Consequences of Actions

Chapter 1

We're not in Kansas Anymore

For the last six months the USS Achilles The second of the United States Air force starships- the Prometheus class had been involved in the creation of a Naquada/Trinium mining operation on a habitable planet close to the Star system known simply as Wolf 359 it had taken that long for the newly created Naquadah mining facility to unearth and refine enough of the rare and valuable element to fill her cargo bays.

The expansion of SGC facilities to the other allied counties had put a strain on the resources available to the SGC and her off world bases- the acceleration of the Atlantis Project had depleted those few resources even more. The current stocks were enough to keep the Achilles and the Prometheus active for another year barring crippling combat damage like that the Prometheus took against the forces of Anubis, the fighter squadrons currently active or under construction would take the rest of the earthbound supplies. This had made the search and retrieval of any material assets a priority to the SGC and any allied assets, within the year it was hoped the allied teams would have the stockpiles rebuilt and construction of planetary defence forces would be able to go ahead across the board including the construction of a Prometheus class vessel by each of the Countries included in secrecy surrounding Stargate Command.

The Achilles had been launched only weeks ago and was still under shakedown, the only reason it had been diverted to the new mining facility was due to the temporary shutdown of the Stargate due to necessary maintenance of the systems, it had been decided by the Brass that it would be an easy milk run for the newly commissioned Battlecruiser- one that be beneficial to all parties involved unfortunately it did seem that the fates had a sense of humour when it came to the humans of the Ta'uri.

"Colonel we have completed the loading of the Naquada supplies the airlocks are cycling closed and we'll be ready for take-off in three minutes."

"Good raise the Mining command centre."

"Yes Sir."

"Achilles to Wolfhound come in."

"This is Wolf hound colonel we're reading you."

"We've completed the loading schedule and are ready to depart anything else you need for us to do?"

"Negative Achilles all the requesting info from the colony are in the data packet already downloaded to your Comm. Officer."

"Affirmative Wolfhound keep the Naquada flowing we'll be back."

"Got it Achilles and remember the shopping list." The voice at the other end chuckled.

The commander of the Achilles allowed a slight grin at the joke, the colonists at the facility had put together a 'shopping list' of requests from the SGC, US and UK governments mainly foodstuffs and entertainment but some stuff like basic supplies and equipment for the colony's mining production. The next group of miners and excavators would be able to take them through the gate or if necessary the Starships could take it themselves.

"Will Do Taylor out."

"Ship ready for Departure Sir."

"Good Luck Achilles Wolfhound out."

"Lift off Lt."

"Aye Sir."

The second of the Earth Built starships slowly moved up into the air by way of it's main Anti-gravity VTOL engines slowly it knifed through the earth-like atmosphere of Wolf 359's sole habitable planet and into the dark vacuum of space. The Ship's commander Colonel Joanna Taylor sat back in her command seat held down by the safety straps attached to the chair and watched the main screens as the ship powered it's way from the planet's gravitational pull and out into the inky blackness of the void.

"Orbital Insertion Achieved Sir."

"Good Work Lt, Set course for Earth Space."

"Aye Sir. Course engaged Hyperspace window active in three two one."

The warship disappeared into a hyperspace window accelerating to several time the speed of light for a short jump to it's next drop point, like the other ship in her class the Achilles needed periodic recharge due to the ship's core being fuelled by Naquada and not the Naquadria derivative. Meanwhile the ship's crew were still learning the full capabilities of their vessel with computer based Wargames and on-board maintenance schedules allowing both officers and enlisted to know their ship intimately while many had trained on the Prometheus like all ships the Achilles had her own temperament and technology changes that needed tweaking. Fortunately even with the vessel's distinction of first mass produced variant there had been little wrong with the ship only a few problems with the integrated Asgard technology had been corrected by USAF technicians with the assistance of Stargate Command personnel headed by Colonel Samantha Carter.

The ship dropped out of Hyperspace with a flash of light close to the Alpha Centauri System- close to earth's solar system the system however had little in the way of necessary materials and had been left alone until such time as a Stargate could be transplanted to the local planets. The Achilles main engine's power systems started the full one hour recharge cycle necessary for them to jump the rest of the way back to Earth.

"We're getting a hyperspace window reading?"


"One million Kilometers It's coming through."

With a brief flah the window closed behind the incoming shape of a Pyramid.

"Goa'uld Capital ship, Ha'tak class she's arming weapons."

"Shields now."

The Asgard based deflector shields snapped on seconds ahead of the first hits from the Goa'uld weapons system, the shield shrugged off the few hits that their evasive course didn't stop. The ship's scanners detected flights of Udajeet Death Gliders as they poured out of the ship's monstrous hanger bays, in defence the Earth Warship's antifighter defence guns and missile launchers opened up wiping out entire flights in seconds before the Gliders could pull out. The massed fire was able to cover the launch of the Achilles' eight F-302 fighters from their internal hanger bay, the fighters opened up from range with a spread of Naquada enhanced Sidewinders hitting and destroying most of the fighters that they targeted, then the range had closed and the fighters were at knife range pulses from the Udajeet Mixed it up with projectiles from the sealed air filled magazines of the 302's Vulcan cannons. The speed and agility of the 302s taking the Udajeet by surprise considering their size and bulk- this did not last long as entire ranks of death gliders turned and followed the defenceless tails of the Earth built starfighters firing pulses of energy into the armour of the 302s, the Sheets of human developed Reactive armour ablating the blows and shearing off taking the heat and kinetic energy with them.

Breaking into their turning radius one far smaller than the Jaffa's ships the eight fighters pulled back into the protective radius of the Achilles' CIWS systems and with a sharp one-eighty letting their own missiles join in with the mauling of the remnants of three squadrons of Udjeet. By this point the heavy firepower of the Ha'tak was being brought to bare on the forward shields of the Prometheus Class Battlecruiser, dozens of bolts started their impacts on the forward sections dropping the power output down- in retaliation a dozen heavy Naquada enhanced Missiles impacted on the shields of the Mothership the pyramid shaped vessel crippling the heavy energy barriers with the nuclear explosives incorporated into the missiles.

"Enemy ship's shields are at thirty percent, they are sending out a distress call."

"Try to jam them, Weapons ready another Missile salvo and prepare the main cannon."

The Achilles like her sister ship contained a heavy pulse weapon a gift from the Asgard fleet for the Tau'ri's assistance with the war against their foes- the Replicators, the weapon would only be used by the USAF space based warships and SGC attached personnel much to the displeasure of Former Vice President Kinsey. The weapon was also powered by a secondary Naquadah reactor since the loss of the Naquadriah core and much of the Native Naquadriah on the planet Kolanna, the weapon was still capable of being used but at a much slower rate of fire than the same weapons on the O'Neill and Beliskner Class starships.

A second salvo of Naquadah enhanced missiles impacted on the shields of the Ha'tak, the damaged shields of the ship having turned away for repair meant the impact hit the newer fully powered shields of the hull closest to them. The Smaller warship manouvered away from the massive pyramid ship and emptied it's rear firing Missile launchers at the damaged shield sections of the pyramid also bringing her own undamaged shields to bare against the massive force of the Goa'uld ship's main weapons. The last of the missile crippled the enemy shield generators and impacted the surface of the Ha'tak vessel blowing apart entire sections of the hull.

Without warning a second Pyramid ship appeared out of nowhere using it's crippled sister ship as a shield to block it's intrusion into the system- it's main weapons already armed and hammering into the forward shields of the Achilles.



"Full bombardment all tubes on both these ships I want them dead and ready main cannon for firing."

"All missile batteries fired sir."

"Impact in all sides sir the Primary target is gone, secondary forward target knocked several missile out before impact their shields are holding."

"SIR! The interception of that last missile launch damaged our forward shields, They are losing power."

A continuous bombardment from the Ha'tak and the remaining fighters from the now destroyed vessel finally redlined the ventral fore shields of the Achilles and they collapsed blowing out the generators. With the ship now defenceless the impacts of the few weapons the Goa'uld could bring to bare started to damage the hull plating.

"Cannon Status?"

"Ready to Fire."


The Asgard developed energy cannon impacted the same shields that the Missiles had struck the multiple pulses burning straight through and into the hull of the Ha'tak Vessel before it was forced to shut down.

"Helm get us the hell out of here."

An impact to the hull lurched the ship straight around by almost ninety degrees burning through the hull and into the inner sections killing those few personnel in them, sensors across the board went crazy as the crew tried to get the ship under control.

"Goa'uld fire in now concentrated on aft shields power is holding. We're accelerating away enemy ships are following enemy fire is dropping off- looks like they are feeding the energy into their engines their coming after us. All Fighters are redocked, one's had it sir she's totalled."

"uh-oh." A voice spoke up from the back of the bridge."

"I Didn't want to hear that Sgt."

"Sir that last hull impact hit one of the lower bays, the bay is sealed but the energy blast has set off the Naquada in that side of the hull the entire load is becoming unstable."

"What does that mean." Asked one of the other technicians

"It means we have to dump it before it reached critical mass and explodes taking us along with it."

"Dammit Clear that Bay and the immediate area have all personnel brought in from the outer sections and ready Bay Three and sections Two and three, beta, delta, and omicron for decompression we'll blow it out." Ordered Taylor.

"Aye sir."

Across the decks of the ship crewmen ran from section that were locked off with Trinium hardened vacuum doors, all outer sections were locked down and sealed, the exceptions being the six section which were ready for decompression.

"All surviving personnel accounted for, we lost seven in the battle Sir."

"Dammit. Ready bay doors."

"Critical mass in one minute ten seconds."

"Open em up decompress the sections."

The Two massive cargo bay doors opened up blowing the entire atmosphere of six ship sections out into the void of space, the heavy partially processed naquada resisted the pull for a few seconds and then acquiesced to the pull of the Atmospheric compression and was hurtled into space directly towards the oncoming ships.

"Hyperspace Generator?"

"Forty minutes from charge."

"Just get us out of here we'll fully charge later."

"Activating Generator."


The five tons of naquada detonated sending a massive energy shockwave in all directions the edge hit the destabilising Hyperspace window seconds after the Achilles had already departed the energy imbalance sent a ripple through the Conduit and threw the Achilles out of hyperspace and tumbling through realspace.

The crew of the starship not strapped down were thrown across hallways and decks, store rooms and weapons bays as the ship swung end over end, the ship's thrusters attempting to realign them to an even keel. Slowly the ship stopped it's spinning and settled into coasting motion.

"Damage report.

"Weapons system a-ok. Forward shields are dead Aft shields are recharging"

"Hull Integrity at ninety percent."

"Sublight Engines damaged by working, thrusters a-ok, Hyperspace generator is down."

"Crew Casualties, twelve dead, Six MIA, Forty Injured."

"Long range Sensors Offline, Short range at Sixty percent."

"Communications offline."

"Life support at seventy percent, If we lock down unnecessary quarters or deck sections we should be ok."

"Alright people find out where the hell we are."

"Sensors are offline sir."

"Dammit use stargazing if you have to I want to know where we are. How long until the Hyperspace Generator's online."

"I don't know Sir I'll have to take it apart to see what the damage is."

"Sir Short Range sensors are showing Energy reading- some kind of fights going on out there."

"On screens."

Across the topside of the bridge several TV monitor screens started up showing a battle between two huge ships, one was heavily damaged and seemed to be trying to escape from the other ship and failing, the heavy looking blocky ship fired an impressive amount of weapons fire at the chasing ship few if any shots hitting the much bigger ship. From the larger ship- a bright line seemed to appear emitting from the forward protrusion of the ship's forward and sliced into the hull of the other ship tearing it's engines from it's hull both section exploding from the accumulated damage.


"The other ship's coming about sir, I'm reading All kinds of things I've never seen before."

"Weapons defences?"

"No energy Shields sir but thick armour and some kind of fusion weapons I'll try to clear up the picture. Damn she's close to a mile long, she's scanning us."

The ship's viewers gradually pixellated into a much more defined vessel, a massive warship bigger by far than the Ha'tak vessels they had fought beforehand moving almost majestically the ship moved closer and closer

"Activate ECM."

"ECM up sir It's deflecting some of the scans but not all."

"Red Alert arm all weapons Bays."


"We have short range limited visual/audio only."

"This Is Colonel Joanna Taylor of the United States Air Force Achilles to unknown ship please respond."

"No Response Sir."

"I repeat this is Colonel Joanna Taylor of the USAF Achilles to unknown ship please respond."

"Signal coming through."

"Foolish Humans You are too late to save your other ships and know you shall be next, for the Blood your people have spilt of my people. The Shal'avi of the Wind swords clan will be the last thing you shall set eyes upon. For the Honour of the Minbari."

The crew looked at each other in confusion.

"Was it something we said?" the Xo asked.