His Demons

Chapter 1: Two Lives Brought Together

"No, I said that in the morning I'm going to Bevelle. Apparently they have something there for me that only I will be able to handle." Shrugged Yuna, who had to explain once again to Rikku that she wasn't going on a holiday. She had important business to attend to.

Both Yuna and Rikku were lazing around on the beach of Besaid, soaking in the warm rays of the midafternoon sun.

"Well I think it's unfair. You get to go too and from Besaid all the time and you always leave me behind." Whined Rikku, who was rather disappointed that she was once again, not invited to attend one of Yuna's voyages, away from this place that was always so dull and unexciting.

"Well you can't come with me this time Rikku." Replied Yuna as she slowly pulled her bikini-covered body up from the sand, which stuck to her thighs and palms.

Rikku flopped down on her belly on the sand and whined once more, "This time? I never get to go with you. What do you mean this time?"

Yuna smiled playfully and shook her shoulder length, honey-brown hair covered head, knowing that Rikku would soon get over it. They always had this conversation whenever Yuna had to go away on certain journey's, which always had something important for her to deal with at the end of it.

"I'll be back soon. I promise. I'm not going to be gone long." Yuna replied confidently.

But little did she know that she was dead wrong. There was no going back after this. If she ever did come back to Besaid, she would be a changed woman for life. So now lets see her story and how it affected her once peaceful and happy life, turning it into a passionate and death-defying love affair.


Two nights before Praetor Baralai of New Yevon summoned Lady Yuna to come to Bevelle.

"Seize him. He is the one who murdered Maestor Seymour in Guadosalam." Ordered Praetor Baralai, as his guards pinned the blonde-headed man to the ground.

"Get off me you bloody Yevonites. I did no such thing." Yelled the man calmly.

A little too calmly for a man who was trying to plead innocence.

"You fool. You were caught red-handed. Literally. Maestor Seymour's men saw you in his temple with his blood all over your hands, holding onto a samurai sword." Baralai informed him, so that the man knew that there was no point of making up futile lies.

However, this man was not easily intimidated by anyone, let alone some useless leader of a pathetic belief.

"You have no proof that it was me. It could have been anyone." He cried as he struggled under the yevonite's powerful strength.

He was fighting against three of them at the moment, and yet they still couldn't seem to keep him down properly.

"You are one of the worst fugitives that I have ever met. You can't even admit that you were the one who did it. You disgust me. What kind of man are you?" spat Baralai angrily.

"That fucked up Maestor never did nothing for nobody. I can understand why you miss him so much though. You're both the same. Think of your own fucking selves and leave the rest of us to rot." Screamed the man, as the yevonites began to kick his ribs violently for speaking to the Praetor in such a vile manner.

Baralai had had enough of this man's foul and disrespectful behaviour towards him. He would teach him who was boss around here.

He strolled over to the man who now had his right cheek shoved into the dirt below, causing his blonde hair to turn into a brown colour and his face to become quite muddy from the sweat and dirt mixing together.

He had a few splashes of blood upon his forehead and the cheek, which wasn't shoved into the ground.

"You will refer to me as Praetor Baralai, you sick repulsive murderer." Baralai whispered evilly, as he brought his right hand down forcefully against the man's left cheek.

The blow was so powerful against his face that it caused his nose and the left side of his bottom lip to bleed slowly, and splash against Baralai's clothes and the guard's faces, as the man's face flung to the right.

He howled in pain, and screamed, "You lousy bastard."

This only caused him more agonising kicks to his body and violent blows to his head. This continued for quite some time, with the man still not giving up on the fight. He kept yelling abusively and struggling to free himself.

However, after the man had finally calmed down from the exhaustion of fighting a losing battle, Baralai ordered his men to take him under Bevelle where he would be locked up, until he knew what to do with him.

So off they went, dragging the man towards the prison, as his feet dragged along the ground lifelessly, his head hung low, letting his blonde muddy tresses fall down over his closed eyes. He was a real sight. Blood and dirt covered his clothes, leaving the original colours of the clothes unidentified.

They didn't exactly have enough evidence that this man was Maestor Seymour's murderer, to trial him. But they would make the lowly bastard talk. He wouldn't want to screw around this time. There was no escape from where he was going. And he would certainly not be dealt with lightly, even if he were to cooperate and admit that he killed Maestor Seymour.

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