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The Thoughts of a Lost Life

The thing I remember most about him was his laugh. He had a wonderful laugh. It was more of a bark, I suppose. It was the kind of bark that a dog gives when it is particularly happy to see you.

Sirius always laughed when he saw me.

I promised that I wouldn't cry. It was a promise I fully intended to keep, but now I'm sitting here in front of the veil, remembering your laugh. Your smile.

Remembering you.

It's funny. It changed from being remembering him to remembering you.

And it's funny how little these words really mean.

Words are nothing when you don't know how to use them.

Words are nothing without you.

A lot of things aren't worth it without you around.

Living isn't worth it without you around.

But in a way neither is death.

A life of misery is all I can handle.

Because I don't want to die...

But I don't want to live.

I don't want to live just for the sake of living.

But it's what you would want.

And I would do anything for you if you asked me too...

Absolutely anything...

And perhaps it's that, that hurts more than anything.

Perhaps it's the fact that I would die for you if you asked it of me...

But I know you wouldn't. I know you'd feel the same way I do now if I had..

And as I sit here I hear your laugh, your voice beckoning me towards the veil.

And I'm so hypnotized by your voice that I don't even notice as my foot lifts from the ground and I fall...



Into the veil...


A/N-I had to write this as it was bugging me...actually when I started it I wasn't even aware it was going to be an HP story...It just ended this way.

It's obvious that the lost soul was talking about Sirius but who was speaking?I'll leave that for you to decide...

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