Chapter 7: The battle of Orb.

Heero Yuy was seated in front of his computer, as always working on something, and not looking at any other place but his work. On a separate window the news of Orb where being broadcasted, and news where not good "We are seeing the Earth Alliance fleet, the is moving towards the coasts of Orb, according to our sources they are turning down all attempts at communication" said the TV spokeswoman, and soon the image changed to the coasts of Orb "because of this, all of Orb's military forces have been called to duty, and even now prepare for the seemingly inevitable conflict" the image changed once again, this time to a view of the main city of Orb " all civilian personnel are asked to evacuate", and with that Heero Yuy closed the laptop he was working on.

"We both knew that this was going to happen" said Relenna Darlian from outside the cockpit of the Wing Zero, and started to get closer to Heero.

"Yes, but at least we did all in our power to try to avoid it" said Heero, and stood up and turned to Relenna. "You should get some rest" continued Heero, as Relenna got closer to him "you may not get any rest for a long time" finished Heero in his usual monotone voice, but Relenna quickly stopped him with a quick kiss.

"You won't get any more rest than I will" said Relenna, and continued Kissing Heero "and I don't want to spend my time alone" finished Relenna, and both of them where quickly on the floor, but before they where on the floor Heero activated the cockpit switch, and the Wing Zero closed it's cockpit.


Muruta Azrael was seated in his personal carrier, seeing the Island of Orb, and thought of all the incidents that had lead to this point, and specially to the futile attempts at communication made by the ruling council of Orb. He was sure, that they would never kneel to the demands of the Earth Alliance, and he also knew, that there was no other way to secure what they needed, and was prepared to do anything necessary to accomplish his objectives of finishing of the Coordinators.

"Very well captain what do you think?" asked Muruta Azrael, as they continued their approach to Orb.

"If there is no other way, then it must be done, I just hope that your machines do What you have said they will do" returned the captain, and continued looking at the forward view screen, where Orb grew always nearer.

"Do not worry, they will do the Job" returned Muruta Azrael with an amused look on his face, as he continued to study the commander of his expedition.

"I hope so" finished the captain, and the two of them simply finished the conversation knowing, that nothing else would be gained by either side at that moment.


Several hours later, the Earth Alliance forces had arrived at the edge of the Orb territorial waters, and where simply waiting there, while the Orb Fleet prepared for the worst.

"Attention Earth Alliance forces, you are invading Orb sovereign territory, we order you to turn back and leave our forces, this is you only warning" sounded the voice of the Orb commander from the speakers on board of the carrier of Muruta Azrael, as it continued its march to the territories of the Orb Union.

Muruta Azrael looked as amused as ever as he listened to the threats of the Orb military. Muruta Azrael of course was not a bit intimidated by these threats, and kept on thinking of the gains of this expedition "Captain, you have heard the locals, how will we answer?" asked Muruta Azrael of course humored by the entire situation

The captain of his carrier on the other hand was not so amused, but was also thinking of the same thing "I believe that the only course of action is to answer according to their expectations" said the captain, and looked at Muruta Azrael.

"You are right captain" said Muruta Azrael, and smirked even more "please show our friends our answer" said Muruta Azrael.

"Very well" said the captain, and immediately started issuing orders for the battle fleet to attack, and within minutes all hell was breaking loose.


In the launch bay of the Archangel Kira Yamato was preparing for launch, knowing that soon he was going to kill again, but he awaited the moment nevertheless. Soon however a message window appeared on his screen, and Heero Yuy was in it, clad in his black flight suit "Once out there prepare for the unexpected, the Earth Forces have something prepared" said Heero Yuy.

"I know" said Kira Yamato without looking at him, for ever since the incident inside Morgenroete facility all the crew of the Archangel, and namely any one who knew him looked at him with extra suspicion.

"Do not presume, this battle represents more than you think" said Heero and cut the link.

Kira Yamato looked at his displays, and prepared for the launch and pondered on what Heero said, but was sure that he knew all that he needed to know "He doesn't really know what he is talking about" said Kira as he made it to the launch catapult, and awaited the order to launch. Soon all the lights went to green "Kira Yamato, Freedom launching!" yelled Kira, and soon the Freedom was out in the fight.

Soon after that the Wing Zero was loaded into the catapult and Heero prepared to launch. All the lights where green at last "Heero Yuy, Wing Zero launching", and with that the Wing Zero was also in the air.


The battle of Orb was a total chaos, energy bolts where flying everywhere, and the Earth Forces Strike Daggers, and the M-1 Astray mass production mobile suit models of the Orb Union where pitted against each other, like ancient gladiators, hiding behind their shields, and firing their high-energy beam rifles at each other, while destroying any stray or incoming missile.

But as the battle started to heat up one blinding light fell from the sky and several strike daggers where destroyed in a rapid succession, and just as two strike daggers which had cornered three Astrays looked into the sky a blinding flash passed on, and the two Strike Dagger disappeared, and just as they were exploding a shield fell from the sky, and the last view of two adjacent Strike Dagger pilots where only flashes of energy as the Freedom destroyed one with the beam saber that it carried in the hand.

And not far away an entire column of attacking Strike Daggers disappeared, and among the Flames the Wing Zero came flying with a beam saber in hand and destroyed one Strike Dagger after the other with a speed, that none of those who saw it could believe.


"It seems that our troops are not having the effect that we where anticipating" said the captain of the attack force, as he and Muruta Azrael studied the battle that was developing, and the prospect was not good.

"Details, details" said Muruta Azrael in a calmed voice, as he flamboyantly neglected the captain's commentaries.

"But at this rate our losses will surpass the limits which we had expected" said the captain calmed, but very straight forward in his observation.

"Do not worry captain, my boys will take care of it" said Muruta Azrael with all the confidence in the world.

The captain turned to look at Muruta Azrael, and was very frustrated by this mans seemingly never ending optimistic about this whole scenario "And might I ask, when are you going to use them?" asked the captain very calmed yet again, knowing how dangerous it would be to somehow anger his host.

"Hmm, no needs to worry, they will be airborne soon" said finally Muruta Azrael, and true to his word, and rather impressive, due to the timing, the special bay doors of the carrier started to open, and away went the Forbidden, then the Raider, and Finally the Calamity who got on top of the Raider for transport.


"We will destroy all of them" declared Clotho Buer from the Raider, and accelerated towards the battlefield, where the battle had gotten heavier.

"Yes all will die" said also Shani Andras, as he started to maneuver the Forbidden towards the sea battle.

"Finish them all!" yelled Orga Sabnak as he started to fire the pair of long range high-energy beam cannons mounted on the back of the Calamity, and the explosions started to rage as they got near.

Soon the three Gundams had reached the battle area, and each started to wreck havoc where they had chosen. In the sea the Forbidden attacked one of the Orb vessels, and with his "Schnoggr" scythe shredded the bridge section of the ship. On the ground the Calamity started to destroy all of the Astrays, and Orb military vehicles that got in his way by giving no quarter, and zealously firing every one of his weapons, for the long range high-energy beam cannons blazed green, followed by the red, white, blue and sparkly of the 580 mm "Scylla" cannon, and finished by firing the plasma gun equipped gun. And from the air the Calamity fired it's small multi phase cannon, and its hyper velocity cannons, destroying scores of Orb fighters, and Mobile Suits, only to transform to the Mobile Armor mode, and continue wreaking havoc with the twin "Ahura Mazda" plasma cannons on its shoulders, and get on in a short time.


Heero Yuy saw how the battle quickly deteriorated in the Earth Forces favors with the arrival of the three new machines, and soon got a vision of the Zero system, which told him, how dangerous these machines where, and started to head towards the most dangerous one the Forbidden.

As the Wing Zero changed into it's Mobile Armor mode, it saw how the battle raged on, and how the original X-105 Strike started to engage the Calamity, and very clearly was outgunned, but not overpowered. The Strike charged at the Calamity with it's beam saber, and nearly striked a hit, but the Calamity quickly jumped to a nearby building, and soon started firing the twin backpack mounted twin long range high-energy beam cannons, and forced the strike to retreat, but only for a short time, for it quickly found some cover, and started returning fire with it's high energy beam rifle, but it was no match for the heavy firepower of the Calamity.

However, as this finished, the Wing Zero transformed into it's Mobile Suit mode, and fired a medium power, fast firing shot at the Forbidden, but this one quickly deflected it with it's "Geschmeidig Panzer" special shield, and quickly started to return fire. The Wing Zero and the Forbidden started a heavy battle in the Air, with the Wing Zero coming fast towards the Forbidden, and firing it's twin buster rifle repeatedly, and closed in with the Forbidden, and got it's beam saber out to attack the Forbidden, which deflected the attack, and quickly retreated, and started firing it's main plasma cannon at the Wing Zero, forcing it to move into a series of fast maneuvers.

But unknown to the Shani Andras, and the Forbidden, Clotho Buer, and the Raider had noticed the battle, and decided to butt in, by firing a heavy round of bolts from the "Ahura Mazda" plasma cannons in the general direction of the battle, without regards to his comrade. Heero Yuy in the wing Zero of course knew of this and evacuated the area well in advance and was clear of enemy fire, but the Forbidden didn't posses the Zero system, and got hit with the linear cannon rounds, but wasn't damaged due to the deflection shields.

"Clotho, what the hell do you think you're doing!" yelled Shani Andras over the comm, but Clotho Buer didn't get it, and kept on attacking the Wing Zero notwithstanding the nearby Forbidden.

Inside the Raider, Clotho Buer was in a destructive Frenzy, and was only muttering madly "Ha, if you weren't so slow, I wouldn't have to shoot you too" said Clotho Buer, as he kept on attacking.

The Wing Zero now found itself against two enemies, but inside Heero Yuy was calmed and controlled, and he started to counter attack both of them at the same time. The Wing Zero fired it's twin buster rifles at the Forbidden, throwing it off balance, and using it's high speed it quickly turned against the Raider, which tried to attack him with the "Mjjolnir" heavy mace, but the Wing Zero's shield stopped it, and soon had the beam saber near the Raider, but even though the Raider was slower than the Wing Zero it was still fast enough to evade the beam saber of the Wing Zero.

Soon however the Forbidden was once again in combat, and started shooting at the Wing Zero with it's "Hresvelgr" guided Plasma cannon, which fired in arcs, forcing to Wing Zero to do a heavy series of evasive maneuvers, and to the astonishment of Shani Andras the Wing Zero was completely controlled even though it was forced into a heavy series of evasive maneuvers, and was forced to retreat behind his defensive shields, when the Wing Zero fired it's twin buster rifles at the Forbidden. The Raider on the other hand was trying, but failing to hit the Wing Zero, however the Wing Zero moved with such a speed, maneuverability, and control that the Raider found itself as the target of the Wing Zero.

The battle would have continued on for a while, but from the surface of the Island two green beams of light struck the sky, making all three combatants look for the source of the fire, and soon realized that it was the Calamity, which had decided to but in and crash the party. Following which the Wing Zero decided that it would first deal with the Calamity, and soon was on his way towards the Calamity, leaving the other two Mobile Suits behind, after which the two decided to look at another target, for they where unable to follow the unknown enemy machine, and soon found the Freedom, which was doing serious damage to the Earth Alliance Forces, which where being held but just barely.


The Freedom was struggling with the obnoxious amount of enemy Mobile Suits, and holding the line, but it was soon interrupted, as a barrage of fire came streaming at it, and was almost hit by it.

Inside the Freedom Kira Yamato looked at the new enemy machines, and was surprised by their appearance, but knew that he would have to contend with them, and soon had the Freedom facing the two machines, after which a fierce battle started. The Freedom fired it's ion gun at the two machines, which started evading the shots, and to Kiras astonishment one of the machines deflected his shots completely, this threw Kira off-balance, for he had never seen any enemy do anything like that, which was a big mistake, for soon the Raider was firing at the Freedom, which was immediately forced to do a series of evasive maneuvers to free himself of his pursuer. When he finally had a breath of the Raider the Freedom found that it was not out of danger yet, for a bended beam moved dangerously towards it, and the Freedom had to somersault to evade Beam, only to be placed in the firing line of the Raider, which fired it's Multi-Phase cannon at the Freedom. All seemed lost at that moment, if that beam hit the Freedom, it would be destroyed, and there was no way to avoid it.


Athrun Zala had been flying towards Orb in his new machine the Justice, after hearing the news of the impending attack on the neutral nation of Orb. However he didn't know why he was going there really, for although he knew, that the Freedom was there in Orb, he wasn't really sure if he was truly going to follow his fathers orders to recapture or destroy it, but also he felt that some of the answers he seeked where there.

The image that caught Athrun Zala's eyes when he arrived at the Orb air space was one of desperation. All of Orb was a battlefield, and not a single inch was safe from the tides of conflict.

The once peaceful cities of Orb where devastated, and the once proud facilities of the Morgenroete Corporation where almost completely destroyed, and battle was raging everywhere, and in that battle an image appeared, it was the Freedom, and it was being chased by two unknown machines, and clearly being outmaneuvered.

Soon Athrun Zala saw how the Freedom was going to be destroyed, and decided to intervene catching one of the beams before it hit the Freedom, and startling everyone who was fighting by his sudden appearance.

"Who the hell is that!" yelled an enraged Clotho Buer from the Raider Gundam, as he retreated in preparation for a new attack.

"Just more meat for the grinder" said Shani Andras, as he prepared his Forbidden Gundam for the sweet confrontation which was to occur soon.


Athrun Zala in the Justice Gundam entered the battle zone, and immediately started attacking the two new Mobile Suits of the Earth Forces, and at the same time he opened a communications channel to the Freedom "this is ZAFT special Forces Agent Athrun Zala, do you read me Freedom, or should I say Kira Yamato" said Athrun over the communications system, as he and the Freedom fought against the new Mobile Suits.

After this revelation Kira Yamato was for a few seconds struck by the revelation, and for a few seconds he didn't know what to do. However this moment lasted very little, and soon the Freedom was again pitted into the fray, and it attacked the Raider with it's beam sword "What are you doing here Athrun?" asked Kira, as the beam sword nearly struck the nimble Raider, but missed it "has ZAFT decided to stick it's nose into this battle as well" finished Kira, as he saw how the Raider was soon approaching to and firing with it's twin "Ahura Mazda" shoulder mounted plasma cannons.

Meanwhile, the Justice was having a difficult time with the Forbidden, against which it was fighting "I haven't received any specific military orders regarding this battle" said Athrun Zala, as he quickly switched targets, and attacked the Raider "!This intervention was my decision alone!" yelled Athrun from the Justice, as he again attacked the Raider, which countered it with it's shield.


The Wing Zero was fighting viciously with the Calamity, and both combatants where giving no ground, both knowing that any mistake would kill them at the hands of the other.

"You're history" yelled Orga Sabnak form the Calamity, as it's two heavy medium-sized ion cannons fired at the Wing Zero, which quickly, and expertly evaded, and also as quickly closed the distance between the both of them, and attacked with it's beam saber, only to be stopper by the shield of the Calamity, forcing them to a stalemate, which only lasted for a second. Soon the two combatants had opened the breach, and started a long ranged engagement. The Calamity once again fired it's twin medium ion canons, and the Wing Zero once again dodged it, but this time it didn't get up close, instead it fired it's twin buster rifle at the feet of the Calamity, which was effectively incapacitated.

Seeing his enemy temporarily incapacitated Heero Yuy fled the scene, and went to aid the Freedom, and the newly arrived Mobile Suit , which where barely holding the other two Mobile Suits at bay.


The Freedom and the Justice together, where attacking, and being attacked by the Forbidden, and the Raider, and where having a very hard time against these two enemy Mobile Suits, which where fighting very erratically, yet very effectively.

This was the sight which caught Heero Yuy, as he soon entered the fight against these two enemy Mobile Suits, but soon, and thanks to the Zero system he was aware of the oncoming series of events, and soon started to fight.

The Wing Zero entered at high speed in Mobile Suit Mode, fast enough to even beat the Freedom ,and quickly fired it's twin linked buster rifle, and immediately parted the two forces, which where very surprised by the incredible power which was just shown. "Kira I will attack the Raider, you two concentrate on the Forbidden" said Heero Yuy, and immediately went after the surprised Raider, which was thrown of balance by the powerful impact of the Wing Zero's ram shield, but this one quickly regained balance, and was soon going after the new enemy Mobile Suit.

"You bastard!" yelled Clotho Buer, as he sent a barrage with it's twin plasma cannons, against the quick enemy Mobile Suit, which was evading the shots, and soon changed into Mobile Suit Mode, and attacked the Wing Zero with the "Mjjolnir" heavy maze, which didn't even dent the dense Gundanium alloy in the Zero's shield, and the Raider was soon in the defensive, when the Zero started slashing with the beam saber. Soon the two combatants where separated however, when the Calamity, which had regained the balance, soon started to shot wildly at everything which was in the sky, even the Raider and the Freedom.


Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala however where fighting against the Forbidden, and even though they where two against one, the battle was still not a one sided fight, for the Forbidden was deflecting everything the Freedom and the Justice threw at it, and kept them off balance by spitting arcing beams, which seemed to follow both off them. "Kira" said Athrun Zala as one of the beams from the Forbidden almost hit the Freedom and the Justice, and soon had disappeared.

"Where did it go?" asked Kira from the Freedom, as he looked for the missing Mobile Suit.

"Above!" yelled Athrun from the justice, and true to his word the Forbidden soon appeared from the bright sun, and charged at the two Mobile Suits with it's "Schnoggr" heavy scythe, but didn't hit any of them, and was forced to go on the defensive, when the Freedom fired it's main high-energy beam rifle. The Forbidden deflected the beam of the Freedom, and opened it's shields, but was immediately hit by the Fathom-00 unit from the Justice, which came crashing from the sky, and just as the Fathom-00 unit moved out, the Freedom moved in, and hit the Forbidden with it's twin hip mounted Linear Cannons, and sent the Forbidden crashing into the ocean.


As soon as the Freedom and the Justice where finished with the Forbidden, they moved in to help the Wing Zero, which was actively engaging the Raider in a hand-to-hand engagement, and actively evading the randomly firing Calamity.

The Raider however, was hitting the impossibly fast and agile Mobile Suit with the twin hyper velocity cannons on the right forearm, and missing, and in return the Wing Zero was making a fast attack response with it's twin shoulder mounted Vulcan's, and rounding out the Raider.

"Heero, where here to assist" said Kira Yamato over the comm channel, and afterwards made the Freedom fire it's twin shoulder mounted plasma cannons at the Raider, which quickly evaded the assault, but had to maneuver fast to evade the shots from the Calamity, which had stationed itself onboard an Orb warships bridge. "Orga you jerk" yelled Clotho Buer from the Raider as he kept on evading the blasts from the Calamity, and trying to engage the trio of enemy Mobile Suits.

"You're bugging me" said a very happy Orga Sabnak, as he started to head upwards into the air to the battle, where the five Mobile Suits where fighting, and once again fired his twin long-range High-Energy beam cannons, but this time to the Forbidden, which quickly deflected the beams, and went towards the Raider, amongst the astonished looks of Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala, but Heero was not surprised, for the Zero system had told him long ago how unstable these three pilots where. "These guys don't give a damn about each other" claimed Athrun Zala from the Justice, and all of them scattered to evade the barrage of beams heading their way.

After the Raider had received the redirected shots from the Forbidden, he was very enraged, and decided to attack the Calamity "You're bugging me as we…." Started Clotho Buer, but was unable to finish the sentence, for he immediately started to feel a severe pain, and not long after Orga Sabnak, and Shani Andras also started to feel the pain, and soon to the astonishment of the pilots of the Freedom, and the Justice, but not so the pilot of the Wing Zero, the trio of Mobile Suits simply retreated.


Soon afterwards, the three Mobile Suits where simply hovering into the air, and the Wing Zero moved to in front of the Freedom, as a sign of defiance, in case that the new Mobile Suit decided to turn against them, but the Freedom placed a hand on it's shoulder, and soon afterwards the Wing Zero was behind the Freedom. "Thanks for the backup" said Kira Yamato from the Freedom, clearly very worried for Athrun's intervention "but I'm still wondering, what are your true intentions?" asked Kira finally, clearly expecting Athrun Zala's answer, while Heero Yuy simply waited, knowing thanks to the Zero System, what was going to happen.

"I came here, because I am under orders from the Homeland to either re-capture or destroy that machine you're using" said Athrun Zala, as his cockpit opened, and he emerged from the Justice "but for the moment I have no intention of fighting against either you or your allies" declared finally Athrun Zala, and clearly expectant of Kira's answer.

"Very well Athrun" said Kira Yamato, and with that the three Mobile Suits started to descend, to the battlefield Orb had become.


Cagalli Yula Attha saw the destruction, which the battle had caused on her homeland, and was devastated, as she passed through the many valiant soldiers of the Orb defense forces "Good job everyone" said Cagalli in a high tone, so as many people as could hear her heard her "I'm not exactly sure why they retreated but…" continued Cagalli in a lower tone, and wondered on her own commentary, when she saw the three descending Mobile Suits, and immediately ran to meet the pilots, not really knowing what was going to happen.

When Cagalli arrived at the area where the three Mobile Suits had landed, she saw that Kira Yamato, and to her Surprise Athrun Zala had descended from the Mobile Suits, and the ground troops of Orb decided to prepare just in case, by aiming their weapons to the ZAFT pilot, who only looked at them. Cagalli was very agitated, for she knew of the relation of these two pilots, and she wanted nothing more than to see them as friends once again, and not as the enemies they had been forced to become, and while this turmoil happened inside Cagalli's head Athrun and Kira started to slowly head for each other, shortly followed by Kira looking at everyone, and raising his hand "he's not an enemy", and looked at Athrun even more closely, and both of them stood face to face, but didn't say anything.

Cagalli couldn't stand it anymore, and run at both of them, and embraced, them both with tears in her eyes "you idiots" said Cagalli once again, as all three of them simply stood looking at each other, knowing that for the moment at least they where not enemies.


Heero Yuy looked at all the exchange from the ground near the Wing Zero, he knew that that moment was not for him, and understood what was really happening, but decided, that the time would have to be soon, for he knew that Kira Yamato would need to know what he offered most of all if he was to survive psychologically what was going to come.