Disclaimer: I do not own Gremlins nor do I claim to, all rights go to the writer Chris Columbus and the Warner Bros Company. Billy, Kate, Gizmo, Stripe, Mogwai and Gremlins are not my invention. All characters not involved with either of the Gremlins movies are of my own invention, any resemblance to people past or present is purely coincidental.

All Aboard

"Hurry Billy, we're going to be late!" shouted a dark haired girl as she wove her way through the large crowds.
"I'm moving as fast as I can Kate, it's not easy trying to keep this box steady in this crowd!" called Billy, a tall man, in his mid twenties, his brown curly hair plastered to his forehead with sweat. He carried a cardboard box, big enough to hold a cat, with two air holes punched in either side of it.
The duo navigated their way carefully towards their destination, a large ocean liner, white in colour with dark blue waves painted onto the sides from front to back, and black lettering just below the main deck which showed the name of the ship, the 'Belle', painted elaborately with great care. As they neared the ship the boarding ramp came into view, and mere steps from reaching it a short, plump man who looked as if he had had too much sun, or drink, possibly both, knocked the curly haired man flat on his box, sending the cardboard box dangerously close to the edge of the dock.
"Whoa there, almost lost this didn't you?" came the voice of a man in a concierge's uniform, holding the box which he had just managed to save from tipping over the edge and into the cold water below.
"Yeah thanks for grabbing that" said Billy picking himself off the ground and dusting himself off "Some people have no manners whatsoever" Kate came rushing down the ramp, ticket in hand, looking very worried as she noticed Billy wasn't holding the box anymore "Where's Gizmo?" she said sounding almost panic stricken looking hurriedly towards the edge of the dock and into the water, before noticing the concierge holding it out for the now upright Billy.
The box was handed back to the couple who headed up the ramp towards the ship closely followed by Gordon, the concierge, who had informed them that they were the last to board and were very lucky to have made it on time.
"So, what's Gizmo?" asked Gordon removing his heavy jacket and throwing it over his shoulder, wiping his brow with one of the sleeves.
"Our pet" answered Kate with a hint of amusement, 'Who would call anything but a pet Gizmo?' she thought to herself with a smile.
Billy was holding the box up so he could look into one of the air holes, "You ok Giz?" he said into one of the holes before placing his eye over it once more.
A small high pitched voice responded almost instantly, "Ok… Billy" Gordon stared on in amazement, much to the amusement of the couple, no pet he knew of, except maybe a parrot could talk, and even then they rarely gave sensible answers to direct questions, he had to find out what kind of animal was in the box, so he asked.
"I was wondering… If I could possibly see what kind of pet you have?" he smiled "Maybe as a little reward for saving it from drowning?"
They looked at each other, not sure as to what to say to the man in front of them looking hopeful, but then they finaly came to a silent agreement before Billy said "Come to room 142 when your shift finishes, we will be there and then you can see Gizmo. Ok?"
"Sounds good, I will see you there" he said as he walked off whistling a tune happily to himself.