SUMMARY:Future fluff, set at the cabin
DISCLAIMER: Standard – characters are not mine, but the fluff is
THANKS: To Allie as always.

Waking to the sound of rain beating against the bedroom window, Sam poked her head up from under the covers to stare through the glass. The sky was a dull gray, with no sign that the sun would be appearing any time soon. A glance at the hands on the small black clock on the bedside table told her it was barely seven am – way too early to get up on a day like this.

Her head returned to the pillow, and she snuggled back under the blankets that covered her and Jack. He'd be a bear today; he always was on days like this. There was no way he'd venture outside in this weather, not that she could blame him. They'd both endured more than their share of bad weather during their time on SG-1. There was no need to suffer it now.

But, despite his retirement, Jack still preferred to be outdoors. That had become evident after his promotion to General. He'd not adapted well to sitting behind a desk everyday, accepting any opportunity offered to go through the Gate on a 'safe' mission. Everyone had been relieved when he'd finally chosen to retire, and his replacement hadn't been as bad as first feared. General Adams was also far more suited to an office environment than Jack had ever been.

Speaking of Jack, Sam became aware that she was alone in the bed. Not hearing anything from the bathroom, Sam became curious as to where he was. However, she wasn't curious enough to actually want to get out of the comfortable bed. He couldn't have gone too far; the cabin wasn't that big.

They'd arrived at the cabin just two days previously. Sam had originally thought it was in the middle of nowhere, so had been surprised when the car swung into a private driveway at the edge of a residential area. They had then driven another hundred yards, crossed over a bridge framing a small creek and turned the corner. There stood the log cabin, surrounded by tall pines and giving the appearance of complete isolation. The lake was technically a large pond, but Sam couldn't fault Jack for his exaggeration. The place was truly idyllic. They'd not left the property since their arrival.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," a cheerful voice sang out from the doorway.

Sam turned over and peered out from under the comforter. "What are you doing up?" she asked, her voice half-muffled by the material.

"Ah, you know me," Jack replied as he placed a breakfast tray on the table at his side of the bed. "Never can sleep in."

He immediately contradicted himself by climbing back into bed.

"Thought you couldn't sleep in," Sam muttered as she began sliding towards him.

"Never said I couldn't lie in," Jack retorted with a grin. "There is a difference." He extended his arm to embrace her.

She snuggled up against him and laid her head on his bare chest. "You're cold," she murmured, though she made no effort to move. She loved the feel of his heart beating beneath her. Too many nights she'd woken up from a nightmare where that beating had been silenced forever.

"Am I?" he asked nonchalantly. At the same time, he casually shifted his legs so his feet were against hers.

Sam jumped at the sudden cold touch. "Jack," she whined.

"What?" he replied, using the same tone.

"You're cold," she repeated.

His arms wrapped more tightly around her. "So, warm me up," he suggested gently.

The rain could pour all it wanted. There really was no need to get out of bed on a day like this, Sam reflected as her lover's hands began to roam over her body, not when she had everything she wanted and needed right there with her in bed.