Azure Dreams

Introduction; the history of the world

There was once a very powerful demon that roamed the world. He was a power hungry fiend that was bent on the destruction of free agency. His sole desire was to eliminate choice so that every creature would kneel to his every selfish desire. His cruelty knew no end, and his mercy was none existent. His own followers cowered in fear before him, afraid to do anything to offend him in the least. Not only was this a demon; he was a demon that had the power to control the very forces of nature to accomplish his own will. He could take life with a wave of his hand, destroy a village with his magic, and wage wars against entire nations with his armies. For a long time it seemed that nothing would stop him.

Eventually there were men who had gathered a resistance of sorts. They were a small group, but fully devoted to their goal of dethroning the demon insomuch that they would lay down their very lives for it. Slowly, but surely, their acts began to inspire the hearts of those that were oppressed until the entire world had become united in the same endeavor: the destruction of the demon.

The demon did have one weakness: he only wanted his desires to be fulfilled. Therefore, he did not care when he lost a few cities against these rebels. He would simply lie back as his servants brought him what he wanted. As time passed, a countless number of people had rallied to the cause that opposed the demon. Even still, he paid no mind until one day his servants had told him they were at his very doorstep. The world will never see such unity as the demon saw that day. He beheld a battle field that expanded for miles. Already, his servants were engaged in defending their king, but their moral betrayed them until they had turned upon the king. The demon sat alone in his tower that stretched high above an area that was once lavished with forests and streams. The long battle had turned it into a barren wasteland, and all that he treasured had disappeared under his idle gaze.

The demon had become enraged and his true power was revealed. It was a day that many people had met their death. He descended from his throne and began to battle with all the strength within him. All the powers of nature converged on that spot that very day. Earthquakes and fires consumed the green grass until it became a dark, gray cinder. The gales and lightning of the sky tore away at the ground until nothing was left. Eventually, it seemed as if the demon's victory was eminent and the people began to lose heart. However, there was a hero that stepped forward. He was armed with a sword that was forged by a master blacksmith and it was rumored to cut through rock like paper. He wore armor that was said to have been owned by the demon's most cherished and diligent follower. With these items, the man and thousands of others battled with the demon until there were only the two left.

By that time, the demon had been cut and slashed all over his body. He was heavily lacerated and the loss of blood made him faint and weak. The hero rose his sword, and with one clean sweep he cut off the demon's head. The battle had finally ended, but the world would forever bear the scars that were left behind. An area that was lush with life and energy had been turned into a lifeless, barren desert.

Also, there was the matter of the fortress that once housed the demon. A large moat surrounded the whole of it, yet a single bridge spanned across the gap and connected on the other side. It was made with bricks that were as large as houses. It was also a magical place that constantly changed inside. There was no telling what would happen if anyone were to destroy it. So, for years, no one entered the tower. As centuries went by, the world slowly began to repair itself until the battle faded into the annals of history, and from there, it faded into myth. People eventually began to forget the legend of the tower and where it came from. Slowly, but surely, the interior was explored by the brave and daring. The amount of riches the demon left behind was innumerable and it made exploration of the tower very profitable. As time passed, more and more people began to explore the tower until a small outpost was constructed around the only lush piece of land that was spared: the demon's garden that had become an oasis. Slowly, the outpost turned into a village, which in turn became a town.

A town called Monsabaiya…