A Windwaker fanfic. Takes place during the night the pirates stole the bombs and Link has to find Jabun.


Carry On


Link is miserable.

He is cold and wet, his clothing thoroughly soaked and hanging heavy on his limbs. He is in a miniscule boat on the open sea, no land in sight, and it is raining heavily—he won't be drying off anytime soon. He's also scared, although he keeps sailing onward. The night won't end if he doesn't; the fear won't go away if he gives into it.

Still, the sea is a scary place, especially on a stormy night when he cannot see much of anything beyond his boat. What a tiny boat it is, too, a boat that could very easily get swallowed up in the white-capped waves.

When his fingers begin to go numb from the cold, he thinks of his sister, locked in a dirty cell and surrounded by monsters in that damn fortress. He continues steering the boat and glares off into the dark.

When his toes ache and he can't stop shivering, he thinks of their grandmother, all alone and worried that she may never see her grandchildren again. He shifts his feet and clenches his teeth so they don't chatter.

Thinking of his precious people helps him carry on. It renews his determination and makes him feel warm inside (though he's a little worried that the warmth might be because he's gotten so cold he's crossed a threshold to hypothermia).

He's going to save his sister and return to their island; he's going to fix their little family. He'll do whatever he has to—and from the things his boat says, he might have a lot to do. For them, though, he takes orders from a talking boat, and that's the least of it. For them, he'd do anything he could. For his precious people, he would brave the entire ocean blindfolded and floating on a piece of driftwood.

He jumps, startled, as lightning flashes and he can see a movement to his right that could just be waves or could be a shark. He isn't blindfolded right now, even if it is dark enough that it hardly matters. For right now, he only has to be brave enough to make it back home.

Doubtless he'll have to leave again immediately, when they find the third pearl. Soon, though, he'll be coming back home with his sister.

Soon he'll be coming back home to stay.

He just has to be brave until then.


(la fin)

(je n'aurai jamais peur si je serai avec toi.)