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Eyes of Green, Heart of Gold:
by Aellaheh

Chapter Two,
Car Crash?

Dursley Residence June 13th
Morning 10: 12 A.M.

A knock reverberated off the Dursley's white, normal wood front door. Harry sat up in his cupboard, that must be the teacher. He blew out a gust of air when he heard Aunt Petunia walk over to the door and unlatch it.

"Hello, come in. Now, how may I help you?" Her shrill voice spoke with a hint of disgust. Harry waited, barely breathing. The voice that answered was warm and deep but definitely female.

" I am here to discuss Mr. Potter's schooling, may I speak to him?" Harry heard something between a whimper and a shriek come from his Aunt. He wondered at her reaction, did she know something?

"Potter's schooling? What about it? He's going to the neighborhood's public school." Her voice was even more shrill with fear and nervousness, but Harry heard the door slam shut.

" No, no, his Magical education, dear. That needs to be taken care of. He has been listed for Hogwarts since he was born, but I'm sure you already know of that." The warm voice had a hint of a smile in it. Harry tried to push his door open quietly, knowing it was useless, as it was locked. There was a long silence, finally broken by the Professor, whom Harry decided he liked.

" Well, Mrs. Dursley, may I speak to the boy? I need to take him shopping for his supplies and his train ticket." Aunt Petunia cleared her throat, and Harry could just imagine her looking around nervously for Uncle Vernon, but she was out of luck, as he and Dudley had gone to buy video games for the day.

" Yes, one second. I'll, I'll get the boy." She cleared her throat one more time and Harry heard her walk up to his cupboard and unlock it. She pulled open the door and Harry winced at the light.

"There is someone here to see you, boy." Her voice was thick with distaste as she snapped at him, her high cheekbones a deep red in anger and agitation. Harry decided to play innocent and just nodded, following her toward the entrance way. Standing there, looking very out of place, was a short woman dressed in an extremely large industrial grey suit, with many pockets. Her grey hair was flying every which way from her head and her tanned face was lined. Her nails were thick with dirt, and she looked entirely comfortable.

"Yes?" Harry asked politely. He felt Aunt Petunia behind him, shuffling around in agitation, and wasn't at all comforted by it. His palms were sweating and he wasn't sure what he expected the teacher to say. The Professor jumped, as if she hadn't been expecting him, and looked at him closely.

"Hello, Harry, I'm Professor Sprout, I'll be your Herbology Professor and Head of Hufflepuff House at Hogwarts." She held out her hand and smiled warmly at the small boy. Harry smiled tentatively back and shook her earth crusted hand quickly, wanting very much to ask what Herbology was and how you did it. "You received a letter, correct? From Hogwarts? I'm here to take you shopping for your supplies." Harry nodded three times then looked behind at Aunt Petunia when he felt her shift. Her lips were pursed and she looked like she really wanted to speak out, but was afraid to do so. She kept looking around for Uncle Vernon.

Harry looked back toward the professor and saw her staring at his Aunt with a queer expression on her face. Suddenly, she looked at Harry and when she saw him staring at her, she smiled.

"Well, Harry dear, collect your letter and we shall be off!" She clapped her hands once to signify her point and Harry raced off to his cupboard, grabbed his letter and raced back to the front room to see the two ladies staring at each other distastefully. Professor Sprout looked at Harry when he came in.

"Good? All set? Then, we'll be off. Good day, Mrs. Dursley." She nodded briefly at Petunia then headed out the door. Harry remembered something suddenly and spoke out eagerly.

"Professor, can you show me some magic? Just so I know what kind of stuff you can do? Are we going to learn how to pull rabbits out of hats and stuff like that?" He looked at her excitedly. He had heard the expression at school, when these boys had been talking about a Magic Show they had been to over the weekend.

"Rabbits out of hats, dear? Why would we do that? No, but Professor McGonagall, the Transfiguration teacher, will teach you to turn Rabbits into hats and the other way around. As for a demonstration, let's see . . . " She trailed off and pulled out a short, light wood stick from one of her pockets and tapped her chin, looking around the room. She pointed the stick towards a vase full of flowers by the stairs and spoke what sounded like Gibberish to Harry.

" Engorgio! " The ordinary yellow roses started to grow and climb up the stairs wrapping their long stems around the stair rail, their thorns getting huge and sticking into furniture, wall and carpet alike. Aunt Petunia had fallen to the floor, and Harry suspected she had fainted but was to curious to look away from the growing roses." Esuap Incantato!" The professor spoke strange words again and the flowers stopped growing but stayed as they were.

"There dear, you may go and see that they are real, but stay away from the thorns, don't want you getting hurt now." She spoke this with a smile, and her brown eyes shown with amusement at his wonder. He walked over, his mouth slightly open and carefully poked one of the plants. It felt real, and nothing horrible happened so he placed his hand open palmed on one of the fat stems. It was definitely real. He let out an excited whoop, he was going to learn to do MAGIC! Real Magic! He turned around and saw that indeed, his Aunt was passed out on the floor but he couldn't bring himself to care.

He was so excited, he felt like he was going to pop. Professor Sprout let out a deep earthy chuckle and flicked her stick towards the enormous flowers saying quickly.

"Finite Incantato."

Harry turned again and watched as the flowers shrunk to their normal size. He could feel blood flowing through his cheeks and he knew his eyes were shining. He felt so happy and almost like he was running a fever. Professor Sprout looked at him worriedly and told him to sit down for a moment.

When she thought Harry was sufficiently rested, she told him that they ought to hurry along. With a simple word, "Enervate!" and a flick of the light stick that Harry was informed was her wand., Aunt Petunia was awake. She looked nervously around at the roses and when she saw them to be perfectly normal, she regained her snappish manner.

"Well, then, take the boy and get out!" Harry muttered goodbye and ran out of the door. Professor Sprout took a bit longer and had a few words with Petunia, who looked pale when Sprout finished with her.

10: 56 AM

Professor Sprout joined Harry outside on the sidewalk and waved her wand. There was a huge bang and, out of nowhere, a huge triple decked purple bus appeared out of nowhere. Harry caught a glimpse of golden letters that wrote, The Knight Bus.

A stately looking man around his late thirties stepped out and began drawling, but Sprout waved her hand impatiently.

"Yes, yes! Now here's the money, we need to get to Diagon Alley." She gripped Harry's shoulder tightly and led him on board. There were chairs everywhere, all different colors and all different sizes. There was almost nowhere to walk! Harry looked around amazed. The Professor walked over to two big chairs in the middle of the bus.

"Best not to look outside these windows while we're moving!" She said cheerfully when they had sat down. Harry didn't understand until there was a huge bang and they whirled away.

On the bus Harry asked a question he had just thought of.

"Professor, back at the Dursley's you said you were 'Head of the Hufflepuff House' what does that mean?" He looked at her curiously.

"Well, they are four houses, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor. You belong to a house once you are sorted and it is like a second home. You get points if you do something productive, like answering questions correctly and points get taken away if you break a rule. At the end of the year, whichever House has the highest points wins the House Cup. Each House has special qualities and if you have more of one House's qualities than the other, you get put into that house." Harry nodded, it all sounded fair to him.

20 minutes later, it was a very green and dizzy pair that stepped out of the bus and into a small, crumby looking pub called the Leaky Cauldron. Harry was so disoriented from the trip, he almost didn't notice that the people who walked up and down the street didn't look twice at the pub, but living with the Dursley's he had needed every survival skill possible and so, he was very good at catching small almost unnoticeable details, especially when he wasn't in the best of shape.

Once they had regained their bearings, Sprout clapped Harry on the shoulder.

"Well, chap, this is the Leaky Cauldron, very famous place." She smiled at him and led him quietly through the pub, almost no one taking any notice of them at all. Harry looked around at the dimly lit room and caught two or three strange looking people watches them uninterestedly. He gulped as he saw a creepy looking person staring at him hungrily, practically drooling.

They stepped out into a small alley that ended with a brick wall. Harry, understanding that not everything was what it looked like stayed quiet and watched. Professor Sprout was counting bricks and tapped out a rhythm that Harry caught quickly, in case he needed to remember it. The brick wall started to move and Harry began to be able to see through it!

"Welcome to Diagon Alley, Harry." Professor Sprout said. Harry stared every which way and caught snatches of sentences from people as they passed.

" I simply can't believe Nifflers are so inexpensive now! Do you remember when they used to cost almost 10 sickles?" "...skin? Interes..." " Yes! Chocolate Frogs, reall..."

The Alley was amazing, crowded with people that wore all different colors of robes and cloaks, some wearing traditional pointed hats, other with flashing moving patterns on their robes. Harry couldn't get enough of watching. Sprout tapped him on the shoulder.

"Let's get your money first." She pointed at a white, leaning building. They walked closer and Harry sawshort, ugly creature wearing a scarlet and gold uniform standing at the door. Harry looked at it momentarily, but didn't want to be rude. Once they passed the creature, Sprout whispered into his ear.

"That was a goblin. Smart fellows, but a bit creepy. This is Gringotts Bank." Harry nodded in agreement and looked at the writing engraved on the next door they had to go through. It said:

Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.

Harry nodded to himself, agreeing with the threat. He didn't like people stealing, even though he had done so on more than one occasion, nothing big but some food or money to buy food from the Dursley's. He guessed that made him some type of hypocrite, but he didn't care. He looked around the marble hall they were in, goblins all around them, weighing things, or scratching away with quills. Sprout lead Harry towards the counter to the nearest free goblin.

" Hello, we are here to take some money out of Harry Potter's safe." The goblin peered over the counter at Harry who nodded at him politely.

" Do you have is key, ma'am?" The goblin asked suspiciously.

"Of course." Professor Sprout took a gleaming golden key out of a pocket on her knee and handed it to the goblin. The goblin peered at it closely, then nodded.

"Everything is in order. Nirgle!" The goblin turned and yelled over his shoulder. Another goblin soon popped up and motioned for them to follow. They stopped at a door and Nirgle pulled it open, motioning for them to step through. Harry looked around at the stone passageway they stepped into. It reminded him of a cave he had seen in a magazine at school once.

Nirgle lead them over to a small wooden cart and motioned for them to get in. Once they were seated, the cart plummeted quickly, and Harry felt his stomach jump and fall inside his body. Professor Sprout had her eyes closed and looked like she was enjoying herself. She kept sniffing at the earthy wind blowing into their faces.

When the cart stopped and they had gotten out, the goblin led them over to one of the vault doors lining the wall, unlocked it and stepped back. Green smoke came blowing out and Harry coughed, expecting to feel some strange effect, but instead it just cleared away to reveal heaps and heaps of gold, silver and bronze.

" This is mine?" Harry asked, shocked. Professor Sprout nodded and busily grabbed a bunch of each coin, dropping them into a leather bag. Harry watched her, and noticed that the bag didn't look anymore full than when she'd unfolded it from her pocket. She kept stuffing coins in until she appeared satisfied.

"Good, now," She held up one of each coin. " Gold is a Galleon, silver is a Sickle, bronze is a Knut. Seventeen sickles to a gold one and twenty-nine bronze Knuts to a silver Sickle. Got it?" Harry nodded. " Good, now this should be enough for awhile, so let's go buy your stuff!" She walked out of the vault, handed Harry the bag, which, he was amazed to note, felt completely empty. They both stepped into the cart, waited for Nirgle to close the vault and were off.

11: 28 AM

They were back in the marble lobby of Gringotts and walked out into the bright sunshine.

"Let's get your books, then we'll get your uniform, some lunch, then your other equipment."

They stopped at a shop called Flourish and Blotts that was full of books, from ceiling to floor. They picked out the regular school books, but Sprout pointed out some that would just be a good read. He tried to convince her to let him buy Powerful Curses for Powerful People by Ibee A. Wizzarhd. But she wouldn't hear of it.

"Why not?" He asked, pouting. She just looked at him.

"Because that book is absolutely ridiculous. You'll get nothing out of it, besides shivers. It's got horrible pictures and no real information. Now, this on the other hand, is useful." She held up a small green book who's purple cover read:

The Care and Properties of the Venomous Tentacula.
By Lima. B. Ean

Harry had groaned and bought the book, sighing to himself at the name, which he thought was just cheesy.

Sprout led him to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, and walked in. Madam Malkin came and greeted them. She was a smiling, short witch dressed in yellow robes. She looked at Sprout and nodded.

"Hello Professor. Hogwarts usual?" Sprout nodded and smiled at her. " Some other robes to, he doesn't have any normal ones." Madam Malkin agreed and brought them both to the back of the shop. She stood Harry on a footstool and threw a pain black robe over his head and started pinning it up with her wand. Professor Sprout had wandered off and was looking at a dark green coarse looking wool robe.

A young boy about Harry's age walked into the shop confidently. Madam Malkin stopped pinning up Harry's robe, excused herself for a moment and greeted the dark haired boy. She brought him back to the mirrors and stood the other boy on a footstool next to Harry. She threw a robe over the boy's head and went back to pinning up Harry's.

There was a silence only broken by the frequent muttering of Madam Malkin. Finally, Harry took the initiative.

"Hello, I'm Harry Potter." He nodded at the boy, not being able to move his arms. The boy, for some reason looked extremely shocked.

"Harry Potter? THE Harry Potter?" Harry nodded hesitantly, unsure of why he was being dubbed 'THE Harry Potter'. " Interesting...I'm Blaise Zabini." Blaise now spoke cooly, as if he were offended. Harry shrugged it off and tried to be friendly.

" Are you going to Hogwarts?" Blaise just nodded. Harry tried again, he was really curious about this boy, he was another wizard. " What house do you think you'll be in?" Blaise answered quickly.

"Slytherin or Ravenclaw, you?" He spoke snidely, as if already expecting the answer.

" I'm not sure, I don't know that much about the houses, I only know their names. What are each houses qualities?" Blaise looked shocked once again. But he responded.

"Well, Slytherin is for people who have a strong survival instinct, they are very ambitious and they don't really jump into things, they plan before they do almost everything, they are very cautious. Um... Ravenclaw is for people who like to learn and study, you could say they are also ambitious. Hufflepuff is for almost blindly loyal, kind and hardworking people, but most of the other student's think they are dunderheads. Gryffindor is for the brave, reckless ones, who jump into dangerous things without thinking and are thought of a chivalrous and noble, they are also very set in how they are. That's about all I can say about them." Harry nodded and thought it over. Finally he decided.

" I expect I'll be a Slytherin or a Ravenclaw, also. I was kind of, erm, Gryffindorish," Blaise snorted quietly. " When I agreed to come with someone I didn't know today, but I was so excited about Magic and everything. I'm not normally like that. I do work hard, but I am not blindly loyal to anyone, nor will I ever be." Blaise was staring at him again, and seemed to be searching for something on his forehead.

"You sure you're Harry Potter? You have the scar and everything?" Harry nodded, confused and lifted his bangs. He traced the lightening bolt there.

"How did you know about my scar? That happened when my parents died in a car crash." When Harry said this, he immediately thought he had said something wrong. Madam Malkin had stopped pinning his robe, Blaise had fallen off the footstool and Sprout was staring at him.

Finally, Malkin stuttered out. "Car crash?"


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Engorgio: Spell from the Harry Potter books, makes something get bigger.

Esuap Incantato: Made up spell by me based on Finite Incantato (Spell from the Harry Potter books, see below) Esuap Incantato freezes a spell in it's state unlike Finite Incantato look down

Finite Incantato: Spell from the Harry Potter books, finishes spell and turns whatever was cursed into it's original state.

Enervate: Spell from the Harry Potter books, used to wake someone up.

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