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Chapter 10: Back to plan B

Inuyasha jumped up from his bed, looking around. A seen a figure standing next to his bed and he had them in a headlock in the blink of an eye.

"Inuyasha!" a familiar voice shrieked, squirming to get away from the tight grip.

"Err, Sango!" He quickly let go, rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry about that."

He sighed, sitting down on his pile of straw which he called his bed for the past couple of years. Sango frowned, sitting next to him.

"I'm sorry too, Inuyasha. I didn't mean to wake you. I know better than to shake you when your sleeping, however, you were making such horrible noises." She smiled, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Another bad dream?"

He nodded, looking straight forward. "Yes.. I used to only dream that nightmare every once and a while but ever since I met Kagome.. Well, I've been having it every night?"

Sango got up. "Well, it's only a silly dream, right?" she laughed. "Go back to need your rest!"

She walked out of the room. Inuyasha sighed again, laying back down on the warm straw, closing his eyes.

Once he was back to sleep he began having the nightmare again...

"Inuyasha!" a woman screamed. "Inuyasha, run!"

Inuyasha ran as far as his little legs could carry him. He could hear the woman screaming his name in the distance, mixed with the sounds of running footsteps and the shuffling of armor.

"Don't let them catch you Inuyasha!" the woman screamed before Inuyasha could smell her blood. His vision became blurry with tears, but he couldn't stop.. He had to keep running for her.

He reached the edge of the forest and found himself at the top of a large cliff. He looked over, but the darkness made it hard for him to see the bottom.

'Maybe there is no bottom!' he thought, wiping his eyes.

The sound of many running footsteps became louder and louder. Inuyasha wiped around to see around 20 or 30 guards only a few feet away. He gasped as they took little steps towards him.

"No, please!" Inuyasha pleaded.

"We are sorry, little one.. But we have our orders." one of the guards said, stepping closer. Inuyasha turned around and gulped, looking over the edge of the cliff again.

"Now, come with us and your death will be quick. Resist? And you will die slowly!" the same guard threatened.

Inuyasha gulped again, closing his eyes and jumping over the edge.

The guards ran to the edge, watching him as he disappeared into the darkness. One of the guards sighed. "Should we pursue him, Captain?"

The captain sighed as well . "No. I do not believe that even a half demon could survive a fall like that, even with sharp rocks at the bottom."

With that, the group of guards walked triumphantly back to Castle.

ten minutes later —

At the bottom of the cliff lay a small body, a motionless body covered with blood.

A small neko youkai demon wandered cutely over the rocks and stopped at the scene, looking curiously at the hurt child.

"Kilala!" a girl yelled into the night. "Kilala! Oh, there you are. What's that you're looking at?" the little girl asked, screaming when she seen the sight too.

A little boy came running. "Sango, what's wrong?" he asked, the girl turned and pointed at the bloody boy.

"Go and see if he's alive, Miroku!" she squealed. He did as she asked, walking over a felling for a pulse. He smiled. Turning his head towards the girl.

"He's alive, Sango, but barely. Let's take him home." he replied.

They both heaved Inuyasha onto Kilala's back and secretly took him back to their hide-out in the village...

Inuyasha opened his eyes. "Why do I keep having that dream?" he asked himself. Looking out the window and seeing that it was around noon.

He got up and walked out of his room and out into the room in which they kept the food. He stopped dead in his tracks, wide-eyed.

"Hello, Inuyasha." a voice said, sheepishly.

There, sitting at the piece of board they called a table, was Kagome.

"Ka..gome?" he stuttered, wondering if he should feel mad, or ecstatic.

She smiled , "I got Miyu to break down the door of my cell..So I could come and see you...since you didn't come back for me." her smiled faded slightly. "Are at me?"

Inuyasha didn't reply. He stared at her for a moment. She broke the stare by standing up.

"Well, I got the information I came for.. I'll just go." She said, dryly.

"Kagome, wait." He said in an anxious tone. "Don't go...sit down." She sat down again, and he sat next to her, taking her hands in his.

"I need to know something." he said.

"...ok, What do you need to know?" she smiled.

Sango looked at both of them with Shifty eyes, and left the room, grabbing Miroku and taking him with her.

Inuyasha and Kagome both chuckled, looking back at each other.

"Look, Kagome. That prince guy at your palace told me things.. He told me things that could possibly be true.. And I need to know If I was wrong to believe him.."

Kagome tilted her head in confusion. "What things?"

"He told me that you were only using get out of the palace and be free.. I don't know.." He stated, looking away.

She reached out and grabbed his chin with her index finger and thumb, pulling his gaze to hers.

"I can promise you now with every fibre of my being that I did NOT use you in any way." She looked into his eyes and he looked into hers. They stayed this way for at least 5 minutes before he smiled, hugging her.

"Thank god. I didn't want to believe him, Kagome." at his words, She hugged him back "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't want to lose you."

Kagome began to cry. "I feel the same way." Inuyasha wiped away her tears and they both laughed again.

Kagome stood up and looked out the window. "They're probably looking for me now.."

Inuyasha stood too. "Then I'll take you away from all of this."

Kagome turned and looked at him. "'d do that?"

"Of course I would." She smiled. "We can find solace together. We both have pasts that we want to run from."

Kagome smiled. "Ok. Let's do it!"

"Just let me get my things." Inuyasha stated, moving to go into his room.

"Wait, Inuyasha!" he stopped. "What about Miyu? I can't just leave him? And I need ot go back to the palace to get some clothes."

"I guess you do.." Inuyasha said, walking back to her, crouching down. "Hop on, I'll take you now, while most of the guards are out looking for you, it wont be so guarded at the palace."

Kagome hopped on, holding onto him tightly as they bounded from roof to roof..

When they arrived on the balcony of Kagome's room, they walked slowly in.

"Ok, it's clear." They walked in, Kagome threw some clothes into a bag of gold coins. Inuyasha's jaw dropped.

"What? We need money to buy things when we get to another village!" She shrugged her shoulders and so did he.

The king walked into the room, he gasped. "Kagome! How'd you!" he turned around. "GUARDS! GUARDS!"

"Uh-oh, Kagome. Let's move!" He picked her up bridal style, jumping off the balcony.

"MIYU!" she screamed. The little neko youkai stood at the top of the balcony, glaring down at her. "Miyu?" she called, "come!"

He didn't move. The king came into view, Miyu hopped on his shoulder, still glaring.

Kagome was in total shock. Inuyasha looked at her as they bounded again from roof t roof.

They arrived at Inuyasha's once more to inform Sango and Miroku of their decision.

Sango nodded. "That's a good idea." She hugged Kagome. "This will be so great, Kagome!" She then hugged Inuyasha.

"Yes, we'll be like sisters!" Kagome giggled.

Miroku stepped forward. "We'll stay here for a few days, so we don't make any of the neighbors suspicious." he hugged Kagome and shook Inuyasha's hand. "See you soon."

"Right." Inuyasha said, picking Kagome up bridal style and jumping down from the building.

"We'll meet you at the old caverns in the south!" Inuyasha called back to them, receiving a wave from the two.

A figure, standing on a roof in the near distance heard the yell and smiled. "Then I suppose I shall meet you there as well."