Eddie Nambulous woke up around ten A.M. on Saturday, August twelfth. He groggily
booted up his computer and checked his e-mail. The usual junk had clogged up;
twenty-three emails overnight. Out of the twenty-three only one looked interesting to him.
Eddie opened it up. It read:

To: Paranoid Times
From: LFoster@uwm.edu
Subject: Cade Foster
My name is Linda M. Foster. I am the older sister of Cade Foster.
I've read his 'journals' you've posted your web site. My brother was
convicted of murdering his wife, as I assume you know. He and I were
not close, but I believe as you do that he was innocent. Please help me
reconnect with him if you can, for the past five months I've worried
about where he's been and what he has been through.
Linda M. Foster
Professor of Astrology
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Eddie was stunned at this. Why didn't he ever tell me he had a
sister? He thought. He picked up his phone then called Foster who
had been in a small town near San Diego, about fifty miles from where Eddie
was parked, at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere.

Ring Ring! Cade Foster had awaken from the ringing of the phone. He glanced around the room,
remembering where he was at then he reached over and grabbed the phone. "Yeah?" He said
into the phone. He didnt really need to say 'Hello' he already knew who it was.

"Foster??? You awake man? You sound kinda out of it."

"Yeah, I'm awake." Cade replied. Half awake was more like it.

"I just got an email last night from a person you might know. Recognize the name Linda by any chance?"
Eddie said, sounding a little pissed off.

Cade sat up, shocked to hear that name. He hadn't seen nor heard from Linda in what seemed like ages.
"I recognize the name. What did she have to say?"

"She wanted me to help her 'reconnect' with you. Why didnt you ever tell me you had
a sis?" Eddie asked.

"Because it wasn't important. We lost contact a couple of years ago, I didn't
think I'd hear from her again. That's why I didn't tell you about her." Cade answered.

"Well, anyway, do you wanna have contact with her again? It's risky, she might
be working for the government, or the Gua. Waddya think?" Eddie said not really sure
about all of this. It could be a trap set by the Gua but it was up to Foster if he
wanted to go along with this.

Cade was quiet for a minute or two. Should he try to get in touch with her again or was it
way to risky? "I think I'm going to leave here and come to you. Where are you at?"

Eddie relayed to Cade where he had parked himself then he heard the familar sound of Cade
just hanging up like he usually did. "I'm getting really tired of that."