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Chapter 1

Fayt sighed exhaustedly as he took a seat on his bed. He had thought that defeating Luther would end chaos in the world. But when he heard the news from Mirage, his thoughts were erased from his mind. He remembered clearly what Mirage has told him about 2 hours ago…


Fayt and Sophia had been on the balcony, watching the birds soar in the sky. It has been peaceful since they defeated Luther.

"It's so peaceful here." Fayt said

"Yeah. Don't you just wish that it was like this forever?" Sophia asked him.

"Yeah. I really do." Fayt simply replied.

As the two sat there peacefully, the two heard something.

"I'm sorry to disturb you two on a peaceful moment, but…" The voice said.

Fayt and Sophia turned around.

"Mirage! I missed you!" Sophia squealed.

"And so do I. But I have bad news today, guys". Mirage said with a frown on her face.

"What is it?" Fayt asked.

"Why don't we-"Mirage was cut off by the sudden land of the Diplo on the bottom of the balcony'

"What the-?"Fayt said.

"Look!!!" Sophia shouted and pointed at the Diplo.

"Hey! Good to see you guys are okay!" a voice said.

"Cliff? How did you know I was here?" Mirage asked.

"I thought you knew that!" Fayt said

"We tracked you down and we ended up here." Another voice said behind Cliff.


"Hmph .Worms."

"And Albel's here too." Cliff said.

"Mirage, you really should tell them now." Another voice said behind the trio.

"Mind if we all discussed it in Diplo's conference room, Maria?" Mirage asked her.

"Sure." Maria replied.

They all got on board the Diplo and went to the conference room. In the conference room, they saw Roger and Peppita in there. It seems like Cliff locked them in there and it seemed like what happened in there didn't go too well.

"Oh, I missed you all so much!!!" Peppita said happily, jumping up and down.

"Yeah, me too. And now I'm a real man now!!!" Roger boasted.

So they all sat down.

"So as I was saying a while ago, I have bad news. It looks like another light beam at magnitude 4 almost hitted Earth once again. But before it reached the Earth's atmosphere, it disappeared. Doesn't it seem weird?" Mirage said.

"Yeah. Who could do such another thing?!" Sophia said.

"That's why I came here. I wanted your opinion before we do anything. But Cliff, how did you know about this?" Mirage asked Cliff.

"I looked into your file." Cliff said.

"So, what now?" Mirage asked Fayt who seems to be thinking deeply.

"Why don't we go to Sphere and ask Blair about this?" Fayt suggested after thinking.

"Why don't we stop by at Elicoor and just use the teleporter to Gemity then?" Sophia suggested.

"So it's off to Elicoor. I'll ask Marietta how long till we get there. Why don't you guys rest up for as bit? Your guys look tired. I'll announce it when Marietta has done calculating." Maria said and ran off to the Bridge.

They all stood up and went to their rooms. Before Fayt closed his eyes, he heard Maria's announcement.

"It'll take us 3 hours in our current speed. I'll announce when we get there," Maria ended the announcement.

"Sigh. Might as well get some sleep I don't want to get tired when we land." Fayt said and laid down his bed.

Flashback End.

Fayt awoke when Maria announced that they were there already. He got up and went to the teleporter and found everyone waiting for him. When they went down on Elicoor, something was wrong when they got there…

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