Chapter 18

"Miko, come here," Sesshomaru called out to his mate. With all the excitement last week, he had completely forgotten about it! After spending the last three hours reviewing maps of his youkai territory and comparing them to the modern maps of today, he believed he may have come close to locating his families possessions, which had been buried in the mountainside before the war. Several areas appeared to have potential, so he marked them with the red mar-ker his woman gave him. These modern times were truly astounding. Each day he discovered some amazing new contraption that humans have made. He had definitely underestimated the human mind. That's when he remembered. For whatever reason, thinking about the human mind suddenly reminded him of what she owed he called out again.

Kagome sat curled in her saucer chair reading the newspaper. The front page article thoroughly held her attention. It read... Last Saturday the bodies of four men were discovered by Detective Ryouta Minoko. All four victims were pronounced dead at the scene, by various bullet wounds. The four men were armed and three of the men were in possession of a controlled substance. Police believe the incident occurred as the result of a drug deal gone wrong.... Upon further investigation, police discovered that the suspected ring leader of the group, Kenta Yamaguchi, was also responsible for smuggling illegal contraband in and out of the country for the past 10 months through his Dogenzaka Street business...also believed to have been responsible for the break in at the Sumida Museum of..... No charges in the murders have been made.

'Smuggling,' Kagome repeated the word silently. She had almost married a drug dealing smuggler! Although she still felt terrible about the whole thing, she thanked the Gods that Sesshomaru had came into her life, and saved her from the inevitable horror that Kenta would have become. She laid the paper aside when she heard him calling for her.

When she opened the bedroom door, she was pleasantly surprised to find her strikingly handsome, and powerful mate, standing naked next to her stereo. He flipped it on and the erotic beat of the music began. The deep bass pounded through her body, as if it were an aphrodisiac.

Sesshomaru curled his lips and said, "Kagome, I believe that you owe Sesshomaru a dance." He turned his nose up sniffing the air. The scent of his mate's immediate arousal made him shiver. Already the music had control of her. In his eyes, her beauty was beyond compare. The taiyoukai lord watched his lovely mate sway her supple young body to the beat. Her eyes took on a sleepy look while her head rolled back revealing the length of her throat. Her ebony locks of silken hair flowing down the small of her back.

The youkai's gaze was fixed on the delicate human before him. The vision was simply intoxicating. Kagome moved up to her lover with flowing grace. The heat of her touch rushed through him. Her hands sliding over his face and down his neck. Their eyes locked on one another. Her fingers traced the lines of chest, as if discovering the secret of his great strength. The erotic sounds of the electronic rhythm moved the tiny miko as a puppet to the master.

With speed that shocked even Sesshomaru, his miko had slipped from her clothing. Her naked length arched against his hard body as the sensual melody bent her to its will. Sesshomaru began to sway to the insatiable rhythm. Each movement matching that of his mate. Like the branches of a whispering willow flowing in the breeze, the two lovers flowed to the music.

Her mate licked his lips at the sight of her rounded breasts. Slow and ever so lightly he traced each and every curve. Her long silken hair brushed softly against his bare skin. His lover...his treasure...he became hard watching her bewitching movements. She traced her tiny hands down his thighs and dropped to the floor. She took his erection into her sweet mouth, bringing out a groan of pleasure from her lord. Her pace quickened to the increasing rhythm of the song. Her prince pulled his claws carefully through her hair, tangling the softness between his long fingers. He arched against her mouth making her gag. He was afraid he hurt her, but she never slowed her pace. The feeling of her tongue sliding across his manhood brought pleasure he never thought possible.

Sesshomaru tightened his grip on her hair and pulled his beauty to her feet, only to push her onto the bed. He pounced on her growling his excitement and lust in her ear. Kagome knew his beast was taking over, it brought a mischievous smile to her lips. His golden amber eyes were flushed crimson. His breathing now coming in short pants of lust as he ran his fiery mouth over her neck to her breasts. Each nipple received attention from her lover, as he sucked and bit at them playfully. She moaned her pleasure at his touch, further exciting the youkai.

Slowly he traced her stomach with sweet kisses, down until he reached the curls hiding her pink folds of tender flesh. With the overwhelming urge to take her in his mouth her shoved her thighs apart. She could feel his hot breath bathing her aroused flower of love. It seemed forever that she waited for his mouth to taste her center. Only he hovered just out of reach, as he took in her tantalizing scent. He breathed it in deeply allowing it to cloud his mind.

Kagome lay back looking down at her sweet prince with his long ivory hair flowing across her thighs. She knew the moment was near when his tongue would slide between the lips of her womanhood to taste her essence. She whimpered for him to please her. Her lust for him was so strong now that it almost brought her pain.

Sesshomaru prolonged the miko's agony for as long as he, himself could stand it. With her pleasure spot so near, his mouth was dripping in anticipation of the treat. He slipped his tongue between her soft lips. Her wet folds giving to him of their sweet nectar. His own arousal driving him to possess every inch of his little mate. The moisture poured from her center as he pushed a finger deep inside, reveling in her clenching muscles. He lapped and teased, then sucked and nipped at the little bud of nerves until she bucked against him so hard that he was forced to hold her down. Her delicate fingers pulled at his hair as if to press him further into her core. Her climax was strong and left her breathless. He rose above her. Gazing down upon his beautiful miko, while licking his fingers free of her moisture.

Kagome met her lovers gaze. His fierce red eyes captured her soul. She felt no fear, only love and an awesome need for fulfillment. She arched her pelvis to him, showing her eagerness for his entry. The pressure gave way as his manhood pushed its way deep inside of her. Her eyes rolled back as the long awaited moment came to pass. His deep growl tore through the room. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he moved above her. His member invading every inch she had to offer.

Sesshomaru loved the feel of being inside her. Her heated core clenched around him so tightly that he fought to maintain control. He grabbed her hips and curled his claws there. He pulled her up to meet him hard. The pulse of the music had begun a crescendo. The lovers kept the erotic rhythm with fluid motion. The youkai could feel his inner beast calling her name. The insane beat reached it peek, as a miko and her demon lover danced a dance of love and lust.

His sharp talons raking her thighs sent little pricks of pain through Kagome. She thought she must be strange for enjoying it so. Her adrenaline rush mostly numbed her to the pain, and the wounds healed in minutes. He beat against her hard and strong, making her scream out at the onslaught of pleasure driving through her. His pace built with the rise of the music, sending him to new heights of gratification. Nothing existed except he and his mate. His beast was freed to take her at his leisure. It chose to pound into her softness to hear her scream again and again.

With one flip of his powerful claws Kagome was face down on the bed. Clawed hands grasped her hips and pulled her up to meet his erection. The taiyoukai again pushed himself deep in her womb. Her cries of ecstasy filled the air as she grasped at the sheets of her bed. Her climax rose until she could take it no more. Her tiny form shook and bucked against him.

Her orgasm squeezed him tightly as her body lost all control. The feel of it drove him to the brink of madness, his release came with hers, sending him instinctively to his mark. His fangs sank smoothly into her soft neck bringing forth her life's blood. The exquisite taste of it flooded his senses bringing him to complete fulfillment.

The two lovers collapsed on the bed in a heap of sweat and blood. Her prince cleaning her wounds one by one with his fabulous tongue. With the last tiny cut he moved to stare down at her. Amazed that one tiny miko could completely overwhelm him, the Great Lord Sesshomaru. With a swift movement a razor sharp claw passed across his throat bringing forth his youkai blood. His beautiful princess rose to her feast, which rocked her body with a convulsive orgasm.

Kagome looked up at her youkai lover and spoke in a breathless little voice. "I've always believed that things happen for a reason. I never understood why fate placed me in the feudal era with Inuyasha, only to lose him so quickly. Now.... my powerful warrior... I understand. Fate was only paving the way to you."

The End