Down in the dark pits of HFIL, Spectra kicked a rock in frustration and it landed into a lake of lava. "Feh," she murmured, "Damned into the pits of hell, or FHIGL, whatever they wanna call it! Just because I was sick of winning... and the one time I wanted to win, I lost..." She sighed, "I suppose that drove me to the brink of insanity. All those years, and I was able to beat not one but TWO men... and now neither can be my husband. God, this sucks..."

"What's a pretty girl like you doing in such a miserable place like this?" spoke a raspy, feminish voice from behind. Spectra turned to see a white creature with purple circles on his body.

"Pfft... Not getting married, that's for sure," she glumly responded.

"So I see," the creature smirked, "You are an Atalantan, aren't you?"

Spectra blinked, surprised. "Yes, I am... how did you know?"

"I heard you were sent here for beheading many men, and no 'winning' Atalantan ever went to Paradise," the creature licked his lips, "I've heard about you and your ways of mating. In fact, I've been lonely all these years. Perhaps I'll give it a go."

Spectra twitched her nose, "You do realize it's practically a death wish," she said, "I'm one of the strongest atalantans to ever live. Hence how I could never find my husband."

"Perhaps, but then again, you never went up against Freeza the Tyrant, have you?"

"Freeza, huh?" said Spectra, as she stood up. "I heard you were taken down easily by a mere boy. What makes you think you've got a chance with me."

Freeza's face turned in disgust, "For your information, dear, that 'mere boy' was a Super Saiyan! And I heard you didn't do very well against them yourself!" He then smiled and dropped into a battle stance, "What do you say? Third time's the charm?"

Spectra rolled her eyes, "I don't have my spear anymore."

"You won't be needing it."

Spectra smirked and stood up, "Well, if you're that desperate to die, I suppose I could just pound that sorry face in over and over until you drown in your own blood." She dropped into her own fighting stance, "Whenever you're ready."

"Please," Freeza offered, "Lady's first."

Spectra jumped at Freeza and attempted to strike his face, but the changeling had quickly stepped to the side the very second she approached, and handchopped her on the back. She fell to the ground, and as she began to stand back up, Freeza whipped his large tail at her, which sent her flying over to the lava lakes, crashing landing right near one. She laid still for a moment, but struggled to get back to her feet. Shortly however, she felt a scaly hand wrap around her neck and carried her into the sky, dangling her over one of the lava lakes.

"Well," spoke Freeza, "If I let go of you now, you're as good as history. Unless of course you admit that I have beaten you. What will it be?"

Spectra figured she could have floated to the side if he let go, but the grip on her neck was so tight, she could barely even breathe, as dark spots began blinking in her eyesight. She could barely have any time to clear her mind and get her bearings before she could fly to safety.

This Freeza fellow had actually managed to beat her!

"Well?" Freeza snarled.

"I've never..." Spectra struggled to get the words out, "been beaten... this quickly..." She then flashed the changeling a smile, "Of course I'll be your bride..."

Freeza smirked. "How delightful..." He tossed the Atalantan to the side, sending her crashing into the ground by the lakes. "It's been awhile since I've had a 'toy' to mess around with. Go put something nice on while I tell everyone to prepare our little ceremony." He turned and floated off, but stopped mid way, "Oh, and just remember... I beat you, therefore I win your heart... so there will be no escape." He flashed an evil grin, "Keep that in mind for the years to come."

Spectra just laid there on the ground, unmoving. It didn't matter whether or not Freeza would treat her properly or torture her endlessly. She was thrilled nevertheless... She had finally found her husband!