Gods Made Flesh


Zechs blinked the sleep from his eyes; he'd been only half awake when Wufei's answer came to him. He was lying on one of the poolside lounge chairs, having just finished a set of ten laps across the length of the Olympic-sized pool. Considering that his lover was involved in his own set of laps, he hadn't actually expected an answer to his offhand comment. He'd been wondering about what class of mobile suit his Tallgeese fell under; it was the prototype for the Gundams, but since it wasn't made out of Gundanium, he couldn't very well call it a Gundam. As his lover reminded him constantly. "What?" he called out across the expanse of the indoor pool.

Leisurely stroking across the width of the pool back towards Zechs, Wufei came up only a few yards from the blond. He draped himself over the side of the pool and said, "You could call your mobile suit a Titan."

Shifting to sit up so as to be able to face his lover, Zechs' eyebrows knitted together in a frown. "Why?"

Looking up at his lover, Wufei said, "Well, Gundams are made out of Gundanium, and your Tallgeese is made out of Titanium, so…"

"I could call it a Titan," Zechs finished for his lover. A slow smile spread across his face. "I like that."

Wufei chuckled and braced his arms on the floor, hefting himself out from the pool. Water dripped from his unbound hair, down his shoulders and across his chest. He smirked as his peripheral visions caught Zechs' captivated look – captivated with those droplets of moisture. Grabbing a towel from the poolside table, he wrapped it around his neck, using it to blot the moisture from his hair as he dropped down to share his lover's lounge chair. "Yes, you could call it a Titan…but I'm not sure it's appropriate."

Startled out of his daze of admiration, Zechs could only sputter, "What?"

"Well, the Titans were a group of mythical deities worshipped in ancient Greece," Wufei revealed. "They were overthrown by their children, the Greek gods, known as the Olympians, since they lived in a mythical mountain called Mount Olympus. So calling your Tallgeese a Titan could be considered a bad omen."

Zechs considered that for a moment, frowning. "But my Tallgeese was overthrown – by the engineers who designed the Gundams," he pointed out reluctantly.

Wufei shrugged disaffectedly and walked towards the hot tub. "Well, as long as you have no problem with it." Turning on the jets, he lowered himself into it, sighing in pleasure.

Quirking a grin at this blatant act of hedonism on his lover's part, Zechs padded over to sit next to his lover. "Why should I? I mean, there are no Greek gods anymore."

Wufei smirked. "That's what you think."

Blue eyes narrowing, Zechs asked cautiously, "What do you mean, 'Fei?" He knew that when his lover got that look on his face, things were about to get interesting

"Just call me Neptune," Wufei said with a small smile.

Zechs gave his lover an uncomprehending look. "Huh?"

Smiling growing wider into a full-blown smirk, Wufei surged up from the hot tub, water sluicing off his skin, and tugged the blond down beside into the hot, swirling water. Right before locking their lips together in a kiss, he explained, "One of the Greek gods…known as the Dragon of the Sea."

Zechs' last thought, before his mind was clouded by passion, was, Interesting, indeed.