The Confession

By Elizabeth Bathory

DISCLAIMER: The characters of Smallville belong to its creators and by no way is this work being used for profit. It is purely for enjoyment purposes.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: After seeing "Unsafe" last night, I got inspired to write the scene prior to Martha coming down the stairs to confront Clark after what happened with Alicia.

Dawn was just peaking over the horizon as Clark sat alone in his loft. He had not slept since he came back from Las Vegas and his stomach was in knots. Even though his "marriage" to Alicia had not been legal and now was just a memory, he could not just let it slip into his subconscious. It tore at him so much that he could not keep such a thing from his parents, no matter how much he hated himself for it and no matter how much it would upset them.

Clark had spent hours alone in his loft, trying to find the right words to explain what had happened. Every thought he had never seemed to make it any less worse of a situation and resounded himself to the fact that all he could do was come out with it and brace himself for Hell's fury.

Around breakfast time, Clark finally made his way back to the house. Everything was right for the moment. His mother was setting breakfast out on the table and his father was just coming downstairs from showering after morning chores. Clark felt his stomach drop to his knees as he sat down.

"We didn't hear you come in last night." Jonathan said casually but with a questioning tone, wondering where his son had gone off to.

"I got in kinda late and tried to be quiet," Clark lied quietly as he looked down at his plate, summoning what courage he could find. "There's something I have to tell you." He started nervously as his eyes slowly went up to his parents.

Martha was a little leery of Clark's tone. It was the confessional tone he used when he had really done something that he knew they wouldn't approve of. "Go ahead, Clark." She said as gently as possible as she braced herself.

Clark took a deep breath and swallowed hard. "It's about me and Alicia." He said quietly. "The reason why you didn't hear me come in last night is because I didn't." He then paused to check his parents' reactions, the beginnings of anger as he suspected when he looked at both of their faces. "Alicia had found a bit of red Kryptonite and then we went to Las Vegas…where we got married." He finally stammered out and then felt he had to amend it. "But once I found out what she did, I left. It's like it never happened."

The mood in the room changed quickly from anger to fury and sickening disappointment. Jonathan opened his mouth to say something but could find the words to express the downright disappointment he felt. He slammed his fork down on the table and wordlessly went upstairs with only a cold glance back. Martha could not believe the words that had just come out of Clark's mouth. She had thought that they had taught him so much better than that over the years and she was just proved wrong. "I'm sorry Clark but I just can't be here right now." She stated coldly before joining Jonathan upstairs.

After his parents had abandoned him in the kitchen, Clark just sat there in silence as the realization of what happened washed over him. The disappointment in him from his parents hurt more than Alicia drugging him to do as she wanted. He silently cleaned up the food which he had lost his appetite for before just sitting back down in the chair, staring into the living room as he fought the tears in his eyes, threatening to spill out for every pain he had caused his parents.

Hours had passed by before Clark heard footsteps on the stairs. He was sitting there in his own misery and he knew it was about to get worse. From the sound of the footsteps, he had a guess that it was his mother who first ventured down to deal with him. "Is Dad still upset?" he asked cautiously.

"What do you think?" was Martha's somewhat cold reply.

"And you?" Clark asked fearfully.

"I'm upset. Upset and disappointed in you." Martha replied. "I just can't believe what you have done. You ran off with a girl you hardly knew and got married. Your father and I taught you that marriage was sacred, saved for two people who wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other no matter what happens and you do this."

"I was on red Kryptonite…" Clark gave as a meager explanation.

"That doesn't mean anything, Clark." Martha replied.

Clark sat facing forward, not having the heart to face his mother's anger. Tears welled up in his eyes once more.

"I know how much you want to be with someone and I want that for you too." Martha said in slightly softer tone but not without the backlace of disappointment. "But this was not the answer."

A lone tear slipped down Clark's cheek as he looked up at his mother. "But with her I feel normal and special at the same time." He said in barely above a whisper as his voice was filled with emotion and his eyes went glassy with tears. "No one else make me feel like that but Alicia. I didn't have to hide with her."

Martha saw her son's pain but still was not ready to let him out of it. "I thought you would have had better judgment." She said as a final word before going back up stairs.

Clark sat silently at the kitchen table, tears coming steadily down his cheeks as every word his mother said hit him right in the heart and made the pain even worse. Only when the pain of the house became too much for him to bear did Clark hastily wipe his eyes and headed silently out to the loft where he could let every thing out…alone…as it seems he always was.