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Zimmer and birthdays

"Gaheris is going down to the planted Kaylee… I want you to go with him and keep him away from Zimmer… it won't be good if Gaheris sees him" Dylan told Kaylee.

"Zimmer? Isn't he the guy who tried to kill Gaheris three months ago…" Dylan nodded and Kaylee crossed her arms "I'm surprised Gaheris didn't kill him then… what's he doing out of jail anyway?" Andromeda's hologram popped up next to Kaylee.

"He escaped from prison nearly two months ago… however he has saved over ten ships from the Magog " Kaylee looked at Dylan, they both knew Gaheris would kill Zimmer if he saw him. This is not what Kaylee had planned to be doing today.

"How exactly am I supposed to stop him from killing him?"

"Stop who from killing who?" Gaheris asked coming into the room. Dylan and Kaylee had 'what are you talking about looks on there faces. Nobody said anything as Gaheris got closer to his friends, who looked anywhere and everywhere but his eyes.

"What did I miss?" Dylan and Kaylee looked at each other. Kaylee had to think of something fast, when she got an idea; she just hoped it would work.

"Gaheris... how about I go on this mission by myself… besides you can help Dylan plan that surprise party that he's been trying to plan since last year" Both Dylan and Gaheris had stunned looks on there faces.

"Kaylee… why do you think your getting a surprise party?" Kaylee padded Dylan on the shoulder.

"You can't keep secrets from me and neither can you," she looked at Gaheris "… and besides … you've given me a surprise party for the past ten years. Why should this year be any different?" Kaylee turned to leave, but before she left, she turned to her friend's faces again. They still didn't know what to say. 'Yeah…. Defiantly getting a birthday party' she thought smiling as she left.