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Chapter One: Brother's Wish

"Happy Birthday!"

Mokuba looked at everyone around him. He had wanted a birthday party and had begged Seto to let him invite Yugi and friends. Yugi, Yami, Ryou, Bakura, Jou, Tristan, and Duke had all made it.

He would have invited Tea, Malik and his yami but Seto said that if 'friendship freak and the psychotic blonde duo' came within a hundred miles of his property he would have them thrown in jail for failing to follow the restraining orders they had gotten. Mokuba looked at the cake he had. A chocolate cake with lots of strawberries and frosting. It had 11 blue candles.

"Blow out the candles and make a wish, already! I want some cake!" Jou said. He was so hyper. It was probably because of the cake.

"Watch it, mutt. If it weren't for Mokuba you wouldn't even be here. Don't make me kick you out." Seto glared at Jou.

Mokuba knew for a fact that this wasn't completely true, his brother wanted Jou here as much as he did. Mokuba was an excuse to be able to bring Jou here, Seto was too proud to admit he had feelings for the blonde puppy. Seto gave Mokuba the smallest of smiles.

"Thank you for the party Seto!"

Seto leaned over and whispered, "No problem, Mokie."

Mokuba grinned at his brother. He looked back at the candles and closed his eyes. 'I wish that Seto would show his more lovable side to others, so that he can finally admit his feelings to Jou and be happy.' He blew out all eleven candles. Everyone cheered as Mokuba cut the cake and gave them slices.

"So, Mokuba whadya wish for?" Jou asked through a mouthful of cake.

"If I tell you, my wish won't come true." Mokuba reminded him.

Jou just grinned and shrugged as he went back to eating his cake. He never noticed Seto's eyes on him, Mokuba on the other hand did and gave Seto a knowing look. Seto barely managed to contain a blush while Mokuba giggled at him.

An hour or so later everyone left. Seto helped Mokuba gather all his presents. He had gotten a new board game from Yami and Yugi, a dice that had the letters of his name on it rather than numbers from Tristan and Duke (they're a couple), a miniature model car that you put together yourself from Jou and a puzzle that when you put together made a scene of Mokuba with Seto at the park from Ryou (He made it himself). Seto made sure that Mokuba couldn't get a hold of Bakura's gift which had been a very sharp and lethal looking dagger.

Seto tucked Mokuba into bed that night.

"Seto, why can't you tell Jou that you love him?" Seto looked at his little brother startled.

"M-Mokuba…Jou…he hates me. You can't just go up to someone who hates you and proclaim your ever lasting love to them." Seto wouldn't look his brother in the face as he said this.

"You deserve to be happy too, big brother. You're always so busy with work and worrying about me…"

Seto cut him off, "Mokuba your happiness is all that matters. Now go to sleep it's late."

He kissed his little brother on the forehead and left. Mokuba lay down in bed

"All I want is to see you happy" he whispered to himself. He slowly fell into a somewhat easy sleep.

Seto lay awake for hours in bed. All his thoughts were on a certain blonde puppy. 'Stupid mutt. Why can't you leave me alone? Don't you see how much I need you? No, you're too busy teasing me, always being so close and so out of reach everyday. Gods, please stop tormenting me…' As he fell asleep with these uneasy thoughts a single lone tear managed to slide down his cheek.

There are magical people out in the world whose sole purpose is to grant wishes. They grant any wishes, as long as its not something selfish like "I wish for a million dollars" or "I wish for world domination". Mokuba's wish was one of the perfect wishes that these people just love granting. Who are these people? Why, fairies of course.

"This wish… This will be difficult. According to what we know about Seto Kaiba, he has one of the most coldest hearts around. To grant this wish will be very difficult." said the Head Fairy. His assistant fairy, who was sorta like a secretary mumbled something.

"What was that? If you have a suggestion speak up."

The assistant fairy cleared his throat, "Well, Mr. Kilam sir. Umm, why not send Kitty Kira to do the job. I mean, she is the best with all the lovey dovey junk, even if she is a bit hyper active and chipper most of the time."

Kilam, the Head Fairy, thought this over for a bit. True, she was the best with love wishes, but she was so strange…

"You called me sir?" a girl suddenly appeared in front of them.

She didn't look like normal fairies. While normal fairies had pointed ears and almost transparent delicate wings, she had cat ears, tail, and teeth. As for wings, she had none. In it's place was perfect balance, very uncanny balance and grace. She was more feline than fairy. Kilam did not like associating with such a strange fairy.

"Kira, if you manage to grant Mokuba's wish, you can, umm… what is it you most want exactly?"

Kira smiled at him and said, "Nothing sir… You don't need to give me anything. Can I please get on with this mission?"

The Head Fairy was confused but nodded and with that she disappeared. Kilam turned to his assistant, "Please tell me I did the right thing."

The fairy looked away and stayed silent. Kilam sighed and hoped for the best.

Seto woke up at six am the next morning, even though it was Saturday. After all, a CEO's work is never done. For some reason, he decided to walk to work. If only he hadn't, he could have avoided what happened next. Seto had barely set foot outdoors when a…a…thing appeared before him.

"Hey! You must be Seto Kaiba right?" it said in an annoyingly cheery voice. Seto had trouble finding his voice.

"Yes, wh-what do you want?" He cursed himself for stuttering. The thing giggled, "Yaay! I was right. I'm Kitty Kira and I'm here to grant your brother's birthday wish! He turned 11 yesterday and wished for you to show your softer side to others so that you can confess your love to a certain blonde haired honey-eyed boy." she winked at him.

"Ooooh you two are going to look so cuuuuuute together!" she squealed. She summoned up a ball of glittering pink fairy dust.

"Catch!" she threw it right at our unsuspecting CEO. He didn't catch it but his body seemed to have absorbed it. "What…the hell did you d-do to mee…?" he said right before he passed out.

"Uhh, oops! That wasn't supposed to happen." Kira looked a bit surprised for a moment before she turned back to her annoyingly perky self.

"Mokuba will be pleased!" and she disappeared.

Seto woke up ten minutes later and went back inside. It was about seven at the time. He ran up the stairs and into Mokuba's room. Mokuba was sleeping peacefully when someone bounced on top of him.

"Mokie, Mokie! Wake uuup!" Mokuba shot up as soon as he recognized the voice.

"Seto!" he cried in disbelief.

"Well it's about time you woke up, sleepyhead. Let's go out side and play. Please, please, pleeeaase!"

Mokuba was shocked. Seto was in his room asking him to go out and play with him. Mokuba pinched himself to make sure this wasn't dreaming. All that got him was a sore red spot on his hand. Then his eyes lit up.

"Yay! Alright! Let's go out Seto. But first we have to have breakfast mmkay?" Seto smiled and nodded like an eager child. Seto ran out of the room while Mokuba got dressed. Mokuba walked into the kitchen where Seto had two bowls of Fruit Loops out. "Hurry up Mokie and eat. It's Fruit Loops!" Seto said happily. Mokuba plopped himself in the seat next to Seto.

"Seto…Why are you acting so strange?" Mokuba asked timidly. Seto looked at him confusedly.

"What are ya talking about Mokie?" he said through a mouthful of cereal.

"Never mind. Where are we going to go, Seto?" Mokuba asked.

Then a thought hit him. He had always wanted a pet, a kitten. Seto was never a cat person, maybe since he's acting so childish he'll let me get a pet…a puppy, yeah! "Seeetoo, how about we go to the pet store? Maybe even get a puppy?" he asked. Seto's face lit up with excitement.

"Really, Mokie? Can we get one?" he asked hopefully Mokuba nodded eagerly. They finished breakfast quickly after that.

By the time they got out of the house it was already eleven am. They were both bouncing in the back seat of their limo. The chauffer, Jerry, nearly died of a heart attack when Seto tackled him with a hug.

"Hi Jerry! Can you take me and Mokie to the pet store, pleeeeeaaasse?"

Jerry had nodded numbly, but back to the present; Jerry kept glancing back at Seto and Mokuba.

"Hey, look, who are they? They have weird hair!" Seto pointed at Yugi and friends.

"Don't you remember them Seto? Those are Yugi, Yami, Ryou, Bakura, Malik, Marik, Duke, Tristan" Mokuba pointed at each of them. Jou was nowhere in sight. "Ohhh, let's go say hi. Jerry, can you stop here?" Seto asked excitedly. Jerry was kind of warming up to this new Seto.

"Of course Mr. Kaiba."

Seto flinched at this response. Mokuba hopped out and ran off towards the group of friends. Seto followed behind slowly, suddenly feeling very shy.

"Hi, guys!" Mokuba cried happily.

"Hey Mokuba" greeted Yugi. Yami scowled at Seto and gave him a curt nod. "Kaiba." Yami said in way of a greeting. Seto flinched again.

"Why does everyone keep calling me that? That was my step dad's name. I'm Seto. Who are you?" Seto protested. Everyone looked at him, puzzled.

"Nice try, Priest. Don't give me that crap and drop the act." Bakura growled. "Priest? No I don't think I am one. Why do you have bunny ears?" Seto asked innocently.

"B-bunny what!" Bakura spluttered angrily.

"Hahaha, Baku-thief does have bunny ears!" Marik suddenly got attacked by Bakura.

"I do not have bunny ears!" Bakura raged. They rolled around on the ground wrestling. Malik and Ryou didn't seem bothered.

"Do they always do that?" Seto looked at the two on the ground and edged away slightly.

"Kaiba, what's wrong with you?" Yami said.

"My name's Seto and I'm not acting weird, they are." Seto pointed to Bakura and Marik. Jou appeared that moment, he was just coming out of the ice cream shop.

"Hey guys, I got your ice cream. What's going on?" Jou asked as he watched Bakura and Marik. Seto looked at Jou and felt a strange warm feeling inside. He gasped and tackled Jou with a hug.

"Mokie, can I keep him? Can I , can I, can I?"


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