get my letter. "

" Yes. "

Heero came closer, until he stood right in front of her.

" Then what are you doing here? "

" I came for you? "

Relena's face changed to a hopeful look. She whispered in a voice that only he could hear.

" Why? "

Heero looked at her with a longing.

" I love you. "

Relena started to cry, Damon watched them from the side. Heero put his hand out.

" Come with me,...stay with me. "

Relena took his hand and then hugged him.

" Yes, I love you. "

Heero pulled her away just far enough to kiss her, Damon saw this with a distasteful look, and he whispered.

" Ewww. "

At the New Kingdom:

Milliardo had an arm around Noin's waist.

" It's finally over. "

Noin sighed heavily.

" Yes, it is. "

Milliardo turned to Noin.

" Well how about it? "

She gave him a confused look.

" How about what? "

He gave her a smile.

" Ruling this nation with me. "

She gave him a shocked look then smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

In Africa:

Valise watched the people in the main bunker, she turned to the professors.

" Well, nice seeing you. "

Professor J came forward.

" Thank you for the use of your facility. "

Valise gave him a bored look.

" Uh-huh, I have people to take of, so Good bye. You know the way out. "

She watched the professor's leave.

" Until next time. "

Valise turned and walked down to the Gundam storage, she looked at each of the Gundam's.

" You have done your jobs, now you will rest for a long time. I hope we won't need you again. "

Valise put her hand on the security print code.

" Secure storage perimeter. "

Computer voice:

" Print accepted. "

Valise watched as the huge seven foot thick, metal doors started to close around the Gundam's.

" See ya later. "

The doors finally blocked her view. She took her hand off the security print code, smiled one last time at the doors and walked to the main bunker.


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