Thicker Than Blood

Chapter 6 - 'Normality'

Psycho Llama - Hellboy is indeed a bad influence! Hehe! It's always good when Abe gets a little bit of time to hmself! I enjoying writing that chapter, the lake is lifted from my mind, someplace I must've seen as a kid, it was a very pretty place and I fear I didn't really focus on it enough.

epalladino - Ahh, yes, this is the end, I think ... yes, it is the end. I'm glad to have done something a little bit different with Abe, he's such an intreguing character in a world populated by them.


When he woke, Abe was not sure how long he had spent in the tank hidden in the BPRD buildings basements but he felt a lot better then he had when he had entered it. He clambered from the small tank and tugged on his gloves and shirt, he had been in such a rush for quiet before that he had not bothered with the cumbersome breathing equipment he sometimes required out of water.

By the time he returned to the library he was all but humming to himself, he really was in a much better mood then he had been before he had spent some time alone. "Where the hell have you been Fishstick?" Abe turned to face Manning, whilst the name was technically accurate, he was not particularly keen on it; he knew that Manning's dislike for him stemmed from the mistrust in his abilities and so telling the head of operations that he had been using some time alone to train said abilities was not a good idea.

However, he could think of no lie convincing enough to fool a man of Manning's standing. "I was meditating," Abe offered, cocking his head to one side and making a small gesture with his right hand. "Red knew where I was," He knew this would do nothing for Manning's constant and unwavering bad mood; he had encountered many minds in the past but Manning's was one of the most angry and mistrusting he knew of.

"Meditating? We lose you for two days because you want to turn hippy?"

Abe flicked his gaze up to the human, he had not expected it to be two days, a day at most but not two. "I didn't have much choice in the matter," He supplied simply; he really just wanted to get back into his usual routines, to grieve for Broom in his own way and move on. "I had the misconception that I was a guest here, not a prisoner," It was an old argument yet one more often applied to the flighty Hellboy then the calm natured merman.

This caused Manning to pause long enough for Abe to slip past him, not that there was very far for him to go. He had never been one of wanting to slip out like Hellboy had, Abe did not mind being quiet and alone at all, chiefly because he could never truly be alone, he could always hear something or other from people or sometimes even items nearby. "A damned expensive guest," Manning muttered, chewing on an unlit cigar; as with most people, he was worried about money and Abe knew that he was a huge drain on this valuable resource. "... never pays the bill," still muttering in bitter tones to himself, Manning left the library.

Moving to his private quarters, Abe tugged off the uncomfortable gloves and shirt; the shirt pushed against the small fins on his back and arms, and pulled tight the large fins under his arms, but he knew that it stopped these delicate parts of himself from being damaged and put up with the discomfort. He slipped into the water, executing a barrel role before moving to look out of the glass; there were no books to read today and no one to turn the pages for him even if there was.

His nearly all black eyes drifted to were Broom had been killed, Abe had never seen him as a true father figure but he came close and he knew he would miss the kindly man a great deal. Someone pushed through the doors into the office, a familiar tan coat coming into view, "Thought you were back with us, Manning was stalking down the hall muttering something about over glorified dolphins,"

"I progressed to being a mammal then," Abe commented mildly, his humour had always tended towards the more sarcastic.

Hellboy gave a throaty chuckle before looking towards his 'brother', "You better now then?" He asked him with an air of fleeting disinterest that Abe knew was merely an act. With a 'hmm', Abe nodded his head, placing one hand on the tanks glass to steady himself slightly. "That's good, you ... uh ... had me a little worried for a time there,"

"I know,"

Hellboy shot him a look that Abe was all too used to, the 'I-told-you-to-stay-out-of-my-head-you-over-glorified-fish' look, as it had been nicknamed, "You look a lot better," The demon supplied at length, "You were looking a bit greener around the gills,"

"I feel better now Red, you're not losing me yet,"

"Well damn, there I was hoping I would," Red teased, the two had always had a relationship based around mutual teasing; at first they had not been so sure that they were teasing one another but over time they had learnt that that was all it was. "You've got to be starving,"

"I don't require a whole barracks ration of food a day,"

There was another chuckle from Hellboy; the two were polar opposites in most every way, from their colour to their temperaments, whereas the demon could happily finish off over a hundred pancakes, Abe barely ate at all. "What're you reading right now?" Hellboy asked him.

"Nothing, I didn't think to set some books up before I entered the tank; even if I did, I'd have to get out to turn the pages again."

"Maybe you should ask Manning to get you an aide,"

Abe raised a hand to his chest, executing a fake death at the mention of an aide. "More money," He said as he straitened up again, looking towards Hellboy with a small gesture towards himself. "I cost quite enough as it is Red, Manning would never agree to something that would cost more money."

"Maybe I'll lend you Myers,"

"He would grow bored in minutes, as would just about anyone else."

The two continued to talk, when they had been younger they had sat and talked together a lot of the time, it was a way to ease the boredom of waiting for another mission but as they had grown up they did not talk as much. An eerie kind of quiet and restfulness fell over the screen, all the time both of them were mindful of one simple fact; they could be called on any time.


AN: End!

I really wanted to use the Evangelion (Manga only I think) quote 'Your body doesn't belong to you any more!' (Spoken by Misato to the suicidal Shinji who doesn't care if he dies piloting an Eva). I wanted to hint at the idea that they appreciate that they are at the beck and call of the BPRD and only exist there due to their usefulness to the BPRD. I'm probably wrong, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that, but it's just an idea I had.

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