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The Shadows of a Heart Am I Evil?

The light of the moon above gave the land a calm and peaceful feeling. The creatures of the night were out to fill the silence of darkness with the hoots, growls and slight squeaks that could be heard if only faintly. Everything was peaceful for everyone except for the shadow that stood alone on a cliff, staring out onto the dimly lit land. His silver hair reflected the moons' beautiful gleam and his clothing, though designed to be almost invisible in the night, had too reflected the light. Although he seemed calm, at peace. Inside however, he at unrest. His mind replaying the events that had occurred if only three weeks ago. It had seemed to feel like three eternities but they were still in his mind, plaguing him, almost taunting him. Those words, those dreadful words he had said kept lingering on his mind. They had found a way to continue to haunt him. As if it was a curse for killing the one who had said them. But why must he, Rikimaru, the leader of the Azuma clan, be haunted by the words of the sorcerer Tenrai, who is now killed? Rikimaru drew his small but deadly sword from its sheath on his back and just simply looked at it.

"This sword," He said out loud sub consciously "It was this sword that I killed him with. This sword that I used the steel of Mei ohs' sword Shichishito with to repair. It is this sword that I had with me when he reveal what could be the possible truth." Rikimaru sheathed his sword with ease and turned and walked back to his village.

Rikimaru soon returned and went to his room using his skills as a silent assassin so he could not disturb his clan members. Rikimaru reached his room and went in and decided to try and get some sleep. He changed into his sleeping robe and went to where his futon lay. As he stood within three feet of his futon he immediately stopped. He felt something. Another presence in the same room as he. He knew too well who was in there.

"Reveal yourself Ayame" said Rikimaru silently but firmly as he can. He then looked behind him and saw her. Ayame was dressed in her sleeping robes as well. Her hair was let down but that did not phase Rikimaru for he knew too well that Ayame would never change no matter how she looked.

"What is wrong?" asked Ayame "I know you and you do not usually go out for a stroll. What is going on?" Rikimaru simply looked into her eyes. To the naked eye you could not see but from Rikimaru, he could see that her hazel eyes held admiration for her leader but also something else there but he could not see what.

"Nothing is wrong Ayame," replied Rikimaru "I went out to clear my head of a few things. Everything is fine. Now off you go. We both need our sleep if we are to have the energy to get up and go to lord Gohda." Rikimaru looked away from Ayame and ushered her out his room. Ayame knew all too well she would not find out what's going on with him now and decided to get up and get some rest. As she past him she gave him look of concern for her friend and went to where her room was.

'Oh Rikimaru,' she silently thought to herself 'why won't you tell me? I'm here for you. I-I love you for crying out loud so why won't you tell me!?'. She had such a hard time trying to suppress her temptations to let her feelings go and hold him as if they were ordinary people in love. But she knew better. They were both Azuma ninjas, stealth assassins, masters of the night and shadows. To love is to risk death as a punishment. 'Besides,' Ayame thought to herself 'he couldn't love me. If he did he wouldn't have kicked me out like he did. He only sees me as a friend. A partner in missions.' Ayame had reached her room and went in to sleep in her futon, dreaming of what it would be like if she and Rikimaru were both in love and expressing it in the most passionate ways.

As he shut the shoji behind him Rikimaru silently cursed himself when he saw the look on Ayames' face.

'What is wrong with me?' he asked himself in thought 'I've just hurt the one I love. I can't believe I did that! I'll apologise tomorrow and hopefully she won't try to hit me in the face like what she used to try and do when I anger her.' He shuddered slightly as he remembered the last time he angered her. He then learned that she could deliver a hard right in the face if she wanted. He lifted his hand up on his cheek on where she had hit him. It had hurt a lot when she did that. Rikimaru decided to let the subject leave his head but another had come upon his mind. A more darker thought. Rikimaru could not help but remember what had happened that dreadful day.

Rikimaru went behind the last monk that was in his way to him. The monk did not even notice a single thing until he felt a hand on his left shoulder but when he felt it, it was already too late. The monk then felt something cool but hard, a blade of a sword against his throat. The monk didn't even get to say a single thing as he felt a huge tearing of flesh where the sword was. Blood was spilling out like that of a small waterfall as he soon felt weaker. He fell down to the ground as his eyes saw darkness taking over his sight. Soon he saw nothing, felt nothing and soon his life became nothing. Rikimaru watched to make sure the monk would not make any last movements and walked on to find him. He had to find Tenrai and kill him, for Tatsumaru and all the innocents whose blood was spilled from Tenrai's vicious sorcery. He must be stopped.

Rikimaru past the gates that opened themselves as if they were expecting him all along. As he passed them the gates closed behind him. Rikimaru took a few more steps forward until he heard a distinct voice.

"Come!" said the voice and a being had formed itself in front of Rikimaru. The figure was sitting down on what appeared to be a throne made of stone and above it was a huge orb that looked somewhat like the eye of a mere reptile only it was red and it was buried halfway into the wall. The figure was revealed as courtesy of the candles and the orb above light the room. "Join me, Rikimaru," said the figure. The figure was Tenrai. The very man Rikimaru had come all this way to kill. "The darkness in you calls, it calls to me. I can feel it." Rikimaru felt a huge wave of rage when he heard this. He was honourable wasn't he? Did he not do justice for lord Gohda?

"I have no darkness" came Rikimarus' reply "I am not like you!" Tenrai then only smirked as he gave a small evil chuckle.

"Ah, but you are" countered Tenrai "even you do not comprehend it. How do you think you escaped Onikages' trap? Or succeed when your older brother failed? That power has a name and it's name is Evil"

"Silence!!!" was all Rikimaru said as he gripped his sword Izayoi and ran to Tenrai to kill him.

Rikimaru soon shook his head and went into his futon when a single thought had hit him. His blood felt like it froze completely as soon as he realised what he thought. As he had this thought an image of Ayame was in his mind.

"Ayame," Rikimaru said silently to himself "am I evil?"

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