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Today would have been her graduation day. Quinn stood at the back of the crowd of parents, siblings, friends and miscellaneous relatives as they sat in the bright afternoon sunlight watching as her classmates graduated from Lawndale High.

That should be me up there.

Quinn would not be graduating with her class, though she had insisted on going to the ceremony. Her parents and older sister were too heartbroken to attend, so Quinn sat alone, slightly apart from the rest of the crowd.

The Valedictorian and Salutatorian made their speeches while the students in their caps and gowns shifted and whispered to one another, obviously bored. Quinn wanted to stand up and scream at them.

Listen! Listen to what they're saying to you! This is about your future! This is important!

But she sat quietly, trying to quell the anger and yes, resentment, she felt for her fellow classmates who didn't seem to appreciate the importance of the day. She envied them their futures, most of them college bound. Even Tiffany was going to college. True it was Junior College, but after two years she could transfer out. Quinn would not be attending college in the fall.

Soon enough, students were called up, one by one, to receive a diploma and a handshake. Quinn stood, tears streaming down her cheeks, unable to bear it any longer.

After the final name was read Ms. Li turned to the audience.

"Before we conclude," she began.

Quinn felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Quinn, it's time to go."

Turning from the sea of proud parents and excited graduates, Quinn felt a deep sense of loss overtake her.

I'm so sorry, Mom and Dad. I'm sorry, Daria.

"…let us have a moment of silence to remember a promising young student, taken from us far too soon. Quinn Morgendorffer." After a moment, Ms. Li spoke again. "Let the terrible tragedy that took your classmate on prom night help you make good decisions during your graduation celebrations and for the rest of your lives."

Quinn turned to see her classmates one last time and say goodbye.

"I was only eighteen."