Chapter 33

"Err welcome parents, relatives and friends to Houston High's Junior Prom." Mr. Wilson said talking into the microphone on the stage. Everyone started clapping. Mark had walked in with the crowd carrying Alicia in his arms. He stood at the back and noticed Hailey sitting with Simon at a table in the far corner. "The votes are in so we'd like to announce the Junior Prom King and Queen. Ladies and gentlemen your prom King for this year is Craig Parker!" Mr. Wilson cheered. Hailey started clapping and cheering for Craig. He was captain of the football team. Even though he was one of Courtney's Ex-boyfriends he was a real sweetie. "Anything you'd like to say Craig?" Mr. Wilson asked as he shaked Craig's hand and placed his crown on his head. "Yeah! Rock on! Whoahhh!" He yelled into the microphone. The audience cracked up laughing as did the students.

"What a loser, I can't believe I went out with him?" Courtney laughed to Michelle. Michelle chuckled back too. "I'm so gonna win Prom Queen." Courtney smirked, flicking her long hair back behind her shoulders.

"And ladies and gentlemen, this year's prom queen is….Hailey Jones!" Mr. Wilson announced as the students cheered. Hailey covered her hands over her mouth. She was full of shock. "What!" Courtney gasped. "Way to go Hailey!" Simon smiled and pulled her into a hug. Mark cheered with tears in his eyes for her. Hailey stood up and walked up the steps to receive her crown. "Congratulations Hailey, anything you'd like to say?" Mr. Wilson asked placing her crown on her head. "Oh my god, I can't thank you guys enough!" Hailey smiled at her follow students. "To win this means so much to me as I was out of school for half a year, and not all of you may know but the reason I was out of school was because I was pregnant and had a baby." Hailey explained. A lot of people in the audience gasped and mumbled to each other, same with a few of the students. "And I know when you think teenage mom, you think some little rat bag, but that's not true. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I love so dearly and a beautiful daughter who both mean the world to me. I'm still the same girl you guys know in art class, or English. Nothing has change about me. Expect now I'm stronger and so more independent for myself and my family, so thank you so much!" She smiled. Everyone started cheering as she walked off the stage.

Mark noticed a bunch of kids, laughing and pointing at Hailey with a tin of dog food in their hand. Mark realized they were going to tip it on her. He quickly walked over to them and flicked it out of the boys' hands. The mush landed all over Courtney and Michelle. They started screaming. Hailey turned around and saw Courtney and Michelle with smelly dog food all over their hair and dresses. She cracked up laughing. She saw Mark standing behind her, she smiled and hugged him. Mr. Wilson saw the scene up on stage. "Err can somebody go clean those girls off thanks? Anyway back to the music please!" He laughed. "I'm just gonna go see Simon and Brooke ok?" Hailey said to Mark. "Of course, I'll just go talk to some parents ok?" Mark replied. "Sure." She smiled and leaned up and kissed him.

She walked over to Simon and Brooke. "Looks like Courtney and Michelle got what they deserved." Brooke laughed as Hailey sat down. "Yes definitely." Hailey laughed. "Hey isn't that Jason over there?" Simon said pointing towards the back door. Hailey turned around and saw her brother looking around. "Oh my god Jason!" Hailey gasped running over to him. Jason smiled and ran up to his sister. "Oh my god, I miss you so much!" Hailey said hugging him. "Me too, mom's over there." He said. "Huh?" Hailey said as she saw Jason ran over to Simon and Brooke. "Hailey?" She heard. She turned around and saw her mom with tears streaming down her face with her arms open. Hailey ran over to her as her mom pulled her into a hug. Hailey burst into tears. "Oh Hailey, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." Joanne repeated over and over again, she kissed Hailey on the head. "Oh mom." Hailey cried. "Hailey I love you so much sweetheart." Joanne cried. "I love you too mom!" Hailey cried. "Sweetheart after I saw you win prom queen, and I saw how independent you really are. Even though Mark is a lot older then you, it doesn't bother me anymore because I can see how much he loves you and how much you love him. I've realized that age is really only a number" Joanne explained. "Really?" Hailey said. "Yes, you have my blessings; you'll always be my little girl Hailey." Joanne said.

Mark took Alicia outside away from all the noise and saw Kirk sitting on a bench. Mark stopped and stared at him. What the fuck was he doing here? He thought. "Mark?" He heard Kirk call out and walked towards him. Mark just looked at him sternly while cradling Alicia in his arms. "Mark I gotta talk to you." Kirk said. "What about?" Mark replied. "Look, Joanne's inside at the moment trying to make things up with Hailey." Kirk said. "Really?" Mark replied. "Yes, and I need to get a few things off my chest." Kirk explained. Mark looked at him with raised eyebrows. "I'm still a little edgy about you being quite a bit older then my daughter, but as I can see, you have a child together. My grand-daughter and I gotta do what's best for my grand-daughter." Kirk explained. "What about your daughter?" Mark asked. "Huh?" Kirk said. "Look don't worry about me, I can live without you not wanting to talk to me, but what about Hailey? She says that it doesn't bother her that you disowned her, but deep down I know that it does. You tried to send me to jail; you kicked her out of home, you tried to kill our baby Kirk. You should go and apologize to Hailey, and not be here talking to me." Mark explained. Kirk nodded. "If you wanna do what's best for your grand-daughter, you gotta do what's best for Hailey as well." Mark replied. "I know." Kirk said. "I can help it that I fell in love with your daughter." Mark said. Kirk didn't answer. "I know that it shits ya Kirk, I'm not stupid, but we love each other and there's nothing you can do about it." Mark explained. Kirk looked up at Mark. "And I know that it's gonna take a while for us to forgive each other for what we have done to each other but I'm gonna love Hailey for the rest of my life. I'm gonna do my damn best for her and our daughter." Mark said smiling at Alicia. "Can I hold her?" Kirk asked looking at Alicia. "Sure." Mark replied and handed her over to Kirk. Kirk gave a small smile looking at his grand-daughter. "I'm going to go see Hailey, ya wanna come?" Mark asked. "Yeah." Kirk replied and the two of them walked back inside the building.

Mark smiled as he saw Hailey with tears in her eyes. She looked so happy; he hadn't seen her like this in a long time. Joanne saw Kirk walk in with Alicia. They both smiled and started making little baby noises to Alicia. Hailey started laughing as Mark pulled her aside. "Are you happy now Hailey?" Mark asked. "Yep, I have my mom and dad back in my life." She replied. "That's good, so I guess you'll be moving back home with them then." Mark said quietly. "What? Of course not!" Hailey gasped. "Really? You're not?" Mark said kind of shocked. "Mark don't act surprised when I say this, but I know that you're gonna ask me to marry you in a few years time right?" She started. "You got that right." He smiled pushing a stray of her hair behind her ear. "And don't forget that we have a daughter together." Hailey smiled looking over at Alicia who was being cuddled by her mom. "You and Alicia, you're my family now." Hailey explained. Mark smiled. "I'm never gonna leave you Mark, I love you." Hailey smiled. "I love you too Hailey, I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us." He replied. "Me neither, but I like it just the way it is at the moment." She smiled and leaned up and kissed him.


I know, I know. The whole dog food thing isn't original as we've all seen "Never been kissed." But hey, you can't have a prom without bitchy girls getting revenge with dog food! It's a classic! Anyway thank you so much everyone for the reviews! I hope you enjoyed this story. TakersAngel123 xoxox