Title: Thicker then Blood

Author: Pilotslover

Summery: Everyone has to deal with the death of someone they care for, even if they couldn't at the time. (I hate summeries! Please R and R.)

Rating: PG

Chapter One: A light in the dark

Disclaimer: Tragically, I don't own Abe, or anything else Hellboy, I do own the idea to some degree though.

Authors Note: Movieverse. I will leave your fandom alone after this fic but I just felt the need to write it. That and Vivi was getting a bit much.

Vivi: Oh, you're gonna leave me alone then?

Hell no!


The office seemed empty since Professor Broom's death, in recuperating from the wounds he had gained in the subway tunnels, Abe had yet to visit the room and as he entered he was keenly aware of the darkness that filled it. A shudder ran down his spine, all the objects relating to the professors death had been removed but no one around him seemed to realise that the room itself was saturated with negativity. He remained just inside the door, eyes closed as he tried to set up a mental block to stop the feelings corrupting his already overwhelmed mind. From the psychics perspective it was like standing on the edge of a precipice filled with dark energy or like being on a field about to be swallowed by a huge wave. He felt cold, yet he did not feel the cold, it was as if the professor's death was a continual blizzard in his soul.

He was not sure how long he stood there, but eventually he took a few steps forwards, something other then brooding darkness broke through his failed shield. A feeling of care and warmth, Abe took very little time to realise that these were Broom's thoughts, it was as if the old man had realised the psychics state of mind would be fragile upon having to face Kroenen's deeds and the darkness inflicting negativity of the Russian magician, Rasputin. There was something more, something Abe could only just feel; like trying to chase a shadow in the night, each grasp for this something yielded nothing and Abe let down the useless barrier his mind had constructed by the door.

Or, it had seemed useless.

All at once, the precipice rushed up to meet him and he stumbled backwards; his assaulted mind trying to recreate the neglected block; the wraiths of it remained but he could not make them knot together. He felt like screaming, but the sound refused to come, he tried to move only to feel locked in place; the ominous dark cloud of murderous intent overwhelmed Abe as much as a blow to the head would have and there was only one way to deal with it. Knowing that in time of extreme stress there came a time when the mind could receive no more stimuli held no comfort for the aquatic being as he crumpled to the floor.


Authors note: I know this is really short chapter but most of the ones I have planned are, it seemed the natual place to end this chapter.

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