Well, I'm back with another fic. Again, this stars the Blitzkrieg Boys. It's set during G Revolution, but with a twist on the story. Instead of taking Spencer and Bryan to confront Boris directly like what happens in the anime, Tala decides to sneak into BEGA Headquarters during the night in order to collect evidence to expose Boris's new schemes.

Disclaimer: 'Beyblade' and 'G-Revolution' and all associated characters and names are property of © Aoki Takao · BB3Project, TV Tokyo, licensed by d-rights Inc. I do not own Beyblade in any way and in writing this fiction I am not making a single cent/penny/any other form of currency. So don't sue. Please.


By AngeLhearteD

Chapter I: Nightmares

It was dark and cold. It was always so dark, always so cold. He knew he should be accustomed to the feeling. Yet part of him still rejected the cold. It was his element. But it could make him feel so numb, especially when he didn't call for it.

Sometimes he wished…sometimes he wanted…warmth. What brought warmth? Fire…fire brought warmth. But no child in the abbey had a fire elemental bit-beast. It was strictly forbidden. It was absolutely against the rules to play with fire, or to make it, or to warm numb fingers with it.

The last person to wield fire…the only person he could recall…had left so long ago…perhaps he wasn't even real. Perhaps Tala had imagined a boy with blazing crimson eyes and a defiance that burned all who dared question him. So long ago…he was only a fragmented memory.

Tala couldn't remember the boy's name. Not now…maybe never…he didn't want to think…thinking brought him to his senses and with his senses came the pain…the pain of needles, syringes being dug ruthlessly into his skin. The endless blood tests. The tubes that were pumped full of different coloured fluids that Tala didn't even know the names of…so many plastic tubes attached to so many needles stuck all over his body. In his arms. In the backs of his hands. In his chest, in his legs, in his neck. It hurt. It hurt…they'd make him hold his breath under water while they done the tests…water that was so cold; but he couldn't shiver, he could do nothing.

He was floating. His bones ached from the numbness. What was he…? Why were the scientists always experimenting on him?

He managed to lift his heavy lidded eyes, barely conscious. He could see through the glass of the mist covered cylinder he was suspended in. His glass prison. The men and women in white lab coats, jotting down notes, peering at him, preparing more green fluid to inject into him.

I'm cold…so…cold…he thought. He couldn't hold his breath for much longer. He was going to suffocate.

Spencer…Ian…Bryan…where…are you…? I can't breathe…I can't…it's so cold….it hurts…help me! He began to panic and his slow and weak heart-rate suddenly rose and began to pound. His intense sea-blue eyes fixed on a figure in a long green coat. It had purple hair and it walked up to the other side of the cylindrical prison and tapped at the glass with a long and bony finger.

The mouth twisted in a cruel, sick smile. 'Be a good boy and hold your breath a while longer, Tala.' It said.

No…you're going to kill me! What are you pumping into my body? What are you doing to my body?! Tala mentally screamed.

'That's right…good boy…' The voice cooed. 'I'll make you strong, Tala. My brilliant cyber-soldier…you will be invincible!'

No…Boris! I'm sick of these experiments…let me out! He thought frantically.

He was going to pass out…he could feel unconsciousness claiming him.

Boris Balkov's sadistic laughter echoed in his mind and Tala opened his mouth to scream in rage.

A mistake. Water filled his mouth instantly and he could feel himself choking, suffocating.

No! I'm going to die! I can't…breathe!

So cold…the water was so cold…how he longed for warmth…for fire.

Bryan…Spencer…Ian…help me…His eyes closed and he could feel his life leaving him. Everything was numb. Everything was going so dark.

Bry…an…Ian…Spen…cer…Crimson eyes flashed across Tala's memory, two-toned blue hair, blue triangles slashed across pale cheeks. He remembered at the final moment as Boris's cruel laughter blocked out all other sound.

A phoenix

Memories of snow balls being thrown in his face, of his own hands pinning a small figure down so that it couldn't avoid Tala's own onslaught of snow balls drifted through Tala's mind. Laughter. Fear. Blazing anger. Then…nothing.

Kai…Kai has fire

It was not possible to cry under water, but a tear rolled down Tala's cheek and crystallised into ice as he lost track of everything.

Kai…help me!

--------- ---------

Tala gasped for air and his eyes flew open as he bolted up in his bed, gripping onto the sheets tightly. For a moment he couldn't discern between reality and fantasy. But soon he remembered where he was and he let out a sharp breath. He was in a hotel, in the room he shared with the rest of his team, the Blitzkrieg Boys. Glancing to his right he saw the sleeping form of Bryan in the bed next to his, and beyond Bryan's was Spencer's bed. Then Tala looked to his left, at the motionless form of Kai. His back was turned to Tala and he was clearly also asleep. Tala looked away, down at his pale hands.

Just a dream, Tala…he thought. Just a stupid, pointless dream…I'm not dead, I didn't suffocate. I'm not alone anymore.

But he had been in cylindrical tubes far more times than he liked to recall. He had been tested so regularly as a child. The memories were hard to shut out. The pain was still very much there. Raising an arm, Tala ran his fingers over the smooth skin, feeling the remaining dented scars of many years of needles.

The nightmares had left him alone for a while and Tala had finally thought he was moving on with his life, when he had discovered, three days earlier, that Boris Balkov was out of jail and had formed a new team called BEGA. No-one knew anything about the new team or its members. Tala didn't care about that; he, Spencer and Bryan had been so shocked and outraged that all they had wanted to know was where to find their old teacher.

Of course, Kai had calmly advised against it and two days had passed of no progress. But unknown to the rest of his team-mates, Tala had made some progress. He knew where BEGA Headquarters were. It was surrounded by high walls but word had reached him that it did not yet have fully installed security cameras. Tala's mind had been working rapidly. If Boris was back, he was surely up to no good again. The man would never change and Tala was determined to expose him before he did anymore damage.

To add insult, he had formed a new team. Tala gritted his teeth. So he thinks we're deficient, is that it? I'll show him. I'll get evidence on tape. I'll just borrow someone's voice recorder system and then there's no way he can deny it. It'll be bye-bye Boris for good!

The nightmares had returned ever since Tala had realised Boris was back. They had haunted him for three nights now and Tala was losing sleep over them. Luckily he was used to a few hours of sleep since childhood so it didn't pose a serious problem. But he had never felt this edgy or anxious before. He needed to know Boris's plans. Did the man even know that Tala and the others were in the same city as him?

Sighing, Tala pushed back the sheets and got out of bed. He had woken up in a cold sweat and needed a shower. Glancing at the time, the flame-haired youth frowned; 4.45am already. He usually got up at 7.30am. So he had less then three hours left.

Great…why is it I'm the one who gets the nightmares? Spencer and Bryan are sleeping like babies…and as for Kai…does he even breathe? Tala thought grumpily.

Well…they weren't dumped in cylindrical test tubes like me…the privileges of being captain…hn.

Being as quiet as he could, Tala padded over to the four drawer cabinet he shared with the others and opened his top drawer. Pulling out a towel and some clean clothing, he quietly closed the drawer again and padded over to the small kitchen unit. He grabbed a glass and opened the small fridge, and took out the cold bottle of water, pouring himself some in the glass. Replacing the bottle and closing the fridge door, he gulped down the cold drink, feeling it soothe his dry throat. He quickly rinsed the glass and replaced it on its stand and turned and silently left the room for the shower next door that they shared with another team.

He left in the knowledge that his team-mates were asleep. But he didn't know that as soon as he closed the door of the room, one of his team-mates woke up, had been awake the moment Tala had woken from his nightmare, gasping.

Kai's eyes opened and he stared into darkness. He had seen and heard everything.

Author's note:

Well that's chapter one done. Please tell me what you think. It's on the short side, but this story will contain more chapters as a result. I've got the next chapter planned so it shouldn't take me long to update again. Thanks for reading.