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I love you.

Later that evening, when the dance had been on for about three hours, Harry and Hermione left the place secretly. The only one who knew was Ginny who'd prepared the whole thing. So when people started to realise they were gone, the couple was already far off.

"You knew that," Draco said surprised as Ginny came to sit next to him. "that they would leave."

"Well," Ginny answered with a smirk. "They have one night without the twins, and someone had to fix the whole thing, right?"

"You never stop surprising me, you know that?"

"That's why you love me I guess. So, who won our little dare then?"

"Well, I'm not really sure," Draco said and pulled her down in his lap giving her butterfly kisses all over her. "but I think…"

"oh no," Ginny interrupted him. "you're trying to talk yourself out of it, right?"

"No, no I'm no…"

"I won, my speech was better than Ron's, admit it!"

"Okey, yours was better, but just because you made Hermione and Harry cry."

"I guess we have an interesting weekend to look forward to, slave."

She laughed and ran with Draco following out on the dancefloor where he caugt her and kissed her deeply. "Draco, stop it," Ginny hissed quiet. "My family is here, remember?"

Draco putted his arm around her waist and kissed her in the forhead. "I don't give a darn Ginny, because I love you and I want the whole universe to know. Nothing will ever stop me from shoving that Gin, not even death."

"I sure know why I love you. You're always by my side, and you will always make me stronger."

"I love you, both of you, more than anything."

To those words Ginny smiled and without even noticing, she stroke her stomach in a motherly way. She placed her head on Draco's shoulder and let him lead her to the music for a while before she decided it was time to retire. "Draco, I'm tired. Can we please go to bed?"

"Of course pumkin, anything you say. Are you to tired to take of the charm too?"

"No, just take me to our room, I promised you would see it."

Draco nodded thoughtfully and Ginny wondered if there was something wrong, but then he smiled and lifted her up in his arms. "I'll carry you."

At the other side of the room Ron watched Ginny and Draco as they left. His parents had long ago left, and Debra, the young girl on Ron's side, was happy for that. She took Ron's hands in hers and stroke them gently with her fingers. This was her misson for the day; to keep Ron away from Ginny. Hermione had made a good choice when she'd asked Debra, for no one else could lock a person so completely with just a laugh as her, some people even called it a magic gift. Ron had been a challenge though, she admitted. But being best friends with Ginny, she knew much about the Weasley temper, and could after a while easily break down the walls he'd built around his heart.

"A galleon for you thoughts." She said and smiled gently at him.

"I could kill him you know," Ron answered and squeezed her hands. "I really could. What does she see in him Debra, can you tell me that?"

"Well," She answered and placed one hand on his cheek. "I guess she sees a young man, who doesn't fear, who is kind, and understanding, a guy who is there for her when even her family turns their backs against her, and who loves her, even though he knows about all her lumps and all her mistakes in life."

"Like Hermione does with Harry?"

"Ron, do you still love her?"

"No, no I don't. Well, I guess there's a part of me that will always love her, she was the first one you know, and those always has a special room in your heart I think. But I don't love Hermione in that way, I mean that I want her to be happy and that she is with Harry. I remember when we were going out; it wasn't when she and I were alone the sparks I before thought were because of me flowed, it was whenever Harry looked her in her eyes. I knew it all along, just as Ginny, and I think that's why I started to fool around with others. Hermione was never for me, but just as much was I never for her, and I need myself to be happy too."

"Wow, that's baeutiful Ron. You know, even though we barely spoke alone during our time together here at Hogwarts I thought I knew you: I was certain you were a quite shallow materialist who certainly not knew anything about how to be gentle or romantic. I remember how Ginny once told me that you weren't as bad as you seemed, and I just laughed at her. Well, I guess I was terrible wrong. You're just as everyone else, but yet special."

"Special?" He raised an eyebrow. "No, I don't think so. A great wizards chess player yes, but nothing as Harry with his currage, or Hermione with her knowledge…"

"You are special in my eyes Ron."

Ron looked chooked into Debras eyes, he searched for that little part telling his that she was lying, only making up to make him feel better; but the only thing he saw was truth.

Debra, on the other hand, was waiting for Ron's move. Usually, this was the moment when the guy would kiss her like crazy; but he didn't, he just looked at her with a softness in his eyes telling her something she couldn'r understand. She frowned. "Aren't you going to kiss me now?"

"What?" Ron exclaimed, taking them both out of the moment. "what the hell are you tlking about?"

"Well, usually, this would be the moment where you kiss me, and then we throw ourselves over each other and I'll take you to a empty classroom where we have sex."

"What!" Ron said again, his face had become red and he rose on his feet. "Have you been planning this?"

Debra looked around the hall nervously only to find that it was empty; they were the last couple. "No, I didn't… I just, I mean, that's what usually happens when I come to this point."

"Usually? So, what you just told me doesn't mean anything to you? It was just a tactique to get me in bed?"

"No! Well, okay… maybe at first. Hermione told me to get you from Ginny, and I thought what's the best way but use my charm? But as the evening went on, I…"

"Just stop it, okay? Isn't strange you and Ginny are friends, you're just as false and spineless as she is. I would have know that."

He gave her a disgust look and then he left the hall with eyes filled with tears, leaving an already crying Debra.

Several miles away, not knowing anything about how Ron walked around the grounds crying in the rain, or how Ginny already had fallen asleep curled up in Draco's arms with one of her hands in his and the other protecting her big stomach, or how Debra cried herself to sleep down in the sofa in the gryffindoor commonroon, was Hermione and Harry. They laid quiet in the big four-poster bed just enjoying the silence and the feeling of happiness.

"Was it like you hoped?" Harry finally asked, playing with a lock of Hermione's hair.

"You mean this," Hermione answered and bit her bottom lip. "our wedding day?"


"I… don't take me wrong Harry, this has been one of the best days in my life, but…"

"I know what you mean honey, there was something missing, that thing you've always thougth would be there when you married."

"Why wasn't it Harry?"

"I don't know, I can only guess."

"Then guess."

"Well, I guess, that the most of the time when people get married, that's the real beginning of their life as one item. It's from that day they really start to live for each other. But with us, thing are different; We've always lived for each other, willing to sacrifice our lives for the other more than once, and we have already started to raise a family. In our lifes the marriage wasn't a start, but a roadsign that we will look back on when we're old and remember as one of the best moments in our lifes."

"That's it Harry, you're right. My wise, handsome, gentle husband."

"Hermione Potter, my dear worry-wart, I love you."

"Harry Potter, the-young-man-who-survived-another-day-with-his-wife, I love you too."


Well, that's all folks.

Feels a bit sad, cause I really enjoyed writing it, and it got more fun the longer I got!
Well, at least I can say that this story has made me come up with a bunch of new stories. Cause at least I want to know what happens with Ron and Debra, and if there'll ever be a Weasley reunion... Aren't you curious too?

(Then read If you could only see!)


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