Title: Commander Kaylee McKnight

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'Everyday it gets harder and harder. I see the crew loosing hope day after day. Beka's isn't talking to Dylan. Dylan is not talking to Trance. Trance does not know what to do. Harper has locked himself in his machine shop. Rhade is not talking to… well anyone. Rommie is chasing everyone around. Then that leaves me... No ones talking to me not even Andromeda. No matter what I do, I only seem to make things worse. Dylan just can't understand that he's not the only one stuck in this time anymore'. Kaylee thought.

Kaylee was looking out of the view screen at the stars and the world that they were above. She was all alone on the command deck because it's the nightshift 'I'm sure none of the senior officers are asleep' she thought.

Commander Kaylee Ann McKnight was one of Captain Dylan Hunt's original senior officers and one of his best friends, though she's much younger then he is. Kaylee has long curly blond hair with blue eyes. She carries two force lances as Andromeda does, however her uniform is like Dylan's. Kaylee usually ties her hair back to keep it away from her face. She's a little shorter then Beka but when she has her boots on she's just as tall. She originally was third in command under Gaheris Rhade. She knew everyone that served aboard Andromeda and helped keep them in line from time to time. Kaylee has known Dylan her whole life and was going to be Sarah's maid of honor at their wedding.

Just like Dylan she got stuck in time in the wormhole. She was injured so Dylan and Andromeda put her in stasis until they were able to find a way to help her. Nearly one year after she was put in stasis they were able to help her. That was almost three years ago. She missed her old life, her old crew. Sometimes she wished that she had died 300 years ago with them. 'Maybe it would have been better' she thought to herself a lot. Then she knew she wouldn't have known Beka and the others. Each of them has taught her something and each of them has saved her life more then once (even Harper).

Beka, Trance, and Rommie have been like sisters to her, ok so she knew Rommie for years and Trance, well who knows what she really is. Then Beka is always complicated. Dylan, Harper, and Rhade are just like brothers. We are just one big messed up family at times.

Kaylee heard the door to the command deck open then heard someone walk in. she didn't have to turn around to know who it was because she already knew it was Rhade. Kaylee turned around to see the Neitzschean looking at her. He had a 'what are you doing here' look on his face.

"Something I can do for you Rhade?" she asked looking back at the view screen. Rhade looked back at the command doors as they closed then looked back down at Kaylee.

"No" Rhade replied as he walked to the other side of command. Kaylee sat down in the pilot chair waiting for Rhade to say something, well at least if he was going to say something other then 'no'. Andromeda appeared on the screen saying

"Kaylee, Rhade…" they both looked at the view screen.

"Captain Hunt would like to see you both in his quarters right away" Rhade and Kaylee looked at Andromeda and nodded then they nodded at each other. They both left command without saying a word. As they were walking to Dylan's room they were first joined by Harper then a few seconds later by Beka. When they got to Dylan's room Trance and Rommie were already there.

"Please have a seat," Dylan said to his officers, his friends. Beka and Trance sat next to each other on one of the two coaches. Harper sat next to Rommie, Rhade sat in a chair and Kaylee sat next to Dylan on his other coach.

"Would anyone like anything?" Dylan asked. Everyone shook his or her heads 'no'.

"Ok… well I'll tell you why I asked you all to come here in the middle of the night" everyone looked at Dylan waiting for him to say something. Dylan took a deep breath as he looked at his crew. Then he started to talk.


Later that night Beka was back in her room thinking about what Dylan had said 'we can't keep acting like we are… we need to start acting like a crew again'. Dylan had told them and he was right. Everyone does need to get along better. As senior officers, they need to set an example for the crew. Which none of them had been doing at all. When everyone left they had smiles on their faces. She jumped into bed and fell asleep right away.


Rommie was in command talking with her hologram, something about Kaylee's upcoming birthday.

"What should we get Kaylee?" the Andromeda hologram asked. Rommie thought for a moment.

"Maybe something to wear other then her uniform…"

Andromeda's image appeared on the view screen "Commander McKnight wears a proper commonwealth uniform" Andromeda insisted

"… She needs something to cheer her up… maybe we could give her a birthday party… no a surprise birthday party" Both Andromeda's and Rommie nodded. Rhade walked onto command as Rommie was talking about Kaylees birthday party plans. He walked down to be were Rommie and her hologram was standing.

"So what do you think Rhade… you did not forget did you" Rommie asked putting her hands behind her back and give him a face that said 'if you forgot I am going to shoot you' look.

"No I did not forget… but are you sure she will want a party…she does not seem to want anything done for her birthday let alone a surprise party"

"Rhade she's been in a very, very bad mood… worse then anyone. She has not been felling well either… you have to have noticed that… I think a party is just what she needs…don't you think so?" Rommie asked smiling. As she was saying this Rhade sat in the pilot chair and thought.

"Yes… I think this party is what the whole crew needs as well as Kaylee" Rommie and her hologram just nodded. All three kept talking about what they were going to do.


Harper was sitting in a chair in his room thinking about what he was going to make or fix next. 'Andromeda has nothing that needs fixing' he thought. 'Maybe I could make a mechanical pet dog or something'. Harper had a smile on his face. 'That would be great present for Kaylee's birthday'.


Kaylee watched as Dylan walked around in his room. She was the only one who didn't leave when Dylan dismissed them. Kaylee got up looked at a picture that was sitting on a shelf hanging on the wall. It was a picture of her, Dylan, and Gaheris Rhade. It was their first day on board, Andromeda and Kaylee had just met Gaheris. She ran her hand on the frame. Dylan looked at Kaylee and stepped up behind her.

"You miss him… don't you Kaylee" he asked putting a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to face Dylan. He saw that she was holding back tears. He had seen it when he had told her Gaheris had done. She did not believe him at first. 'No matter what she says she does miss him' Dylan thought to himself.

"Why would I miss him Dylan… after what he did to the commonwealth, for what he did to you…'she put her head down

"After what he did to me," she whispered just barely loud enough for Dylan to hear her "you know Telemachus Rhade not really helping either" then started to walk toward the door. Dylan grabbed her arm.

"Kaylee..." she looked at him then started to walk toward the door again. At the door she turned around.

"Goodnight Dylan, see you in the morning" then she walked out not turning back. Dylan watched her leave before he could say anything else. He was not sure of what he could say.

"Captain…" Andromeda's hologram popped up. Dylan looked at her and nodded. "Rommie, Rhade and I are planning a surprise birthday party for Kaylee… you do remember her birthday is next week, sir"

Dylan nodded. "That sounds good Andromeda… you guys plan it while I try to figure out what to get her." Dylan said sitting in his chair.

"Goodnight, sir" Andromeda blinked out just as fast as she came. Dylan took a deep breath and fell asleep thinking about Kaylee.


Trance was back in her room lying in her bed. She had told Dylan earlier that the crew needs to get along now more then ever. Trance could feel something coming, something that will change their lives forever. She knew if the crew didn't stand together now, no one would live though this upcomming 'something'.


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