Okay, in school we had to write a story using our vocabulary words, and this week they happened to be on weather, so I took the opportunity to write something about this movie. It's nothing much, and I edited it some before I put it on here, so this isn't the exact same thing I turned in,but, well, enjoy! LOL! (P.S.-I tried to put a funny part in, too.)

A "The Day after Tomorrow" fanfic

Laura leaned forward in her chair to peer out a nearby window. "I've never seen such oppressive weather," she said.

"Yeah, first it rained like it was monsoon season, and now it's freezing," Sam answered, shifting in his seat across from her.

Brian stepped up to the same window. "And just look at those clouds. A storm's never looked so ominous." He turned around to face them. "Not to mention that this isn't your normal, every-day storm. Storms in temperate climates don't do stuff like this."

"Always the math and science expert, huh, Brian?" Sam laughed, hugging his blanket around himself tightly.

"Yeah, I guess so," Brian answered, taking a seat near them. "But what I said is true, you know. This isn't normal; everything's going crazy, everything. Remember the turbulence on the plane on the way here?"

"Uh huh, that was pretty freaky," Sam said.

"And you were scared half to death."

"I was not!" Sam protested heatedly.

"Of course you were, Sam, we all were," Laura said.

"Hey, I thought you were on my side."

Laura smiled and rolled her eyes, "Nevermind. Now what were you saying, Brian?"

"All I was going to say is that we can't really know what this storm is going to do. We don't know when it's going to stop. It's just weird."

"That's right," Laura said nodding her head in agreement. "There were those twisters that struck L.A. They devastated almost the whole entire city. To be honest it scared me when we saw that on TV."

"Yeah, and then there was the ocean swelling that caused the tidal wave right here in New York City," Sam added.

Laura shuddered at the mention of it, feeling a bit of perspiration trickle down her back even though it was cold. She was wrapped up in so many coats and blankets that she was beginning to swelter. But she couldn't throw any of them off or she would be too cold. Suddenly she had an image in her mind: She was sitting in front of the fireplace at home, holding a cup of hot chocolate, watching a movie. Her parents were on the couch beside her, and she was as happy as anyone could be…It was a memory from earlier that winter, and Laura wished she were there right now. The prevailing thought among all of them was the wish that they were elsewhere, but it didn't seem as if their wish would come true any time soon.

Laura looked again out the nearby window, where the typical smog of the city had been replaced with dark clouds and thickly falling snow. She shifted in her chair and crossed her legs, wincing slightly in pain from the wound on her leg. A few seconds later her thoughts were broken by the sound of Sam's voice.

"Laura, you okay?" he asked, concern etched on his face.

She still hadn't told any of her friends about hurting her leg, and she didn't plan on telling them now. So she simply smiled and answered, "Yeah, I'm fine." Then she turned back to the window. At least I hope I'm okay, she thought. I hope we'll all be okay.