"He is Having A Baby."

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I'll start off with Libby and Sheen discussing baby names. This takes place hours before the scientist banquet They are in their living room.

"I still say we should name the baby Sheen or Sheena"
Sheen complained.

"No!" Libby snapped at her husband.

"I have other names than Sheen or Sheena."

"Okay lets hear them." Sheen said not wanting to make his wife any more mad at him.

"For a boy I have, Anthony, John, Jake, Or maybe even Ned.
For a girl I have, Carol, Jamie, Dawn, or Kassandra."

"I still like Sheen or Sheena." Then he saw Libby glaring at him.

"But like your names to." He quickly added.

"Thats good."

"But the next one is going to be named Sheen or Sheena."

"There is not going to be a next one.
Now is there!"

"What if it happens on a accident."

"lf that happens I will hunt you down and neuter you!
Got it!" She yelled at him.

The door bell rang

"I'll get that." Sheen quickly said wanting to get away from Libby for the moment.
He saw

"Hi Cindy get in here quick Libby is going to neuter me!" Sheen said.

Cindy gave him a weird look.

"Uh.. Libby did I come at a bad time."

Cindy asked not really wanting to know whats going on.

"No you did not Sheen here is just being stupid.
Now come on lets go before I do neuter him!"

"Were are you two going?" Sheen asked confused.

"Shopping! Now come on Cindy."

"For what?"

"Aren't you supposed be at work"
Libby asked.

"Um.. I have to go now bye"
He left to go to his office knowing Libby is upset at as she was not wanting to get her any more mad.

Besides he had to go today was the day he was going to do a ultrasound on Jimmy.


"Look at that there's the spine." Jimmy said amazed.
He look at his baby for the first time. Though the ultrasound.

He,Carl, and Sheen were there.

"There is the head." Carl said.

"Boy thats a big head." Sheen added.

"Sheen!" Carl and Jimmy said at the same time.

"So do you want know weather or if its a boy or a girl"
Sheen asked.

"I already know its a boy." Jimmy said.

"Uh..I hate to break this to you Jimmy but its a girl"
Sheen said.

"No its a boy!" Jimmy said.

"I agree with Sheen its girl"
Carl said while looking at the screen close.

"I still say its a boy." Jimmy said in a very stubborn voice

"Any news on who the mom is?" Carl asked changing the subject.

"You know I tried to find out who she is but no luck. I checked all the records nothing. It's like she never even donated an egg we keep records of at least the first names of the women who donated their eggs to science." Jimmy explained to them.

"I would like to know who she is." Jimmy said that with a sigh.


"I wish a man can do this." Libby said in the store.

"Do what?" Cindy asked.

"Be pregnant."

"Will I would like to see the look on the mother's face if a man ever said 'Iam preganat with your baby."

"That would be hilariously funny." Libby said response to that.

"So what do you think of this dress." Cindy said while holding up a blue dress to herself.

"That would look great on me if I wasn't seven months pregnant"
Libby laughed.

"But it looks great on you." Libby added to that.

"So who are you going with to this banquet?"

"Some doctor I forget his name."

"Oh. So uh..what is it that you don't like about Becky?"

"Well for starters I don't trust her. Another thing she bares a resemblance to Beautiful Gorgeous..remember we been to her wedding. She was getting married to Jet Fusion."

"Oh yea I remember that. And Beautiful Gorgeous is Professor Calamitous daughter."

Meanwhile some place else...

"Are you sure this is going to work dad"
Becky said in a annoyed tone of voice.

"Yes this going to work my greatest this plan to get rid Jimmy Neutron." Calamitous said.

"Oh sure just like your 50 plans. They blew up right in your face. And another thing this plan of yours it only put him in prison not dead."

"Close enough."

"And why do I have to this? Why not Beautiful Gorguess.
You know your favorite daughter."

"Enough back talk. Young lady."

"Iam over eighteen I can do what want! And if wasn't for the pay I wouldn't be doing this!"

"This is my greatest plan yet." Professor Calamitous said to himself as he was leaving the room.

To be continued...

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