The Runaway Princess

By: MoonFee

Chapter 1

Rating: PG13

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Italicized words indicate thoughts.

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On the moon:

It's such a beautiful night… why do I always have to spend these lovely nights at boring masquerades. Gosh! I just hate them! "Princess, may I have the honor of one dance?" "Princess, your beauty is radiating tonight." All they ever want is a chance at marriage so they can share the power that would come of it. Blasted princes! What about my feelings?

"Princess Serenity? Oh, where has she gone off?… Serena!?"

Why wont they leave me be? I am sick and tired of all this damn courting.

As Serenity thought to herself, her gaze drifted towards Earth. It's such a beautiful planet. How can so much "evil," as everyone puts it, come from such a beautiful place? I don't believe a word of it. Actually, after hearing about their oh-so-wonderful Prince Endymion, I don't have a hard time believing the race of their planet to be vile. He thinks just because he's a prince he can sleep around with anyone he chooses! And, everyone says I'm the pig! But, the planet is beautiful. I doubt anything as beautiful exists. What I wouldn't give to visit it. I probably should head back before the royal guard starts looking for me.

"Serenity! Sereeena!! Where are you!?!"

Ah, the simple life. So much for the royal guard looking for me. "Minako, I'm coming!" Stupid royal guard…

"There you are! I've been looking for you forever! You just left the party without any warning. Your mother was beginning to worry. Don't do that!"

"I know. You know I hate these things. All those princes want is the power that will come with marrying me." Why is it that every time she gets that little smile on her face, like she knows something, she does? "What are you thinking?" Serena asked with the raise of her left eyebrow.

"You should know, it isn't just the power that they will get when marrying you that makes them want to marry you. It's…"

"I know what your getting at! Like I have the body of a goddess or…"

"You know you do! Serena, your beautiful and you know it!" wiggles eyebrows "Get in there and show those men what they can't have! Besides, it's not like you have to marry one of them." winks

They both burst out laughing and walked back to the ballroom to continue being host and dancing with every prince possible. Little did they know that out in space, near the moon, someone was plotting to ruin their night. Hell, their entire lives. Queen Daeva of Antropas, a planet just outside the solar system, was planning on her takeover of the moon. She didn't see why one family should hold the power to do whatever they wanted to the universe. She wanted a little of that power for herself and knew the best way to get it was by destroying the moon kingdom and everyone with it. But, she also knew that if Queen Selenity died, the Imperial Silver Crystal would, too. The only way to get it was by getting Selenity to give it to her. What better way to get Selenity to give it to her than by making her choose between her people and daughter or the crystal? First things first, she knew she must destroy the royal senshi to get to the princess. That was going to be a bitch, but she knew she could do it.

After the masquerade:

"By the name of Selene! Did you have to walk away from Prince Saahir in the middle of the dance, Serena!?!" Fumed an upset Raye.

"Actually, it… was… very… funny!" Said Minako through giggles.

"He looks rather like my old boyfriend." Anime style fall over

"Lita, why do you always say that? Really Serena, why did you walk away from him? It was an extremely rude thing to do to him? What do you want the other kingdoms to think of the Moon," said the ever-calm Amy.

"If you really must know, he was telling me that…" Serena never finished that sentence because before she could, the ground shook and they were all thrown to the ground.

"SAVE THE QUEEN AND PRINCESS!!!" They heard the shout from far off.

"What the hell?!" fumed Raye while getting up with everyone. "Serena no!!" It was too late. Serena had already dashed off to see what was going on and what she could do to help, before the senshi could stop her.

"I don't think she realizes that when they say 'save the princess' they are talking about her," mumbled Lita as they ran off after her. By instinct, they knew Serena was going to the guest hall, where her mother would be until every last single guest was gone, including the servants. They were not prepared for what they saw they got there.

There were bodies lying everywhere, mutilated by whoever or whatever was after the queen and princess. A voice made the senshi snap around.

"How nice of you to join us dear senshi." The way she accented senshi made them feel humiliated, like they had failed because behind her lay their princess, unconscious.

"Who are you and what do you want with our princess!?" Yelled a very menacing looking Raye.

"Me? I am Queen Daeva from Antropas. What makes you think I want the princess? I only want the crystal, which her mother has. I told her to give it to me, but she refused. I think she will change her mind after I kill the unbeatable senshi. If not, then I will kill her daughter."

While Daeva was rambling on about who she was and what she wanted, Queen Selenity telepathed to Minako to take Serenity to Earth when she got the chance. Why would she want me to take Serenity to Earth? The planet is a vile one. I guess I have to since it is the queen's orders. But, why Earth? By time she got done thinking to herself, everyone else was transformed. She gave a quick nod of her head, and they were off. Sailors Mercury, Mars and Jupiter held off Daeva while Queen Selenity and Minako ran to Princess Serenity's side.

"You know what to do Minako. Don't let me down." Those were Queen Selenity's last words to Minako before she sent them away. The last thing Minako saw before passing out from the amount of power required to teleport herself and the princess, was Queen Selenity turn to face Daeva and three dead scouts.

On Earth:

When she woke up, she wondered what was wrong with her face. It was puffy, wet, and it stung. It was then she realized why. They were dead, lying in their own blood. They died trying to save Serena, no us. It's all my fault. They should be here not me. I am the leader of the senshi. It is my job to watch over all of them. What I am going to tell Serena when she wakes up? Speaking of Serena, where is she?

"Mmmmph… where, where are we… WHAT HAPPENED!?!" Serenity shouted out as she composed herself and remembered the battle. "Minako, what… what happened?"

"I don't know. Queen Selenity sent us here, to Earth. I am just as clueless as you are. All I know is that that Daeva chick wanted the Imperial Silver Crystal." Minako explained. Dear God, Serenity has the crystal, not her mother. I hope Daeva doesn't expect us to be here. I will tell Serena the rest later, when we have figured out what we are going to do.

"We're on Earth?" Serena said it more to herself. She started thinking about all those times she would have rather been here than on the Moon. Now that she got her wish, she suddenly didn't want it anymore. "Minako, I want to go home."

She knew this was not an option, "I am sorry, Serena, but that is the last place we can go. Someone will come for us when it is safe to go back to the Moon. You do realize that Earth's people aren't too fond of the Moon. It will be very obvious to them that we are not from Earth, dressed as we are and with that crescent on your forehead, Serenity. And… biting her lip I can't call you Serenity or Serena anymore. It would be a dead give-a-way. I know! I'll call you Usagi!"

"Oh no, not that again. You guys called me that throughout my entire childhood. I will tell you for the last time, my name is not RABBIT!" Stupid nicknames. Why can't people be nice to their princess? I don't care what she says, I'll go by I hate it when she is right! "Fine! Call me Usagi. But all the same, you will now go my Mina. See how nice I am. I give you the nickname you like to be called." sticks tongue out They both laughed, although it was a forced laughter.

"Are you going to change us or not? I know you have the Luna pen you. You always have it with you. The only thing you need to change about me are my symbol, recognizing me as the senshi from Venus. People might wonder. And as for you: your hair, your crescent, and yes, I mean both color and style of your hair. Your buns will for sure tell anyone you are Moon royalty. Don't give me that look." It will be nice to see her without those buns for a while. They look weird.

"How's this?"

"Blond suits you perfectly." In more than one way.  "Now, put the pen away before someone finds us."

"I know. I'm not stupid you know. What did you mean that 'Blond suits you perfectly, in more than one way?' You forget, I can read minds."

"Do I really have to t…"

"Ladies, what are you doing out here?" A stern strange voice called.

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