Title: Phantom

Rating: R

Pairing(s): eventual Harry/Dark, Draco/Krad implied

Warning(s): eventual slash, language, violence, and child abuse

Summary: AU Crossover Hundreds of years after Daisuke Niwa's time, Dark is reborn again in a world filled with magic. Does this mean he, and possibly Krad, can gain their own bodies?

Prologue: It Begins

Chapter Warning(s): child abuse, sort of

"BOY!" Emerald green eyes opened slowly as a fist pounded heavily on the door. "Get up!" Thirteen-year-old Harry Potter groaned to himself and rolled to face the stairs leading to the door. He rubbed his tired eyes and yawned. "Up!"

"I'm up Aunt Petunia." Harry said, sitting up on his "bed", which was in reality a dirty old mattress. Ignoring the sharp pain in his ribs and ankle, he made his way up the stairs and out of his "room" which was in reality the basement.

"Start making breakfast." His Aunt Petunia said from the kitchen table. The paper was neatly rolled up on his Uncle's placemat. Harry nodded and limped over to get some eggs, milk, and butter out of the fridge. Once he had the eggs going he made some toast, deliberately burning the first piece so he could have it to eat.

"Breakfast is ready." He said once all the food was done and placed on the table. Petunia nodded, allowed him to butter his burnt piece of toast, and then called up for Vernon and Dudley.

Harry was safely back in his room by the time Vernon and Dudley got down the stairs. He ignored their merry eating and nibbled on his toast. 'Why does it have to be me? Why can't I be normal?' He asked himself as he finished his toast with a sigh.

"Boy, your list of chores is on the table. I expect them to be finished by the time we get back." Breakfast upstairs must have finished and Vernon was speaking at the top of the stairs. Harry nodded obediently and limped up. He ducked under his Uncles meaty arm and picked up the list. He ignored the Dursleys as they left, instead getting started on the long list of chores.


'Finally, it's five. I'm free for the rest of the night.' Harry thought once he was locked down in the basement with a small plate of old ham and bread. He brought the plate over to his bed and sat down to eat.

Halfway through his "dinner", Harry froze. He slowly placed the plate on the floor before he fell onto his side, clutching his chest in pain. 'What's happening to me?' He thought as waves of pain forced him to bite his lip.

While the five minutes of pain was intense, it wasn't as bad as Vernon's beatings. For that Harry was grateful, else he would have screamed and alerted the Dursleys. That would not have been good.

He lay on the bed for a few minutes, panting. He was about ready to sit up and continue his meal when another bout of pain, less intense than the first, made him double over. 'Make it stop!' He cried silently.

'Let me out, and it will stop.' Harry froze, eyes wide. 'I promise not to hurt you, just let me out!' Harry whimpered but allowed his body to relax. He felt his body change and suddenly, he was in darkness.

'What is this?' He asked. 'What's happening?' Suddenly the lights seemed to go on, and he found himself looking out through his eyes. But it was like he was seeing through a lens. Or looking at a TV screen. He tried to move his arm, but found that he couldn't.

'Let me explain, Harry.' A voice said. Harry trembled in fear as suddenly the scene vanished and he found himself in a living room of sorts. A figure materialized on the couch and Harry jumped. 'Relax. I'm not here to hurt you.'

'Who are you?' Harry asked. The boy on the couch chuckled and motioned for him to sit. 'No, I want to know who you are. And why you're in my head.'

'The cloak frightens you?' The boy asked. 'I will lower my hood after I explain.' Harry nodded warily. 'My name is Dark, and I have been dormant inside of you since the day you were born….'


Dark's thoughts to Harry will be in 'Italics' with the little ' things. Harry's thoughts and his speaking to Dark will be in the little ' things. You'll get it eventually…