A Generation of Aeons
Chapter One

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Night, when most everything is quiet and still. The ocean's waves crashed against the shore in a peaceful rhythm. A small city stood proud not far from the coast. Then the first rays of light began to spread across the ocean, then the beach, the waterfalls, and finally the highest point of the Temple of Valefor. Slowly, it revealed a beautiful city by the ocean's shoreline at dawn.

The buildings were tall, and the room between them was spacious. The buildings, created both sturdy and proud, kept a primitive and traditional atmosphere.

A somewhat aged man, with neatly cut short, blonde hair, stepped out from one of the smaller, but more elaborately constructed buildings. He called out, but received no answer and headed back inside the dwelling; there, he wrapped his arms around a woman as he kissed her on the cheek. "I have officially declared that your daughter has gone and ran off again."

The woman, who had faded brown hair that went down to the small of her back and wore a colorful skirt with a modest blouse, gave a smirk and leaned her head against her husband's shoulder. "I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, Tidus. She's your daughter, too."

Slyly, the man called Tidus cocked his head. "Really? I can't seem to recall."

"Let me see… I recall a certain young blitzball player from the fayth's dream of Zanarkand proposing to me." She turned around and eyed him confidently.

"Oh, right," Tidus started, squirming under his wife's confident stare, "the High

Summoner Yuna married one of her guardians, Sir Tidus. And from what I hear, they had a daughter, right?"

Yuna responded to Tidus' antics by softly pushing him away, "Right, now go and get her."

"Pushy, aren't you?" His wife only responded with another stern stare, which Tidus was forced to succumb to. "All right, all right, I heard you the first time. Consider me gone."

Tidus gave one last smile to Yuna before exiting from their home. He began his walk to the beach and looked around Besaid as it passed him by. He sighed… It was amazing at what had happened to Spira in the past twenty-three years.

Almost immediately after Tidus and Yuna's wedding in Besaid, the three factions of New Yevon, the Youth League, and the Machine Faction, along with the added help of the Gullwings, had begun to build Spira back up technologically. Tidus acting as a constant consultant during the construction project.

The former Zanarkand resident stressed all throughout: keep some of the traditions and customs that had formed over the centuries. As a result, each temple stood as a testament to the summoners who sacrificed themselves for peace, and a reminder of the old ways before Sin.

Two years later, Tidus and Yuna finally received the peace and quiet they had longed for and returned to Besaid to find a house built over the spot where Tidus had originally built their hut. On the left side of the door was a small, gold plaque engraved with the words: In honor of the two that have changed Spira the most for the better. Following the message came the signatures of guardians, and Gullwing friends alike. Then, a year later, a daughter was born to them.

"Lenne! Lenne, are you up there?" Tidus looked up the cliffs and groaned. "I'm getting too old for this." The ruins were the place that he had asked specifically to be left alone. He began his climb up the cliffs and smiled. Lenne was about nine when she first found her way to the ruins and the old hammock that Tidus had made still hung there.

The man stumbled upon his daughter, sleeping peacefully in the hammock. He chuckled to himself as he walked over to her sleeping form. At seventeen, Lenne was taller than her mother, but still slightly shorter than her father. Her hair went down slightly past her shoulders in the same shade as her mother, but with the tinted blonde of her father. Underneath her closed eyelids, Lenne had gained the unmistakable eyes of her mother, while on the battlefield, Lenne was both a gifted mage and a quick thinking warrior.

The former blitzer peered over her. "Sneaking out of the house again, I gather." The young woman stirred slightly to the satisfaction to her father. "Yeah, that's right young lady. You've been asleep long enough."

Lenne rolled her eyes and stretched out her arms. "Dad?"

"Yep, now come on. Your mother had me actually get up to come and get you."

She groaned. "Fine." Lenne rolled out of the hammock and onto her feet. "I still don't get why you're making me get up so early."

Lenne followed her father down the cliffs. "Don't bother complaining, your mother made me get up early, too."

"Well," Lenne grunted as she jumped back down and looked at Tidus, "didn't you guys always get up early anyway? And you were supposed to be her most protective guardian, right? Wouldn't you have had to be up before her?"

Tidus jumped down and joined her. "Well, ignoring the fact that it's been a little more than twenty years, it didn't mean I always liked getting up that early. And in some of the situations your mom got herself involved in, it's a wonder I got any sleep at all."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Lenne waved her father's words away absentmindedly. "Getting the temples mad at her, let's not get into the whole Seymour thing…"

"Yeah, Lenne, let's not."

Lenne rolled her eyes at her father's remark. "Like you said, it's been a little more than twenty years and you still haven't gotten over it? It's not enough that you beat the guy how many times over? Including killing the guy… You still have a grudge?"

"You do know he tried to force your mom to marry him all so he could become Sin."

"So I've heard." Without thinking, Lenne disposed of two friends nearby. "The point I'm trying to make is-" she returned the small, katana-like sword to its sheath, "-I've heard all the stories from either you, Uncle Wakka, or a random tourist, and I'm bound to use them against you in this argument."

Tidus watched as Lenne disposed of another fiend nearby. "You know, as many stories as you hear about us, your mom and I went through the same thing. My father was Sir Jecht, and your mother's father was High Summoner Braska. We know what you're going through."

Lenne scoffed. "You only had to deal with one parent, I have both. So take what you went through, and times it by two."

She ran ahead as the city came into view; Tidus could only shake his head. He carried on in his usually slow pace, not caring to get back to the city yet… until he heard the yelling and screaming.

He ran as fast as he could back to the city and through the gates. The temple of Valefor came into view, not far from his house. A great, red bird with a golden crown was perched on top of the temple. Its great cry shattered the air as people ran in circles, surrounded by chaos.

Without hesitation, Tidus began to run home and eventually finding a mass of frantic people crowding the entrance. "Yuna! Lenne!" Pushing and shoving panic-stricken people out of the way, he finally reached the door. He caught Yuna's eyes and saw a fear that had not been present since the days he was her guardian.

"Tidus!" Yuna called out, before he was in reach. "As soon as that giant bird appeared, they all came here."

"Dad! We've been sending them all to the beach."

Tidus nodded. "Good, I want you to head down there with them as soon as everyone's been evacuated from the city. Lenne, want you to go up with your mom to the ruins so I'll be able to find you quicker."

"Got it," Lenne returned, continuing to direct people in the direction of the beach.

He made his way past the two until Yuna gripped his hand. "Be careful."

With a reassuring smile, he took his wife's hand, kissed it, and gave her a wink. "Hey, you know me."

Tidus quickly let go and retreated back to a small room near the back of the house. There, he unlocked a highly polished wooden box and carelessly threw things out, countless memorabilia that had gathered over the years.

Nearing the bottom, Tidus pulled out Yuna's old summoner garments and laid it carefully on the ground next to him. Next, he pulled out his old Zanarkand Abes uniform; giving a small smirk, he laid it next to Yuna's clothing.

Stored at the very bottom was Yuna's staff, Nirvana, crossed over with Brotherhood. He quickly grabbed it and ran from the house, finding the city deserted with the exception of one or two people grabbing belongings from their homes. "Get out of here!" Tidus ran across the street to a particular house, banging on one particular door. "Wakka? Lulu? Vidina? Anybody home?"

A man similar to his own age with flaming red hair emerged from one of the room and acknowledged Tidus grimly. "Tidus, it's crazy, ya? Where are Yuna and Lenne?"

Tidus peaked his head out the door to see the great bird spread its wings and screech. "I had them get everyone to the beach, and I told Lenne to take Yuna up to the ruins so I can find them later."

Wakka pointed towards a building near the temple. Carefully, not making much noise, he motioned to Vidina, a young man with a likeness similar to that of the older man but with a slightly more serious appearance with a blue uniform. Vidina then motioned to his mother, Lulu, and slowly backed away towards the house. "It seems to be staying there, like it's attached to the temple or something, ya? The only time it seems to be attacking is when someone comes too near."

"Sorry, Wakka, if it's just the same, I'd like my family to stay at the ruins. You know how close our houses are to the temple."

"I get it." A second later, Vidina appeared with Lulu, a tired look in her eye.

"Tidus," she said as he gave her a nod, "I've been watching it since it appeared, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere, nor does it appear to be a fiend."

"Pop, what going on? Ya hear anything?"

"Besaid's not the only city with problems. All cities with a temple have gone haywire! And from what I hear, Bevelle's got the worst of it, there's some lion thing, I dunno what's going on over there. It's destroyed everything within two hundred feet of the temple, even the temple itself!"

Takoire flinched at his friend's last words. "We'll advise everyone to stay away from all the temples. We don't want to take any chances. We'll have to call Garren for that though."

"Yeah." Wakka agreed. "Lu, why don't you go down to the beach and help out Yuna. You know how they all cling to her when something's wrong."

Lulu gave a slight nod. "All right, Tidus, Wakka, good luck."

Wakka turned to Vidina. "You watch out for ya mom."

"Got it, Pop." Wakka gave him a pat on the back and sent them off towards the beach. Inside, he turned to a blitzball that was mounted on a wall, taking it down as Tidus pulled out Brotherhood.

"Hey, Wakka, look what I digged up. It was starting to get dusty."

Wakka gave a grin and tucked his blitzball under his arm. "Ya know, we might be getting a little old for this, ya?"

Tidus angled his Brotherhood to catch the sun. "You know, that's what I said earlier. But then I figured, well, I don't know about you, Wakka, but if Auron could be a guardian way back when, I think we can last one fight," he finished with a sly grin.

Wakka grinned with equal slyness. "Ya well, if you put it that way."

"Exactly. It's just like the good old days."

"Nothing like it."

The two left the house, running cautiously headed towards the bird-like creature sitting on the Besaid temple. "Man, Wakka, that thing's as big as Valefor, maybe even a little bit bigger. But is it just me or… It kind of looks like, you know…."

"Oh man… Tidus, I think you're right. But let's hope we're wrong anyway."

Tidus held Brotherhood in his hands firmly as he looked on in awe at the creature. "If it's an aeon it doesn't look like one Yuna ever summoned."

"But if it is an aeon, who could'a summoned it?"

"If all the other creatures in the temple cities are aeons, then one person can't be summoning them all. But didn't we destroy all the aeons to prevent Sin from coming back?"

"That's what we all thought ya? But two years after we did that, they came back again. But man, come on! It's been like twenty-three years!"

"No kidding, but this shouldn't be happening. What made the aeons real is what's kept me in Spira."

"Ya, and these guys are completely different. I've never seen anything like it before. My friend in Kilika says that they're dealing with a giant white tiger."

"Isn't Spira just full of surprises?"

Wakka gave a grin. "Wouldn't be the same without weird stuff popping up everywhere ya?"

"Let's call everyone up and see if we can't figure this out and contact all the temple cities advising the citizens to steer clear."

"Sounds good to me ya?"

The two turned around silently until Tidus' eyes fell upon his daughter standing there with a determined look on her face with her sword drawn. "Lenne! What are you doing here!"

"I just thought you might need some help. Not to mention most of the guardians are gone except for Vidina, and besides, I wanted to see this thing for myself. You don't need to get so worked up about it."

"Lenne, I specifically told you to go back to the ruins with your mother."

"Yeah, and as soon as I did that I came back here to help you. No offense or anything, but you and Uncle Wakka aren't guardians anymore, the city has defenses against letting fiends in. But I hang out in the ruins, and deal with fiends routinely."

"Lenne! I don't want to hear another word out of you!"

But before Lenne could retort once more, a soft voice broke through. "Lenne, daughter to High Summoner Yuna and the dream of the fayth Tidus, the fayth have a gift for you."

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