Foriegn Ship

"Dr. Bashir," a voice called out faintly.

Julian looked up, unsure if he heard it. He tried to convince himself that he didn't. He felt tired, so tired.

" Doctor," the voice kept calling him back. He felt someone shake him.

" No," he moaned slightly, unwilling to wake.

"Doctor," the voice yelled and shook him. Suddenly his world collapsed into darkness.

" Dr. Bashir, wake up," Odo ordered shaking the young man.

He saw Julian's eyes stir a little as the young man drew from his sleep.

" Odo," Bashir said in suprise, " Where?" he looked around the cell, " What happened to you?" he said doctoral concern entering his voice.

Odo looked at him and replied, " I'm not sure. Perhaps you can enlighten me."

Harshly he lifted the doctor to his feet and pushed him against a wall blocking any escape.

" Odo..." Bashir started.

" Why did you attack me, doctor?" Odo asked dangerously.

" What?" Bashirrepliedshocked, " Odo, please, we are pri..."

" What's wrong, doctor," interrupted Odo expecting some sort of excuse, "Did you have some sort of memory lapse?"

" Odo, I wouldn't," protested Bashir confused.

" Then why is it the last thing I remember is youusing a hypospray and thenyou transporting me into a prison," replied Odo dangerously.

" Odo, how can you think that I...," Bashir said but lost all words.

For a moment the two stared at each other. FinallyBashir replied, "Odo, you have to believe me. I would never endanger you or anyone on the station."

" But we are not on the station, doctor," Odo replied, " Which is why you are going to answer my next question, where are we?"

" I have the answer," said a voice behind him.

Odo turnedto face the praetor and a Bajoran.

" Sempto," he said.

" Correct, constable," replied the Bajoran laughing," Now I ask you to please forgive the Emissary. He was not in control of his body at the time.A tragic incident, butone that had to be done to bring you."

Odo looked back at the doctor.

Julian could only mutter, " I tried to tell you, Odo."

Odo mearly nodded. Silently he let go of the doctor,slightly ashamedat jumping to conclusions.

" Well, that's better," said theBajoran.

Before anyone could react, however, the Praetor, who had been holding some sort of control,flew into a rage. Swiftly she presseda button and Odo let out a cry of pain collapsing on the floor.

As Bashirdropped to helphis friend the Bajoran grabbed thePraetor's arm and shoved the machinary from her hand.

" WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!" he hissed pullingback her hair.

"Taking the revenge for my people," she replied defiantly, "The time had come."

" I will decide when the time comes!"breathed the Bajoran angrily, " It is not yet. The Emissary must be reinstated."

Flinging the Praetor to the ground he continued, " You best learn that."

Signalling to guards that appeared out of nowhere he said, " Take thePraetor to herquarters. I will come later."

With one accord the two guards grabbed the young woman and dragged her off. She did not put up much of a struggle. Watching her led off the Bajoran looked back at his two captives. Odo was sitting upseemingly gasping for air asthe "emmissary" assisted him in trying to stand up.

" I apologies for the bad treatment, sir," the Bajoran said ina servile manner, " I assure you that now everything will be better."

Bashir looked at the Bajoran letting his disgust and anger fill him.

" Why have youbrought us here?" he demanded.

The Bajoran smiled, " I have already told you. Obviously you needmore around he signaled and four more guards appeared. Silently they pushed Odo and Bashir into following the Bajoran. Both men looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking.Silently they followed preparing for whatever was to come.