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This fic is semi-AU with some reference to the original SEED. The timeline for this story will be three years after the ending of SEED but with some modifications:

- Athrun and Cagalli haven't met yet
- Cagalli doesn't know that Kira is her brother
- Lacus is still Athrun's fiancée
- Athrun took over the position of his father
- Cagalli isn't officially the princess of Orb
- Lord Uzumi is still alive

These are just some of the modifications, there might be more. If you are confused, you are free to ask.

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The Princess' Sonata




Chapter 1

New Secretary


"You're fired."

His voice rang out through the velvet room adorned with certificates and medals. Sitting behind the rich oak table, Athrun Zala, 20, narrowed his eyes as the lady in front of him knelt.

"Chairman Zala, please give me another chance!" she pleaded, her eyes brimming with tears.

"I didn't like how your report turned out that's why I'm firing you," he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

She knelt lower so that her head almost touched the floor. She didn't care about saving her remaining dignity. "Please, Mr. Zala! Please give me another chance!"

"Are you questioning my decision?" he asked dangerously.

"No, sir! Of course not! But please! One—"

"—Last chance, young lady? I'm sorry, but I don't accept an incompetent person as my personal secretary. Especially someone like you... a coordinator, but still stupid."

Tears flowed out of the lady's eyes. She couldn't do anything, she knew she couldn't. "No... please, sir..."

Athrun relaxed in his chair, "Get out."

"Please, Chairman Zala! I really need this job!"

"Get out, or I'll personally drag you out," he said in a voice that could match the temperature on Pluto.

"Sir! Please—"

Athrun spun his chair to face the large French windows, his back facing the lady. "Get out before I lose my temper with you."


Pushing a button on his leather chair, he spoke in a professional manner, "Please get this lady out of my sight."

"Sir, please! Please! Have mercy!"

In a snap, two soldiers entered the room. With their ZAFT uniforms perfectly ironed, they stood proudly while holding their guns. They grabbed the pleading lady by the elbows and exited the room.

The doors closed and the cries of the lady were silenced. Athrun resumed his position facing the windows. Sighing, he pushed another button.

"Could you please direct me to Patrick Zala?"

The operator spoke a soft 'Please hold on'. With a click, a man's voice spoke from the other line, "What is it now, Athrun?"

"I need another secretary, father." Athrun answered nonchalantly.

His father sighed. "It hasn't been a year since you replaced me as chairman and yet you already have had five secretaries! Why can't you be contented?"

"They make me angry," he answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "The first one spilled coffee on a document I was working on. The second threw Haro in the swimming pool out of annoyance. Lacus was really sad so I had to spare some time to fix the poor thing. The third one ran off with her natural boyfriend— pathetic if you ask me. The fourth resigned just because I raised my voice. She was weak. The fifth, the one I fired just now, presented a report full of errors."

"But you could at least have tried to let it pass. Don't go firing them."

"Father, I am like you. I don't take excuses. I want excellent results. Do you really think these secretaries would meet my expectations?"

There was a pause on the other line.


"I will get you a new secretary only if you promise that she'll stay with you for a year. Is that understood?"

Athrun thought the idea over. "It is the only option I have now, isn't it? That sounds reasonable. I will agree, but make sure she is capable enough."

"That's good, but there's one problem," his father spoke in a dangerous tone, anger spitting out with every word.

Athrun allowed his father to continue. "To strengthen the newly achieved peace between naturals and coordinators, the Alliance is suggesting that naturals should be allowed to work on PLANTs, and vice-versa."

Athrun frowned. Those naturals are really ambitious, aren't they? "I believe the Alliance is suggesting the idea only to gain technology from the coordinators. Pathetic."

"I agree with you, but we can't do anything. Lacus Clyne is supporting the idea. You know her. You know how influential that singer is."

Athrun smiled as the name 'Lacus Clyne' was mentioned. The lady was his fiancée since birth. He loved her so much that being angry with her was like a sin. "Lacus really is something. Sometimes, I can't understand her..."

"Athrun, do you know that because of this plan, your secretary will be a natural?"


Golden orbs stared unblinkingly at the laptop as Cagalli Yula Attha, 19, read the text over and over.

"What are you doing, Cagalli?"

She looked up to see her guardian and bodyguard, Ledonir Kisaka, expecting an answer.

Turning her attention back on the computer, she spoke in a low voice, "There are rumors that ZAFT is planning an attack on Orb... The sudden electric failure on PLANTs deactivated their security system so I managed to access their main computer, for a minute, via Internet a few days ago.. I downloaded this file before they caught me."

Kisaka studied the text presented before him with utmost care. Looking over at the girl, he spoke in a gentle voice. "I know you are worried, but we can't go back to Orb just yet. We still can't reveal your true identity, princess. I have told you before how you were entrusted to my family. We were asked to raise you to be a strong princess, away from the spotlight where you couldn't move freely. We can't destroy all the years we spent hiding you by simply barging into Orb and announcing that ZAFT will attack."

The princess countered back, "You've been telling me that story for so long! You always lecture me on how I should avoid this and that because I'm a princess! But, bloody hell! The only thing I know about my father is that he is the leader of Orb; the only thing I know about my homeland is that it was one of the neutral nations during the war! How do you expect me to act like a princess with only this knowledge at hand!"

Kisaka sighed as he patted her head, "Cagalli, don't be childish."

Cagalli pulled his hand off her head, "Childish! You call me childish? Is wanting to help the country I will soon rule considered childish? I want to help Orb! Why can't you understand that?"

He looked at the girl knowingly, "Tell me, Cagalli, what can you do?"

She was taken aback, "I..."

"See, you can't do anything right now. I would advise you to wait for two more months. By that time, you'll turn 20 and be presented as the legal heir to the throne of Orb."

"But we don't know when will ZAFT attack! We must act now!"

"We can't. I am not going to allow you to endanger yourself."


"Kisaka! Cagalli! Look at this!" Erica Simmons burst in to the room, newspaper in hand.

Kisaka took the paper and read the part encircled in red. "WANTED: Secretary. QUALIFICATIONS: 18 years old and above, mentally capable with pleasing personality and a natural. CONTACT: 0920-555, ZAFT OFFICE."

Cagalli's eyes widened, "ZAFT Office? Natural? What is happening here?"

Erica looked at the two. "I heard the Alliance suggested something about allowing naturals to work on PLANTs and vice-versa."

Kisaka's eyebrows furrowed. "It is not yet officially announced, so why are they promoting it? ZAFT is up to something."

"Wait, I'll apply for the job," Cagalli suddenly blurted out.

"No, Cagalli, I won't allow you," Kisaka argued. "You are going back to Orb soon. It would be dangerous if people see you work."

She faced him with a determined expression on her features. "If I can apply for the job, I might be able to obtain some information about their plans. This is the only thing I can do for Orb right now."

"No, Cagalli. No."

Cagalli frowned. "Even if you say 'no', I will still go. You know me, Kisaka."

It was now Kisaka's turn to be taken aback.

Erica voiced her opinion. "I don't think she's joking, Kisaka. She is a stubborn princess after all."

Kisaka hesitated. "But—"

"You could come if you want," Cagalli added quickly.

He sighed resignedly. "I guess I don't have any choice."


Athrun's eyes snapped open as the phone rang. Wanting to kill the person who interrupted his sleep, he answered the phone coldly.

"What do you want?"

"Chairman Zala," the man on the other line said. "I'm sorry for interrupting you."

Athrun rolled his eyes as realization dawned. "This better be good, Yzak, or you're dead."

"That's Commander Joule to you, Chairman Zala," Yzak spat proudly.

The chairman continued to roll his eyes, "Let me correct myself then. What is your humble business, Commander Joule," he replied sarcastically.

"I was the one tasked to facilitate the application for your new secretary."

"The point is?"

"Those naturals are nothing but a joke. They shiver under my gaze. How foolish could they be for applying."

Athrun smirked. "It seems that I will not have a natural for my secretary anymore."

"I guess so, but— what are you saying Nicol?" Yzak suddenly walked away from the phone. Athrun waited.

Yzak finally came back, his voice sounding amused. "It seems it is too early to celebrate, Chairman Zala. A new applicant has arrived. Nicol is interviewing her now."

Athrun frowned. "Don't let her pass."

"Tell that to Nicol, not me."

"Yzak..." he spoke in a dangerous tone. "Don't pass an applicant who's not worthy just because you want to make me suffer."

"Why would I want you to suffer, Athrun? We are friends."


"Good news, Athrun," it was now Yzak's turn to be sarcastic. "It seems Nicol let her pass. She will be your new secretary."

"Damn," Athrun cursed.

"Well, I just wish you luck A— what the! Nicol!"

"Hey! Athrun!" Nicol suddenly spoke from the other line. It seemed that he managed to snatch the phone away from Yzak. "I hope you don't mind me passing Cagalli, that's her name, Cagalli Yula. Anyway, I think she's worthy enough. She's smart, although I sense that she has a quick temper."

"I don't mind it at all, Nicol. It is just what I need: a natural to play with," Athrun answered evilly.

Nicol's voice suddenly became serious, "Don't play with her Athrun. I believe she's a strong-willed girl."

"She is still a natural, thus, she is weak."

"I know how much you hate naturals, Athrun, but... there's just something with this girl that's... different."

Athrun looked at the phone disbelievingly. Nicol actually stood up for a natural? "Why are you being nice to that natural?"

"Her name's Cagalli, Athrun. I'm not really standing up for her but I have this hunch that there's more to her than what is seen."

"Since when did you become a fortune teller?"

"No, Athrun, I'm serious! Anyway, you know the deal. Your secretary must last for a year."

"Yeah, that will be hard, considering how weak naturals are."

Nicol sighed. Surely, there was no point trying to persuade Athrun to treat a natural equally; the guy had bad memories with naturals. "Just stick with the deal and you'll be fine. I'll hang up now, Athrun. Yzak left just a minute ago so I'm now in charge of the preparations for the shuttle that will take her to PLANTs."

"Okay then, goodbye."


Athrun walked to the window and pulled the velvet curtains apart to reveal the beautiful garden of the Zala mansion.

He smirked, "Cagalli Yula, huh? I'll make you realize that all naturals are weaklings."

To Be Continued...

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