One bright Sunday morning, Jesse was in the hangar bay, fixing the Double Helix for the umpteenth time. "Why Adam wont get a guarantee I just dont know... " Grumbled the Molecular as he worked. "Brennan doesnt have to do this much work, oh no - he gets to play basketball all the time, or work out with the hot chicks. Me, I'm the one stuck doing the dirty work.." Jesse paused, visualising Brennan in the Double Helix plummeting to the earth, owing to Jesse's 'maintenance'. He smiled. "Yeah, then I'd get both chicks..." He said to himself. Not that he actually would, cause Brennan was at times (very few times) a good friend and teammate. No he'd buy his time till Season Three, when Brennan would have to do the hard core work too. He began to whistle, his thoughts turning to the luxorious bath waiting for him after he'd finished up here. And a certain favourite playmate....

Five hours later, sweaty and grimy and with bruises in more then a few places, Jesse put away his tools and put up an OUT OF ORDER sign on the Helix's front pad. Getting up he shook his entire body, and then headed for the bathroom. Running the hot soapy water, with his favourite bubble bath, he undressed and took out his towel and bathrobe and little donald duck slippers, by which time the bath was run. Sinking deep into the hot water, he took a few seconds, then reached up to the shelf immediately above him...... his hand met with empty air!
Confused, Jesse looked - finding an empty shelf - and proceeded to look around the room for the object so dear to him. It was gone! Eyes wide with alarm and panic, Jesse got up out of the bath, and put on his robe and Donald Duck slipped - racing and sliding to the lab where Adam Kane was meticulously working on a way to get Adult Sky Channels without having to pay for them.

He looked up in surprise at the dripping wet New Mutant before him, taking in the plastered hair and more disturbingly the Donald Duck slippers that he could have sworn he'd thrown out at least twice before.
"Adam, something terrible.. I looked for it... it was gone... I cant find it anywhere.... what if someones kidnapped it? What if... what if Eckharts put it into a stasis pod!" Cried Jesse, absolutely distraught by now.
"Calm down Jesse. One thing at a time, alright. Oh and Jesse?" Asked Adam
"Yeah..." Jesse hiccuped down a sob at the plight of his most treasured little friend.
"We're talking about your rubber duck again, arent we?"
"Umm.... might be...." Suddenly self conscious, Jesses left Donald Duck slipper stubbed the metal floor of the lab.
"mmm mmm... you do know one of the others have probably taken it hostage..." Adam couldnt resist.
"OH MY GOD!" Jesse shot out of the lab intent on pursuing the people who had taken his rubber duckie.

In his lab, Adam almost died laughing, eventually calming down to produce the said missing rubber duckie and place it on the nearby shelf. Shaking his head, the scientist returned his attention to trying to get Adult Sky Channels for free once more.