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Chapter 1-Welcome To My Life

My damp hair stuck to my forehead as I looked on to the street. The night

rain had caught me off guard and I was forced to take shelter in the doorway of

an apartment building. I shook my head as I heard two women sighing in

discontent at me, stating that there were two many runaways on the streets. I

scoffed as they walked away, I was no runaway. I wish I was, but I never have

run away from my problems and never would.

This was one problem that I couldn't deal with. It made everything real.

The façade I had put up for years would come down. Well it would if I wasn't

careful. Everyone saw the Davis that they wanted, that I wanted them to see.

He was the fourteen year old boy with a perfect family and no problems…besides

his annoying sister, Jun. He played soccer, not perfectly but good enough, and

looked up to the great Tai.

None of this was true. I'm not who they think he is. And my family? Far

from perfect would be a way to describe the situation. Closing my eyes I try to

hold back my tears willing their way out of my eyes. Today had to be the worst

day of my life.


The rainy day blew against my skin. I was coming home early from school

because I had a fever and the nurse was afraid that whatever I had could be

contagious. So here I was walking home with instructions of liquids and bed rest.

Finally, I entered the apartment; the trek up the stairs due to the broken

elevator seemed to be longer than before. I wiped my brow, sweat trickling down

my skin. The door knob seemed to double, but quickly returned to normal.

'Maybe I should have let the nurse call Mom at work.' Pulling out my key I

opened the door. Walking in I tripped over two pairs of shoes. 'Shoes? Mom is

supposed to be at work…but those are her shoes. But who's are those?' I

looked down at the two pairs of dress shoes, one female and one male.

I walked through the entry and into the living room, "Mom?" The dizzy

feeling swept me once again, as the room doubled. Quickly it went back to

normal only to find my mother holding a blanket to her bare chest.

"Davis…this…this isn't what it looks like." My mother said.

Of course when someone says that, you know that is when it is exactly

what it looks like. I looked to the man, within seconds I knew who he was.

"Davis." He said softly.

This wasn't just any man; no this had to be the man that was the father of

one of my friends. Right in front of my eyes was my mom and T.K.'s father and

they weren't having a cup of tea. I did the only thing that came to mind…run.

End of Flashback

So I ran and ran. I ran until my legs gave out and I could no longer run. I

couldn't go home but I was no runaway. I took shelter when it started raining.

Closing my eyes I let the rain wash away all my problems.

I must have fallen asleep because I was suddenly being awakened by

someone's nudges. I squeezed my eyes tighter. Maybe they would go away if

they knew that I didn't want to be bothered. This only added to their persistence

and they quickly added my name to each nudge.

"Davis. Davis. Come on get up. You need to go home." The voice cut

into my wishing.

I quickly opened my eyes to retort that whoever it was needed to just

leave me alone and stay out of my business. But what I saw shocked my most of

all. It was Matt, the son of the man that was sleeping with my mother. His father

was the man that was pulling my family farther apart. I did my best to pull out of

his reach, but laying a doorway didn't give me much room.

Seeing that I was up, he pulled me to my feet and ushered me to his car.

In making sure I got in and stayed in he quickly went to his side. After a few

moments of silence he pushed his blonde hair back and said, "Your mom called

my dad when you left, hoping you would go to one of your friends. So, all the

digidestined have spent hours looking for you."

My spiteful laugh rang through the car, "Really?" The sarcastic remark left

my mouth before I could even think about it.

Matt turned to me a mixture between shock and anger plastered on his

face, "Of course everyone would go and look for you. Davis, you know how

important family is to me and everyone of the digidestined is family."

'Too bad family isn't as important to your father.' "That's not what I meant.

Never mind, just bring me home." I said trying to avoid anymore conversation.

"Well, the thing is that your mom thought it best if you stayed the night with

a friend, so everyone is going to stay at T.K. and my mom's. See she's out of

town so we can take her apartment. Everyone wants to talk to you. We've never

had anyone do something like this, well besides me. Maybe you are a mixture

between Tai and me." He laughed to himself at the last comment.

I couldn't take it anymore. How could she do this, how could this have

happened? I growled, turning quickly towards a still laughing Matt, "Don't you

ever compare me to Tai or you again. Do you hear me? …never!"

Matt quickly stopped laughing and called T.K.'s number to have him

inform everyone that he had found me. He didn't say anything about my

comment, but kept looking over at me, as if trying to read me. I let my eyes close

and tried to relax. This was not going to be a fun night.


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