The next day Slaine rose from her pallet to find her children already dresses and up as Saraid brought over some breakfast.

"Mother, let's go." Seamus whined and Slaine fixed him a stern glare. Even Saraid, always a calm air about her, buzzed with excitement. Slaine smiled.

"Aren't you a little old to be whined like an infant?" Slaine asked Seamus slightly mischievously. Seamus opened his mouth to protest but Sorley cut in.

"Don't argue Seamus, you'll only delay us more." Sorley looked to his mother for praise.

"Thank you Sorley." Slaine rose and quickly dresses, emerging from the curtain that separated the house. They all left the house together, entering onto brightly decorated streets. Today was one of the few days that the peasants in the kingdom were allowed to celebrate, all other holidays restricted to the nobles only. However, barring someone from the Festival of Daigh was not a wise thing to do, lest you risk angering the sun god and casting permanent shadow upon the earth.

Many people were dressed in bright orange and red robes to celebrate the Season of Daigh, beginning today. Dancers were seen twirling about on the streets, encouraging any bits of coins or jewelry people may have to throw down upon the streets. Slaine watched her children become enthralled with the festival, as they did every year. Even Sorley, who did his best to maintain his adult image, could not help feeling the excitement of the festival. Slaine wished she felt the same.

They lined up with the rest of the villagers, waiting for the grand procession that would end with the appearance of the Queen herself. Queen Neasa had not made herself popular with the villagers, despite what she believed. Yet to many feared her rumored sorcery and quite anger to risk rising against her.

So the kingdom stayed the way it was, the villagers nearly stretched beyond their limits, the Magik races have fled from the rise of Neasa and Slaine left to defend her people, yet feel helpless in the continuum of time.

so you guys know, anrheg means present in welsh, and heibio means past. this story will switch back and forth.