"The Atalanta Games: Round Two"

Written by: Toni Ferraro

All Dragonball and related characters (c) to Akira Toriyama and TOEI Animations.

Spectra (c) to the Minkgirl! XD


A/N: In this chapter, the story will be based morely off the dubbed version, because it's easier, people will know what the characters are saying, and I imagine this story in English instead of Japanese.



Far away in space, on a familiar Atalantan ship, another game was taking place as a giant alien went all out towards the redheaded warrior. The blue alien shot fists left and right while jumping over the corpses of earlier competitors who have failed. The female fighter blocked each blow with her golden spear, and swiped the alien, cutting through the skin of the chest. He staggered over, clamping his hand over his wound, which opened an opportunity for the woman to kick him square in the face. As the alien fell backwards, the Atalantan swiped her spear under his legs, knocking him off his feet. Once on the ground, she leapt up onto his chest, and pointed the spear at his head. "Pathetic... you lose!"

"NO! Spectra, please, don't!" the alien pleaded.

"You know the rules..."

"Please! I only entered because... I love you!"

Spectra froze for a second, lowering her spear slightly. "You... do?"

The alien smiled warmly, and nodded.

However, the woman only sneered and rose her spear again. "Too bad." And she executed him.

Once he breathed his final breath, Spectra yanked the spear out of her opponent's face and wiped off the blood and gore with her purple cape. Just like old times, only Liw wasn't around to draw her bath, clean her spear, or worse yet, clean up the dead bodies.

She hated to admit it, but she missed the small woman. At least she was someone who she could complain to and have listened to her thoughts. She must have finally grown a nerve to rebel ever since that Goku ordeal.

Goku... To Spectra, he was the real winner of her Atalanta Game. Sure in the end, she gave the final blow, but that was when the moron actually risked himself to save that annoying twit of a wife of his. But that wasn't her fault. He had beaten her, he announced it himself. Liw was even there to see it. She only didn't pursue him because it was clear he didn't want to claim his prize despite the rules distinctly say the winner must marry the warrior should they win. The fact that Spectra had injured Goku in the end worked for him to escape with that woman. He knew her little trick... he wouldn't fall for it again, so what was the point? So she returned to her home universe, where atalantans were widely known, as were their rules, so witnesses weren't exactly necessary, which was no trouble since Liw decided to leave.

That was less than twenty years ago... Spectra thought if she could move on, she could find somebody at least close to Goku's strength, if not equal. Unfortunately, no man in the universe had even matched her own strength. It didn't take normal atalantans to find husbands, why was she so different?

Feeling overwhelmed and bored (that was the last of a group of aliens who challenged the warrior), she decided to head off into her bedroom, and clean the mess up later. She always tried to delay the cleanup.

Once in her room, she had opened up the book of "Atalantan Legends" and skimmed through.

"'The Atalantans are an alien race consisting of women who battle competitors in order to find suitable husbands. If the challenger beats her, then he wins her hand in marriage. However, if the Atalantan woman defeats her opponent, she must kill him'," she boredly read, "Yeah, I already know this much, but it has been awhile since I read this thing." She skimmed through more pages, "See? It says so right here! 'Once the opponent has beaten the warrior, he therefore accepts the marriage proposal under any circumstances, which is mainly why single men most often take apart in the games'. Okay, so maybe I kinda tricked him, but he still battled and there was a witness! It just has to count!"

She groaned and continued on, "But it's been about twenty years now," she sighed, "He probably forgotten all about it, and I've certainly moved on... But with no luck over the years, how could I pass that opportunity up? I don't care what happened in the end... Goku WAS the winner of the Atalanta Game! There has to be some personal gain from--"

She cut herself off once she eyed something interesting on the page below. "'If, however, the contestant is unable to marry the Atalantan warrior for any reason, the marriage then falls upon his unwed son.'"

An unwed son... Spectra remembered Goku's profile. It not only said he was married, but had two sons!

The giddy Atalantan jumped off her bed, and headed into the control room to set courses for the planet Earth. Perhaps she will find her husband after all.


"I sure hope your family likes me, Goten," said Valese as her boyfriend led the way to his house.

"I don't see why they wouldn't," said Goten, "Don't worry so much. They may seem alittle, well, odd... but they're really nice. I'm sure you'll be a big hit with them."

"I hope so," said Valese, "At least I could make a good impression with my noodle casserole."

"If that's the case, then my dad loves you already," Goten laughed as he opened the door and led his current interest inside, "I'm home!"

"Well, it's about time!" Chi-chi yelled from the kitchen, "I thought we were going to have to send a rescue team after you!"

"Mom, I was only gone for 10 minutes..."

"You can fly! That would've taken you five! Did that girl make you walk?"

"No... I took my air cycle. Just for the heck of it."

"Young man if you ever worry me like that again, you'll be grounded for infinity!"

"C'mon, Chi-chi," called a child-like voice as a young boy entered the room, "He's not a little boy anymore. You need to lay back and relax every now and then." The boy looked up at the couple and smiled, "Hi."

"Hello," Valese bowed, "Nice to meet you. You must be Gohan, Goten's brother. But, I thought he said you were older than him..."

An older man wearing glasses walked in, with a young girl by his side. "Er, actually, I'm... uh..." the man stuttered, not sure how to explain things.

Valese looked up, "Oh, I'm sorry. You must be his father. I made noodle casserole. Goten says you may love it," she said handing the wrapped bowel to the man.

Goten nudged the brunette beauty, "Valese, that's my older brother Gohan..."

Valese blinked, "You?" she pointed down to the boy, "But then... who are you?"

The boy grinned, "I'm his father."

Valese was taken back, and looked up at Goten, then back down at the boy, "You... his?"

Goten sweated a bit, "It's sort of a long story..."

Valese nodded, "Well... if you say so." She looked over at the little girl standing by the man, "Hi there, you must be Goten's mother."

The girl cocked an eyebrow, "Mother? No, you doofus! I'm his niece!"

"I'M his mother," boomed a voice from behind. They turned to see an elder woman standing behind them with a scowl on her face and a younger looking woman following her.

Valese bowed slightly, "H-hello, Mrs. Son," she said politely, "It's very nice to meet you and your family. You have a nice home."

"Don't play the innocent act," sneered Chi-chi, "You may seem like a nice girl, but I know you're planning on keeping Goten out late every night and making him some kind of rebellious delinquent! I've got my eye on you, missy!" She turned and stormed into the kitchen.

Valese blinked in surprise. "Oops... I guess she doesn't like me."

"Don't be silly," said Goten, "She's very skeptic about anyone new she meets."

"Yeah," said the other woman, "I mean, she was hostile with me when we first met, and now I'm like a daughter."

"By the way," said Goten, "This is Gohan's wife, Videl, and their daughter Pan. Mr. Satan's here too, somewhere. And this, believe it or not, is my father Goku."

"Nice to meet you all," Valese smiled. Everyone else nodded in response.

"HEY YOU!" Chi-chi yelled, "If you're planning on being Goten's wife one day, then make yourself useful and help set the table!"

"There, y'see?" smiled Goten, "She's accepted you already."

Valese sweated a bit, and followed Videl into the kitchen. Goten turned to the others. "Well? What do you think?"

Gohan gave a blank stare, unsure what to say about his brother's latest girlfriend. Pan shrugged, "Eh. I'm curious to see how long this one lasts..."

Goku, however, smiled, "I like her!" he chimed, "She seems nice, and innocent."

Gohan smiled a bit, "No offense, Dad," he said, "But that fits your description perfectly..."