Chapter 30: You Should Be Here…

Tidus's POV:

Rikku was staring at me oddly for most of the night. She seemed to watch me curiously as I lay restlessly on one of the cabin beds inside the airship. I was having a hard time trying to figure out exactly what had happened but every now and then a flash of light would appear before my eyes as I closed them.

Cid could be heard through Rikku's headpiece once in while as well. It was all in Al Bhed so I couldn't work out too much of what he was saying.

Rolling over feeling a little bit distressed I groaned as a sharp pain shot throughout my entire body.

"Fuck me…what is wrong with my head?" I groaned painfully into the pillow below me.

Hearing a small squeak and the sound of footsteps on the floor I realised that Rikku had gotten up from her position on the opposite bed.

"You should think yourself lucky you can feel anything at all after that mess you got yourself into." She replied calmly, which was rather odd for her I noted.

Ignoring her comment, I tried to rid myself of the insistent throbbing within my head. It was terrible. I couldn't remember having a worse headache. Suddenly it hit me as I sat upright in my bed, no longer caring about my aching skull.

I was feeling pain. Which was really strange as it was something that doesn't usually happen when you're dead.

Staring down at my hands, - remembering the dream I thought I had, - I waited for myself to disintegrate into pyreflies once again, wishing I was I back in the Farplane. Shutting my eyes tightly I wished quietly under my breath for Braska to come here instead of me.

However I was instantly smacked down off of the bed and onto the floor within seconds of doing so.

"Boy I suggest you keep what's on your mind 'IN' your mind. GOT IT!" a much older mans voice growled fiercely into my left ear as my face lay against the harsh floor due to the hand around my neck holding it there.

I hated this. This whole scenario was a joke. So quickly reaching up for Cid's hand assuming it was him, I grasped onto his wrist tightly and yanked it far away from my neck, making sure to back off as soon as I did so.

Now standing close to one of the rooms corners I stared around me at a curious Rikku, an angry looking Brother and a much more irate Cid. Emotions swept over me from all angles. I didn't know what I was doing here or why everyone had it in for me but I wasn't going to take it any longer.

Frowning I walked forward and picked up the closest piece of furniture and flung it towards Cid, which just grazed his arm before colliding into the wall beside him.

Realising that I had only pissed him off even more, I raised my right hand and shouted forcefully, "STOP!"

I waited a few moments to see if they were listening to me before I continued.

"I will not take you or this worlds shit any longer. I have been here more than my fair share of times and I'm bloody over it. I can't do what I came to do and your fucking sister's husband keeps throwing me back here to save your stupid summoner!" I yelled, feeling the rage completely overtake me once more, like in the beginning when I had first been cast yet again into this world.

Feeling a powerful surge of fury overcome me I found myself swinging my right foot hastily and slamming it severely into the wall beside me. The force behind it left an indentation slightly larger than my head. I saw that a few wires were now poking out from their once safe home, behind the previously secure bolts and thick sheets of combined metal materials that at one time protected them.

I breathed heavily through my nose and realised that it was for real this time around, as I felt the ache of my actions just moments ago start to slowly make its way up from the tiny bones in my right foot, (that were more than likely to some extent shattered) towards my shin. A moments silence ensued as I stared down at the floor of the airship angrily, feeling the sweat drip down from my forehead onto my insanely hot cheeks.

Ignoring it for the time being I raised my eyes towards the slightly stunned crew before me without moving my head from its position facing the floor. Slowly I licked the few salty sweat drops from my lips, grinding my teeth together as the pain in my leg began to grow. Closing my eyes I turned my head away and tried to force back an agonizing groan.

I could suddenly hear quick footsteps coming in my direction and a hand could soon be felt on my shoulder. Allowing whomever it was to stand by me, I unexpectedly felt tears of anguish start to stream down my cheeks as I fell to the ground against the damaged wall behind me. Clutching onto my ankle I held back all the cursing I would have loved to scream out right then.

"Tidus it's okay. We'll get someone to help you." Rikku's concerned voice could be heard as she knelt down beside me.

Shaking my head I flung it back against the solid wall behind me and scrunched my eyes together in pain as I continued to suffer. It wasn't only the pain of my injury that was causing my tears, it was mostly the situation that I had once again found myself in.

Holding back sobs I opened my eyes halfway and tried to make out Rikku through the tears that distorted my vision. Staring at her face, which only appeared as a blur to me, I whispered through gritted teeth, "I need to find Yuna."

Pausing for a moment I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly, trying to calm myself down and forget about the insistent pain in my leg.

Opening my eyes yet again I now saw the blonde more clearly and continued on to explain my need to find the young Summoner, "None of this will stop until I make sure she's safe. Nothing in this world will be okay until I make sure she gets there and leaves alive." Knowing that Rikku knew what I meant.

It was true. None of this would go away until I made sure she was safe from Sin and any other dangers that lurked about Spira. Braska had proven to me already that he would not give up on forcing me back into this world, until his daughter was out of harm's way.

A forlorn Cid stared at me understandingly in relation to my side of things before saying, "Then lets find her as fast as we can."

Yuna's POV:


Opening my eyes slowly to the sound of water dripping lifelessly somewhere in the small confines of the room I was in, I suddenly realised that I was no longer in my original cell.

Eyes widened I felt my heart race as panic began to take over me and abruptly I moved to sit up only to be forced straight back down again. Confused I searched for the cause of my inability to move about freely and found that I was bound by the very chains (or very similar ones at that), which had once held Tidus in his place whilst imprisoned here. Except I was strapped down to a long slab of cold rock with all of my limbs tied down securely.

What was happening to my life? Why do I deserve a punishment far worse than his?

I was once so respected and often come to for anything the people around me needed. Now I was chained down like some violent miscreant who only came across as worthless and unwanted, yet very much sought after if I was to escape. The only happiness I would bring to Spira would be for me to stay put. Away from their children and superficial beliefs.

Turning my head in the direction of the voices coming from outside my door I tried to keep my breathing as quiet as I could, in hopes that maybe whoever was out there would turn around and leave me be.

However, after hearing the sound of a series of locks opening up on the other side of the door I knew that they had other ideas in mind. As the light from outside flashed through the door it was immediately blocked out as someone rather large pushed his or her way through with haste.

The solid door was then swung shut slowly as if the person was trying to sneak into the room without my knowing it. The clank of metal as it shut signified that the padlock had secured itself and I was once again locked away in the dark. However, this time not alone.

Heavy boots scuffed across the aging tiles that were mostly covered in dirt and fungus due to water trickling into the room every now and then.

I lay quietly on my prison bed and waited for what was coming next. I could sense the space around me starting to feel smaller as someone moved in closer. My heart began to pound fast against my chest as I began to panic. I couldn't take the constant fear of being hurt anymore. I just wanted it to all end and let the torture be over with.

It was then that I felt a hand slowly stroke my right cheek and my eyes squinted shut tight as I expected to be beaten around once again. However when the affection continued at the same pace I began to wonder what was really in store for me.

I felt goose bumps form all over my body as I felt a hand start to caress my right thigh. I began to squirm in horror as the person moved onto the cold bed I lay upon. His legs brushed across mine as they shifted into a more comfortable position between my own.

That's when I knew I was going to be raped and there was nothing I could do about it.

Feeling his breath against my face I turned away as I felt icy lips just miss my own. I couldn't believe the situation. I couldn't believe the state I was in. I felt like a dirty, impure, adulterated woman. A wave of dizziness engulfed me, as I felt sick from having nothing to eat and having hardly anything to drink since I had been imprisoned here. The consistent pressure on my stomach from the man on top of me didn't help matters either.

Instantly my head flung forward and I spurted the remains of what lay in my stomach, drenching the individual who now lay frozen on top of me. After a few seconds of silence I felt a hand come down hard across my left cheek and felt cold wet spit hit the top half of my body.

"You sick girl. Why the hell would you do that for?" screamed the deep voice in much confusion.

When I did not answer I was slapped once again and asked the same question as he grabbed a fistful of my hair roughly. He brought his head down close to my face and spoke through clenched teeth angrily causing droplets of spit to hit my face.

"Answer me girl!" he yelled as he rattled my head about violently.

I clenched my eyes shut and gasped a little as he whispered maliciously into my ear, "Answer me or I'll cut ya fingers off."

Hearing him unsheathe his weapon I opened my eyes in fear and yelped a little at the thought of more pain. It seemed I had waited far too long to answer as I felt the sharp blade of a knife sit dangerously on top of my left ring finger. Sniffing back sobs I began to say sorry to the monster next to me.

"YOU'RE WHAT?" he yelled as he made the first incision.

Holding back a cry of pain I repeated, "I'm sorry."

Cutting even deeper into my flesh he laughed and said, "Not good enough."

As soon as those words were said I felt him crack through my knuckle with the blade and a small thud echoed throughout the small room.

Eyes wide open I held my breath for a moment to try and take in what had just happened.

"That's one gone young lady…you've got nine more to go." He stated rather seriously.

Anger slowly began to engulf me as I thought yet again about the way I had been treated and also the fact that someone unknown to me had just CUT OFF MY FINGER!

Like before in my old cell I heard the room around me start to groan as the walls expanded against the powerful energy emerging from my body. I heard a grunt over toward my lower left as the floors shook the stranger about a bit.

He leapt at me and began to strangle me violently.

"Let… go of me." I gasped furiously, kicking my legs about in an attempt to free them.

Debris crumbling onto the floor was heard as the walls slowly began to collapse around us. My second attempt at dark magic was definitely working a lot better this time around I thought as I smirked triumphantly.

However, the lack of air to my lungs began to slow me down and I began to fade in and out of consciousness.

Suddenly his hands were gone and almost immediately a bright light blinded me.

My hearing had faded and slowly my vision followed.

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