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1. An ordinary wedding day

"Honey, are you sure about this?" Mr Weasley said to his wife as he put on his finest robes.

"Well, yes I am." Mrs Weasley answered. "Harry is like a son to us Arthur, how could we miss his wedding?"

"Actually, I was referring on my Robes."

"They're perfect." She said and went after a comb to her husbands unruly hair. "Do… do you think she will be different?"

"Well no, I mean we met Hermione last week. Of course, I haven't seen her in a wedding gown before but…"

"Not Hermione, Ginny!"

"Oh, Ginny." Arthur growled and glanced out through the window. "Oh dear, they're already here! Hurry up love, we got to leave or we'll be late!"

Ginny bursted into laughter as she watched Hermiones charm so that her long hair would straighten out go extremely wrong, making her wedding gown roll up just like a drapery.

"Ough!" Hermione groaned somewhere from within the skirts. "Ginny! Just don't stand there, do something!"

With some effort Ginny managed to calm down and get her wand. She waved it and muttered a spell and the next moment Hermione was released. "Hermione? I didn't know you were able to do mistakes like that!" she said teasingly and giggled. "Oh, you should have seen yourself!"

"Perhaps," Hermione said with a matter-of-factly smile. "I'm just slight nervous, just because it's only one hour until I'm going to walk down the aisle and the thoughts of what could go wrong are running back and forth in my head like snitchs."

"Sorry, it was funny though. So, what's the newest idea of what could happen? Ron and I fall over the cake in a fight? At least that's what I dread for."

"Ginny, promise that won't happen!"

"Cross my heart. You really need to breath." Ginny said forcing Hermione sit. "Come on, spill the beans. What's the worst thing that could ever happen?"

Hermione took a deep breath, "The worst thing, would be…that when I walk down the aisle, Harry wont stand there." She whispered with her eyes closed.

"Wow." Ginny said stunned. "That would be…Hey, wait a minute! It's Harry we're talking about right? He would never…"

"How do you know that Gin? He hasn't been in a situation like this before, never! Yes, he did defeat Lord Voldemort, but I promise you, this is thousand times worse. What if he's already on his way out of here? Ginny please, can you please go look if he's still in his room?"

Ginny raised an eyebrow, but looking into Hermiones troubled eyes she realized that Hermione really was unsure if Harry would be there at the time of the wedding. She rose. "I'll be right back." She said and sighed with a crooked smile. She went out of the room with the mark 1st years on the door and headed down the stairs. It had been decided for a long time that Hermione and Harry's wedding would be at Hogwarts, and everyone had been agreed; it was the perfect place for the two to be Mr. And Mrs. Potter.

Ginny reached gryffindor commonroom and went straight to the stair to the boys dorm and climbed it quickly until she reached the door with a sign saying 1st years. She knocked and putted her hand on the handle. "Harry?" she said and opened the door. "Are you there?"

"What?" Harry answered and turned around towards her. "Of course I am. Where should I be if I weren't?"

"Well, according to Hermione; on your way out of here."

"What?" Harry said again, "What?"

"Long story… Hermione is nervous." She answered, nonchalant, because she'd suddenly become aware of how good Harry looked. "Hey handsome," she said. "you got to save me a dance later. Right?"

"Well…" Harry said nervously. "that really depends on Hermione…"

"Harry," Ginny interrupted. "I have my guy, remember? But I promise I'll ask your almost-wife for permission. Did I tell you you're really hot in that tuxedo?"

"I understood that Gin. You're not bad either, it really suits you."

She laughed at Harry. He was meaning well, but probably he was so nervous he didn't notice that she wasn't wearing a dress but an old shirt. "Harry! This old rag? It's just Draco's old…"

She stopped, suddenly being aware of Harry's nervous glances to a spot somewhere behind the door. "Oh," she said with a why-am-I-so-oblivious tone in her voice. "Ron's behind the door, right?"

"Er…yeah, right." Harry said, suddenly looking very uncomfortable. "Er, Gin, I don't mean to be rude, but by the colour in your brother's face, you should go."

"I see, I'll leave." She turned around and was just about to close the door when she remembered something. "Harry?" she asked. "Is this really worse than when you defeated Voldemort?"

"I promise you Ginny, it's a thousand times worse."

"Oh Bullocks!" Draco muttered to himself as he again failed to tie his bow tie. He couldn't understand why he had to wear that uncomfortable thing; but, to go without it would be to play with Ginny's Weasley-temper, and that would be a foolish thing to do.

Finally he succeeded to get it right. That is, after having read trough Ginny's instructions about fifteen times. It even looked great. He gave the handsome reflection in the mirror a slight smirk and pulled a hand trough the blonde hair on his head. It had become unnecessary long lately, and he really needed to get a cut, but there had been no time for such things and anyways, he knew Ginny really liked it.

The big clock, the one he'd bought on an auction three weeks earlier, in the hall rang and he knew he probably should leave. 'on the other hand,' he thought 'I'm not going to get there in time just to mingle around with people like the Weasels and mudbloods. I'd better be a few minutes late'. Yes, he did love the youngest Weasley, and lately he'd even learn to appreciate the company of Harry and Hermione; but he was after all a Malfoy and, as you say, the stripes don't easily come off.

He grunted as he slowly walked trough the apartment blowing out the burning candles and getting the wedding gift he'd bought after Ginny's instructions. After a while he thought it was best to leave if he didn't want to miss the ceremony completely, so, he went to the hall were he took his bag and then, he apparated.

"Harry, why didn't you let me…!" Ron hissed to his best mate as he went back and forth in the dormitory. By the red colour in his face you could tell he was furious, and Harry was really considering to make a run out of the room. But after all, he didn't.

"Ron," Harry said and forced the redhead to sit down on one of the four-poster beds. "You have to calm down, stop thinking of Ginny."

"Stop thinking of her! Stop…Are you serious? How could I possibly after what she'd done? That spineless, gitloving trash! Never Harry, never."

Harrys eyes widened as Ron went on, he knew his friend could be more than furious at moments, bet he'd never believed he would ever call his only sister a gitloving trash. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he sat down next to Ron. "Ron, it's been almost five months since she told us. You have to leave it now, whole of your family have."

Ron looked at Harry and knew that his friend would never understand why he never would be able to forget Ginny. He sighed. "Harry, I've promised you and Hermione that I will leave Ginny alone tonight, but that's all. As the Best man I will lead her out of the hall after the ceremony, and I will dance the first dance with her, and then I will ignore her."

"She's your only sister!" Harry exclaimed and rose. "You can't just leave her on her own."

"You don't understand Harry, you never will. And by the way, she's not on her own, she has her git."

"Remember what you have promised Ron. Oh, we should leave now, I'd better be there before Hermione arrives."

The two grabbed their blazers and made their way out to the grounds.

"Ginny!" Hermione exclaimed as Ginny came in to the room again. "What took you so long? No, don't say he was…?"

"Calm down Hermione, Harry was there, and I'm sure he will be there when you'll walk down the aisle. Everything is under control."

Hermione raised her left eyebrow and inspected Ginny. She crossed her arms and sighed. "No, Ginny, not entirely everything. Look at you, you're not even dressed and we'll have to leave in maximum ten minutes!"

The redhead's eyes widened and she looked out the window where the guests already had begun to take their seats, it confirmed what Hermione had just told her; they were getting late. "Oh no," she said running around the room looking for her clothes and makeup. "I'm so very sorry Hermione, I…"

"Stop Ginny! Aren't you forgetting who's the bride? I'll just fix you with a spell, and then we're of." Hermione waved her wand and all the sudden her friend stood there, all dressed up, more beautiful than ever. "So, shall we?"

Chapter 1: here you are.