Chapter 1:Zeros rebirth and the other side.

Heero Yuy stared at the cockpit of the Wing Zero, and just as a lways he felt nothing really, but kept on with his work typing recreating and at the same time upgrading the Zero system which would allow this new Wing Zero to move, but for what reason he had rebuilt it he really didn't know. It had all begun a few moths back for some unknown reason he had had dreams of battles large battles, but the important thing about these dreams was not the battles in and on themselves, but the actors in them for none of the mobile suits in the dreams where known to him and as he saw the battles he suddenly felt that the Wing Zero might be needed once more.

"HEERO!!...HEERO!! ARE YOU THERE?" Cried Relenna Peacekraft Yuy as she continued to look for her husband who once again was nowhere to be seen. Where are you Heero? Why do you continue building that machine again? thuoght Relenna and continued looking for Heero in the hangar of the mansion where she knew that her husband was.

"You called for me Relenna?" came Heeros monotone voice from behind Relenna as he continued to approach her. "Oh I was looking for you Heero, the guys just came in and well they are wondering where you are" answered Relenna directly at Heero with a beaming face as he kept looking at Heero knowing full well what his answer would be "I am working, tell them to come" was Heeros reply short and to the point and Relenna knew that this would be his answer, but was determined to make him go up "You know spending so much time down here isn't very healthy, why not come upside for a while darling" was Relennas answer knowing full well how to pull his strings. "Very well if it is that way ill go". "Excellent lets not make them wait then" and with that the couple left the hangar, but the images of the battle would not leave Heeros mind.

"Hey Heero long time no see pal" Came Duos gleaming voice.

"Yea a long time indeed" said Quatre as he put up from the couch to greet his friend.

"Hmm" said both Wufei and Trowa as they looked away from Heero.

"Hmm " was Heeros answer as he looked at all of them and sat on the couch near with Relenna.

"Would any of you like anything to drink?" asked Pagan being the good butler he always was.

"Tea would be alright" said Releena and all of the others agreed, immediately after that Pagan left leaving a very thoughtful group behind.

"So Heero I've heard you have been rebuilding the Wing Zero in your hangar haven't you?" asked Duo putting a lot of stress in every word.

"Yes" was Heero's answer, and all the group looked thoughtful.

"Why?" asked Quatre.

"Hmm" answered Heero.

"Come on Heero you know how dangerous that Mobile suit is, what if it would fall into the hands of someone with the will to use it" cried Duo and kept on looking at Heero.

"You would not believe me" said Heero as always in a monotone

"Try us" said Wufei

"From you any answer is credible" said Trowa.

Heero Yuy looked over at Relenna with his face unreadable and Relenna knowing Heero simply smiled and lightly bowed her head, she knew his answer it was the only reason he had been able to continue building the Wing Zero. At that moment Pagan entered the small room with a small strolley carrying the Tea for all of them and immediately served it for all and quickly left knowing the argument well but saying nothing.

After the break the thoughtful looks on every ones faces returned and it was Duo who started "Well Heero?"

Heero left a small breath he had been holding, but quickly regained his composure "During the past few months I have been having several dreams, all of them are dreams of battles" said Heero and stopped.

"So, we all have that kind of dreams" said Wufei and the rest of them nodded in agreement. "The dreams of battles are not the problem, the problem is what I have seen in the dreams" Heero stops again and waits for them to sink in what he was saying, he knew that this would be a long and arduous explanation.

"What do you see in your dreams?" asked Quatre and the rest of them were very interested in the answer.

"I see Mobile Suits, but the real problem is that I do not know any of those Mobile Suits, these dreams are not random and they always come in a very clear way all of them lead to one place always" said Heero and all of his friends wanted to know where, for some reason they knew that whatever these dreams where they where powerfull enough to make the strongest among them to do something he really didnt enjoy, and so they needed to know all they could before they took any decision on this matter.

"Where?" was Trowas question.


"Alaska? Why? Whats there?" asked Quatre.

"It is not whats in Alaska here, but what is in, and what will happen in Alaska in whatever place my dreams are taking me" said Heero, and looked to Relenna who like always was smiling at him, he didn't hate that smile, but couldn't really come to like it as well, but he knew that that smile was everything to him without it he would be less than nothing. "What Heero sees in his dreams I see it as well, or at least a small part" said Relenna "this call or whatever it may be is trying to reach Heero, and I know that he must go to Alaska, because where he will go he will be able to help"

"You mean" cried Duo.

"Yes in a few days in Alaska those there will open a gate very briefly, just before a major event, and I know that whoever is calling to me will help me see why I have been summoned" said Heero, and al of them became even more thoughtfull.

"So you intend to go?" said Duo very worried for his friend.

"Yes" was Heeros only answer.

"I see we have no choice but to let you go" said Trowa, and all of them agreed.

"Well it is settled, we will go with you" said Duo getting up gleam all over his face for what was to come.

"You can't" said Heero.

"Hu, but why not?" asked Duo.

"The gate will be open only for a few seconds, and only the Zero system will help me through it, and the passage is only big enough for one Mobile Suit" said Heero.

"I see, but at least one of us has to go with you, I mean, you cant be out there by yourself alone, who knows what you might find" said Quatre, but a look at Relenna gave him his answer.

"Relenna will accompany me, after all she is the only other one who has seen my dreams, and she has the kind of strength that we will need there" finished Heero and the conversation was over.

"Very well, but I hope you know what you are doing" finished Duo.

The friends finished the day going over other conversations and catching up on what they had been missing and in the night all of them departed wishing good luck to the couple on their upcoming journey.