Can it be possible?

Rikimaru woke up to see the early sunshine gleaming out from beyond the horizon through his window. He tried to move slowly and found something held him down. He looked down and saw a pair of closed eyes and beautiful lips laying next to where his head was. It was Ayame, he slightly panicked and saw she had her robes on... there was no sign of the act of love. He felt slightly relieved... she must have snuck over to his futon during his sleep... this was a first, his senses must be dulling for her to sneak up successfully. He slowly pulled himself away from her and got dressed in his Ninja outfit... he had to do training. He decided to go to the spa pool area to train. He looked and saw no one there. He used his Ki to detect and nothing came up. He then sneaked out and used the grappling hook to connect to the trees and climb up. He looked around then something caught his eye. On the ground he spotted something odd. He leapped of the trees and looked down at the thing on the ground... a single black feather and a shoeprint... HE recognised this immediately.

Can it be possible? that he's still alive? Rikimaru thought and he quickly stood up and sneaked off inside. When he got in he looked at ayame who was dressed in a dark green kimono with a dark blue kimono obi. She looked at him puzzled.
"I think he's back..." Rikimaru said, looking at her eyes. She knew immediatly who it was he thought of when she saw the feather in his hand. She immediately had a face of concern, didn't he die when he threw himself into the chasm when Rikimaru defeated him? Rikimaru then looked down at the feather.
"I'm going to have a look around further and see what else I can find" Rikimaru said, turning to walk back out the door then he felt something tug his hand. He looked back and saw Ayame staring at him.

"Oh no you don't... you are not going alone" Ayame said to him "Give me a small amount of time to get changed... then we'll look into it together" Rikimaru didn't even bother arguing with her. Minutes later they both walked out with their ninja gear on and proceeded to go through the small area to search for other clues. All they can find was another shoe print that matched. Nothing more. Rikimaru looked to Ayame.
"I don't see how he can be alive..." he said, this just didn't make sense... even his shadow was killed by Rikimaru's own shadow. Ayame walked over to Rikimaru.
"I guess we will just have to wait... if he is alive he will continue to watch and wait... we will just need to catch him or whoever this is" Ayame said. Rikimaru looked at her and through his mask a smile can be seen.
"What's with the smile?" Ayame asked, her temper ready to burst.

"Nothing... just surprised to see you using your head..." Rikimaru said with a slight taunt... he never was too good at joking, but he had his moments. What he didn't expect however was suddenly being pushed onto the ground with a light weight on top of him. He reacted the instant he felt the weight and began to fight it off. He looked and saw Ayame with a grin on her face. He never thought she'd be like this with him, but he ain't gonna give up. He then struggled to push Ayame off him, she had him pinned good in this situation. Rikimaru then had an idea. He grabbed her wrists and began to push her upwards. She then straddled him with a grin on her face showing pride believing she won... until a look of surprise caught her off guard when Rikimaru's legs suddenly shot up and around Ayame's waist and pulled her onto the soft ground. Rikimaru wasted no time crawling onto her, pinning her down effectively. Ayame struggled but then gave up, knowing Rikimaru was stronger and heavier than her.

"Alright... you beat me..." Ayame said with slightly disgust in her voice. Rikimaru stayed on top of her and proceeded to lean down close to her face.
"Kiss me and I'll get off you" Rikimaru said, he decided to tease her a little. This was totally unlike him to be like this... but then he is male after all. Ayame then got her right hand free and pulled down his mask. Rikimaru then leaned in and they both fell into a loving kiss. Then Rikimaru was suddenly pusshed by Ayame who then landed on top of him and straddled him again, but he didn't fight this time when she came down and placed another kiss onto his lips. He then grabbed her and pulled her closer. He was surprised when Ayame began to rock her hips... he didn't know what to make of it.


Two orange eyes opened in the shadows.
"It seems they have fallen for each other finally... it took some time but now we have a chance..." said a rough voice. A Green orb then appeared out of nowhere and illuminated the area dimly.
"At last... the time is almost here..." Said the orb... a familiar voice that had not echoed for a long time. The shadow with oragen eyes was in a kneeling form.
"My lord.. what will you bid me to do?" said the shadow.
"For now we wait... continue to watch them... we will find a time to get to them... and then Gohda's land will be ours to take. Remember I am depending on you to prepare for the time that will come... Onikage..." said the voice.
"Yes, lord Mei-Oh..." said the shadow named Onikage. He rose from his knee and turned to leave.


"Why the look of surprise?" Ayame purred. Rikimaru then grabbed her and kissed her lips and then proceeded to pick her up and carry her with him.
"No reason..." Rikimaru said looking at her. Ayame could see a slight glow in his right eye... the Dohjutsu. She held onto him as he carried her off the dirt. Then the idea came to. Rikimaru's mind. A smile came to his face and he edged closer and closer to the spa pool.
"Rikimaru? what are you doing?" Ayame asked with confusion on her face... until she saw the pool.
"Don't you dare Rikimaru!" Ayame yelled... but too late, Rikimaru let go of her and she fell into the pool. When she rose her head out of the water she could hear Rikimaru chuckling. She quickly went over and caught Rikimaru off guard by grabbing his hand and pulling him into the water as well. Rikimaru rose up and looked at her.
"Alright... we are even now" he said to her. He then saw the way she smiled and he swam closer to her, grabbing her and pulling her closer to him. He then kissed her gently. She returned the kiss and they both became lost in the love they had for each other. When they finished kissing they both got out of the pool. They both thought of going back to Gohda. It was the best thing they can do now. They both dried up and proceeded to head out towards the edge of town, reaching back to Gohda.

They reached the edge of town when someone approached them.
"Rikimaru, Ayame... I bring word from Gohda" said the person. He was a messenger.
"What word do you bring us?" said Rikimaru, his patience being tested slightly.
"He brings word of Onikage's return. He wants you two to investigate this matter and if it is true... then to eliminate him." the messenger said. Rikimaru was surprised to find a messenger here... but for now he will abide by this.
"Very well... inform Lord Gohda that we will do as he wishes" Rikimaru said, Ayame simply stood there studying the messenger.

They both turned and proceeded back to the place they were staying. When they were no longer able to sense anything the messengers clothes immediately shredded itself and a blue humanoid with horns and steel blades on it's hands was replaced.
"That shall keep them here for a while..." It said to itself and it immediately vanished. Not too far away a pair of eyes saw what unfolded. He knew immediately it was a trap. He met those two before... now he'll keep an eye out for them. A single needle in his hand was immediately thrown and it landed in a nearby tree. The figure then vanished and beside the needle a drop of blood was seen. Then orange eyes opened.
"I knew there was another in this game..." he said to himself as he retreated to the Shadows.

I apologise for being so short. Things have been a bit rough here as of late and I was barely able to finish this... I hope you enjoy and do not mind the lovers being a bit OOC... I'm sure one changes significantly when they fall in love anyways R&R ok?