On the morning of the first day, Terra, Queen of the Earth and her lover Theocris of the sky smiled down at the world they had created. Beneath them stood tall mountains, rivers flowed, and animals prospered on the land. Humans were there as well, and honored the land as they should. There was still something missing, something that need more than just two Gods to do.

Terra had and idea, but first she called down to the people of the earth. "Do not be afraid by what might happen over the next twelve days. The earth may quake and the volcanoes may spew their ashes, but if you remain faithful you shall be rewarded."

A summit was called, what is now known as the Danu Summit. Here 12 gods and goddesses were called together. Joining their powers they chanted and soon the land was filled with magic. Creatures such as the dragons and unicorns were created, needing magic to live.

The people who had heeded Terra's word were indeed rewarded. They became the Magik Races, such as the fae, the dwarves and the selkies. Those who had retreated to safe havens, and ignored Terra's word were thus unrewarded, and became the Mort Races, those who were cursed with the fate of mortality and no magic. The Mort races were fearful of the Magik races, so separated themselves from the magic world, preferring to live mortal, unmagical lives. Terra and Theocris watched this separation, and not knowing quite how to solve it, they let is be until someone could solve it.

One goddess was angered by the fact she was not included in the Danu Summit. Nox, the goddess of darkness came forward and challenged Terra's position as Queen. Nox was then banished to live on earth as a mortal, unable to use her powers for anything but good. Nox went anything but willingly.

Terra and Theocris were satisfied, feeling that they had rid themselves of Nox. They were wrong however. A mysterious stranger suddenly appeared, and was able to gain and create the title of Queen. Since Terra and Theocris and the other gods were sworn not to meddle in mortal affairs, they could not change the horrors that the new Queen was imposing on their once beautiful land. That was until their daughter Serene came forward.

"I know I can turn things around. Send me down as a mortal and I will restore this beautiful world." Reluctantly Terra and Theocris agreed, and so Serene was sent down to the earth below. Secretly using her powers she was able to reveal Nox as the stranger, and banished her to the hills, forever unable to use her powers.

Nox did not leave willingly. She sweared as she was sent into the mountains "One day I shall return, and take my revenge on you. Do not forget me."

Upon this the people decreed that Serene become their queen. She did so obliging, and began ruling a new age, now known as the Golden Age.

Soon though, Serene grew homesick for the Palace of Light, the home of the gods. She passed on the title of queen to her only daughter Sorcha. From then on, all reigning queens had the blood of the gods within them.

During her reign, Serene asked the finest artisans to create a glass crystal, which would be the livelihood of the earth. This was to assure that the land would never the loose the source of magic, as the crystal contained and eminated the magic. This crystal also opened up a pathway back into the realm of the Mort races, solving a problem the gods could not.

The world had been created, and all forgot about the horrors Nox had caused…