Hailey Jones – A sweet and innocent 16 year old school girl who is too court up in studying and has no time for boyfriends.

Simon Robertson – Hailey's best friend. Never studies and always pulling pranks on people.

Mark Callaway – Retired wrestler who meets Hailey at the bar. He can't stand her at first but can his feelings change?

Courtney and Michelle – Popular girls who give Hailey hell at school.

Joanne, Kirk and Jason – Haileys parents and brother. Way to protective of her.

Chapter 1

Hailey woke early in the morning thanks to the birds chirping in the background. She stirred as she woke up out of her deep sleep. "Great, another Math's test" she thought to herself. She had studied for at least 4 hours, so she was pretty sure she would pass it. Not that she should worry; she was smart at maths as well as her other subjects. She hopped out of bed and got dressed; she brushed her long golden blonde hair and tied it in a simple ponytail, applied her lip-gloss and headed out the front door on her way to school.

She arrived at school and saw her friend Simon. "Hey Hails' what's up?" He said with a smile. "Not much studied mostly last night, what about you?" she replied back with a smile. She and Simon were best friends. They'd known each other since they were toddlers and even at her sweet tender age of 16 they were still bests of mates. "Oh shit! I forgot to study!" Simon sighed.

"Well I wonder whose fault that is." She laughed.

"Well it's not my fault that you're so smart and I'm so dumb." Simon sarcastic sighed.

"You're not dumb nor I'm I smart, the only reason why I pass is because I study." She explained.

"Well miss smarty-pants I have I plan" Simon said slyly as he walked on.

"Simon, no, no more pranks!" Hailey yelled back.

"See ya later Hails'!' Simon replied back.

"Urrrr!" Hailey muttered to herself.

"Morning class, I'm guessing that everyone studied." Mr Mathers asked smiling at Hailey. She smiled back. He knew she always studied. "Well good, cause you're your test on calculations is right now."

The class muttered and groaned. Hailey just shrugged. "Ok class you start right now and you have 20 minutes." Mr Mathers explained.

10 minutes later after collecting and marking the tests he gave them back to the students. "Good work Hailey A." he said as he handed Hailey back her test.

Hailey smiled and placed her test in her notebook.

"Too bad about others. Courtney" he frowned and handed her, her test back.

"Whatever" she mumbled. "God, Hailey is such a loser." She said to her friend Michelle. "Uh-huh" she replied. Courtney and Michelle were the plastics of the school according to everyone else. Courtney was tall and had long brown hair. She was pretty but her face was always pasted in make-up. Michelle was no different expect she had shorter red hair.

Outside at the lockers Michelle and Courtney approach Hailey. "Gee Hailey your really smart." Said Michelle.

"Urr Thanks" replied Hailey.

"Yeah I heard that all she does is study." Courtney smirked.

"No, I don't" Hailey said back.

"How sad, I bet you don't have a boyfriend and still a virgin?" Courtney said bitchy.

"What? That's none of your business!" Hailey shot back.

"It's sad really, cause you're really pretty you know." Michelle said stroking a finger down Hailey's cheek. Hailey frowned and moved her head back.

Courtney laughed "See ya Hailey" she smirked, her and Michelle walked off.

Hailey shook her head and placed her books in her locker. God they were bitches she thought. Not only that, they were sluts as well. Always having different boyfriends each month. Michelle's mom was told that Courtney was spotted giving a guy a blowjob in a car. So she stopped Michelle from seeing Courtney on the weekends, but at school it was difficult, and of course Michelle being the bitch she was, she lies to her mom and sneaks out to go to the late night parties with Courtney. Hailey's mom and Michelle's mom were good friends so it was hard on Hailey with Michelle being bitchy to her and everything. She couldn't tell her mom about Michelle though cause she'd tell Michelle's mom and Hailey would most likely get bashed by Courtney and her other skanky friends.

So what if she was a virgin she thought to herself. They were sluts that's all. She just didn't have the time for guys with her schooling and all. She shrugged and went to find Simon in the cafeteria for lunch.