All characters puloined from JK Rowling. Not one original bit.

Inspired by Bigkihap, (In the fanfic "What a Strange and Mysterious thing it is"), who made Ron say: "I thought there would always be a Professor McGonagall at Hogwarts." And there always will be.

"Hello you."

"Good morning Albus."

He looked up from his desk and smiled at the figure before him. She was beautiful, as ever. She smiled at him, her silvery hair cascading down her back, her head cocked to one side in what was almost a motherly fashion. Yet he knew that the feelings her look conveyed were anything but maternal. He could barely keep from reaching out to her. Had his desk not been in the way, he would have cast himself into her embrace and buried his head in her breast, desirous of consuming her presence completely. As it was, he stayed where he was.

"How are you this morning, Minerva?"

"Well, as always, Albus. And you?"

"Better now, for seeing you my dear."

She smiled again, her face the very picture of happiness. She was exquisite to him. Her form, her shape, her smile. He could not tear his eyes away.

"Have you breakfasted, Albus my love?" She asked softly, the smile never leaving her lips. His heart leapt at her choice of words.

"No, I was waiting for you."

"Well, I am here now." She continued, ever smiling "Shall we go?"

He got to his feet, moved around the desk and waited before her. She rested her hand upon his out-stretched arm and together they walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast.

No one raised an eyebrow, as they strode together between the House tables. No one batted an eyelid as the Headmaster pulled out the chair for his companion to be seated. No one took a second glance as they huddled together, in deep and private conversation. All present understood and approved.

Minerva watched Albus as he ate, the same smile upon her lips as the one with which she had greeted him earlier. Occasionally he would stop and simply gaze at her, entranced by her image.

"You are the most magnificent witch." He said suddenly, turning completely towards her, his voicea whisper now. "I cannot live without you."

She smiled, her head cocked to the side again. But there was a trace of sadness in her eyes as she reached out to touch his silver hair. Her hand passed through him, and he fought in vain against the shiver. She drew her hand back unto herself.

"And I cannot die without you, Albus."

Don't know where this one came from! Was reading Bigkihap's story and it just sort of popped into my head. Three pints of Stella Artois too many, perhaps…but hey, it was about time I killed one of them off. I just can't bear to separate them completely though!