"He is Having A Baby."

This an Idea I had for quite some time. I hope you like it.

Summary: Jimmy came up with a formula that makes it possible for men to become pregnant and the groverment gave permission to do human testing.
But no man is willing to volunteer for someting like that so he trys it on him self.
This dose bring questions to the mind. Like.
How will his parents take this? What will everyone think? What kind of physicological this would have on an a child? And last and most important question.
Who is the mother?!

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Jimmy, 21 Sheen, 23 Carl, 21 Libby, 22 Cindy, 21

On with the story.

"Come on guys. Its perfectly safe." Jimmy was trying to talking Carl or Sheen into it. But apparently it was'nt working.

"How do you know? It's never been done before.
Besides you know I can't have a kid Libby is already going to have one." Sheen said.

Thats right Libby is barely a month pregnant. Libby and Sheen are married.

"Why don't you try it on yourself?" Carl asked.

"I can't."

"Why not?" Both Carl, Sheen said in usion.

"Do you really think I need a kid right now." Jimmy said.

Maybe I can do this. He thought.

"Yea and girls like guys with kids." Carl said trying to convince him.

"It saves them the trouble of having one. Sheen added.

"I can't do that guys." Jimmy said.

"Who else is going to do this lets face it. If you don't get anyone to do this in next couple of days the goverment won't give you funding for this." Sheen said.

" I'll think about it." Jimmy mutter under his breath.

Carl and Sheen herad that.

"You do that!" Carl and Sheen said at the same time.

One month Later.

Jimmy is in house sleeping. Then he all of sudden woke and ran to the bathroom throwing up.

"Why did I do this?" He said to himself.

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