Hawaii Is No Excuse Conan

By Shyro Foxfeather

"Hey, Conan-kun?" Ran began with a bewildered expression set on her face. Sonoko just sipped her soda, listening keenly. "Where on earth did you learn to drive a boat?"

Conan blinked and retorted without hesitation, "My father taught me in Hawaii!"

"Uh, Conan-kun?" Ran thought for a moment. "Where'd you learn to drive a helicopter then?"

"My father taught me!"

"In Hawaii?" Sonoko inquired.


"What about shooting that gun?" Ran said.

"Hawaii?" Sonoko questioned.

"Uh… Yeah..."

"Where'd you learn to be such a smart chibi?" Sonoko sneered pinching Conan on the cheek like an annoying family relative might do.

"Hawaii." Conan replied out of reflex. Then flinched at his answer. "Err…"

"What about being a pain in the ass, hmm? Where'd you learn that?" Sonoko grinned.

Conan deadpanned, "I never learned that, I got it from you."

Sonoko growled and dumped her soda on his head and stormed away.

Ran blinked, then brightened. "Hey Conan-kun?"

"Huh?" Conan blinked as he wiped the soda off his glasses with his jacket. "Yeah, Ran-neechan?"

"Where'd you learn to keep secrets from me? Like for instance, the fact that you're really Shinichi?"

Conan fell over.

Ran helped him up. "Let's just say Hawaii, okay Shinichi-kun?"

"Err… Okay… Ran."


Disclaimer: Chaos, Logic, and myself lay no claim upon Detective Conan and are thus sadly disappointed in our Evil Genius tactics.

It occurred to me that every time Ran or anyone else asks where Conan learned something he replies that it was in Hawaii. Which it is. It's very odd. Probably some running joke.

Chaos is more responsible for this than Logic is.

Logic has a theory that Ran does indeed know that Conan is Kudo thus the ending.

Also, I posted this on my other account before and it was taken down for being 'too short' or… something… Blech.

I hope you enjoyed it!