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" Julian, he'll never agree to that," said Major Kira as she and Dr. Bashir walked towards Ops. She couldn't believe that the young doctor had even considered asking such a question.

" But it would be the perfect opportunity," replied the young doctor excitement seeping in his voice, " I mean think of it. He would be the most qualified of all of us in communicating with the Tessarian envoys."

"No, Julian," the major said firmly as they exited the Turbolift.
" No about what?" asked Jadzia Dax catching the Major's irritated mood.
" Julian wants me to ask Odo to join us in greeting the Tessarian envoys," replied Major Kira giving Julian a cruel stare.
" But isn't he already going to be there to keep an eye on security?" asked Jadzia confused at the Major's response.
"Well, yes, he is going to be there when they come aboard the station. But Julian wants me to invite him to the dinner we are hosting for them. And I've been trying to tell him Odo will never agree to that." "Julian," asked Jadzia, " Why do you want Odo to go to the dinner." " Well, Jadzia," began Julian trying to keep his voice under control, " The Tessarians sent us data about themselves and their homeworld." " Why would they do that," interrupted Jadzia voicing concern, " I mean how in depth is the data." " It is rather specific. I mean they gave us about as much information as the themselves have collected for generations," replied Bashir perturbed at the interruption.
" But why would they give us that much information. For all they know we could be foreign invaders and they have just given us the key to their world," said Jadzia.
" I wouldn't know," said Bashir understanding what she was pointing out, " Possibly it is a gesture of goodwill they have towards other species." " That's a lot of goodwill," said the Major cynically.
" Anyway, Julian, what is it that you want Odo for?" asked Jadzia changing the subject.
" Well, in the data we were given about their physiology I found an interesting fact," said Bashir returning to his previous excitement, " It seems that they have the ability to morph, similar to the Founders. It is how they communicate." "And," said Jadzia not liking where this was going.
" Well," said Bashir, " I just thought that maybe Odo could have used his own abilities to help in communication." " You see what I mean, " said the Major, " and he wants me to ask him." " Well, maybe it wouldn't be so bad asking," said Jadzia, " I'm sure Odo wouldn't mind if it meant helping out the station." Groaning in frustration the Major said, " Alright, I'll ask him. But I'm telling you he won't do it." With that she stalked of to her post. Julian gave a grateful nod to Jadzia and headed back to the turbolift. Jadzia smiled slightly and returned to work.