Author's note:

Juuaichi: Did you even bother to read the AU part of the summary? Of course my characters are going to be different, maybe I don't want them to be like in the manga or DVD. Both of which I have, thank you very much. (mind, I only have 1-7 in manga cuz that's all the ones that are out, and 1-4 in DVD for the same reason)

The purpose of fanfiction by the way, is for pleasure. Not for profit or anything else. I love getting reviews, yes, but I write for my own enjoyment. And I like the way my characters are for this fic, mainly because I made them this way.Plus, how do we know how certain characters would act in different situations or different time frame? We don't, so I made it up. Yes I made it up, it's called imagination.If you don't like how I wrote them, then why did you read the fic?

And have you ever heard of constructive criticism? I'm guessing not because you're one of the only ones I know that tells authors that their hard-made pieces of work are "complete and utter bullshit", other than my parents of course but that's for a different reason.

I know I need to work on character development among other things. And I AM working on that. I KNOW how Krad and Dark are supposed to be but I changed them to suite MY fanfic. This was one of my first DNAngel fanfic by the way, so of course I'm not used to the characters and how they act/think/feel. Pardon me for using my imagination, like most other author's do. Also pardon me for writing my own story, with my idea and my way of doing the characters. That is what fanfiction writers do…writ FAN FICTION.

Also, I do not believe my fic to be romance of any type. Yes, there is romance in the fic but it isn't the main focus. And even if it was, who are you to question what I write and how I write it? If I want it to be a goddamn romance fic then it can be. And if I want my characters to be like they are, which is obviously not the way you want them to be, then tough shit for you because it's not your fic.

On a different note, I am sorry for all of you who had to read that. I will be starting on a sequel to the fic for all of those who like this story. And once I'm done with that I WILL be re-writing Phantom and Motnahp. Hopefully to make it better. I probably should just leave it, since I SO love to write complete and utter bullshit, but I won't. So look for the sequel and re-write!

One last thing before the teaser, I am posting this on the end of Phantom because that is the fic the reviewer responded to. I will not be adding notes or what not to Motnahp, even if I get a bad review for it. I'll just mention it in the sequel.


"I would like to welcome you to another year at Hogwarts!" The students clapped politely as the aged headmaster greeted the school for another year. "This year Mr. Potter has rejoined us along with a few of his friends. Dark we all know from before, but Krad is new. It has been determined that he too is not part of a house. Now let's begin!"

Food appeared on all the tables, startling a few of the new first years. Krad, who had been sitting with Draco at the Slytherin table, jumped as a note appeared on his plate. It was from the Headmaster, inviting him to his office after the feast.

He folded the note and placed it in his pocket. He turned to a questioning Draco and explained. "To test my abilities." Draco nodded and they both dug in.

Across the hall Dark was flirting with Harry, much to the horror of Ron. The poor redhead hadn't gotten used to the two and their public displays of love.

"Could you please stop?" He whined. Harry grinned at him and swatted Dark.

"Be good." Dark scoffed and rested his head on Harry's shoulder.

"I am good." He sniffed. Ron shook his head and Hermione giggled. Harry looked up as a lone owl flew into the hall and landed by the Headmaster. Dumbledore glanced up at Harry and motioned for him to meet him later.

"I wonder what that's about." Ron said. Harry shrugged and they returned to eating….